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    BIONICLE, Transformers, Naruto, BZPower comics, Mario, Super Smash Bros., Avatar: The Last Airbender, comic book movies, Kindgom Hearts, The Simpsons (minor interest), The Big Bang Theory, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, Tron, etc.
  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Got a third bottle, the Magic Cape, the Magic Powder, an an upgrade for my Magic Meter so that items only use half as much magic then normal. Then, thanks to a video I saw earlier, I was able to beat the Ice Palace. Ridiculous dungeon, terribly easy boss (I only took one hit throughout the entire battle...) And now I'm on the boss of Misery Mire. If you don't count revival by a fairy, I didn't die once while going through the dungeon, and then I died on the boss. But now I've stocked myself with three bottles full of blue medicine.
  2. You are a very mysterious member...

    1. Toa 95

      Toa 95

      Well this is nearly two months old, but how do you reckon that?

  3. It's apparently a fusion of a mask shaped like a Hau (or is it a powerless Hau? No clue...) and the Ignika.
  4. Granted. Your overall C- is now a C.I wish I had an NES.
  5. I guess as long as it's clean...But at least I own a demonic vampire!
  6. No.The person below me has beaten every single video game they own.
  7. Granted. The weird name turns away several potential members, and the community dies later on due to lack of users.I wish I could think of a wish.
  8. What's happening to your comics?

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    2. Sybre


      Awesome. I missed them so much, I put a link to them in my sig.


      However, I'd thought you'd left BZPower.

    3. Toa 95

      Toa 95

      Just because you don't see me doesn't mean I'm not around.

    4. Sybre


      Okay. I understand.

  9. Granted. Something appears directly in front of you, but it instantly malfunctions and explodes.I wish I had more wishes.
  10. NOT AT ALL.The person below me is a workaholic.
  11. Granted. You are so good at anti-hacking that various companies hear about it, and instantly (and without your consent) hire you and fire their other anti-hacking employees.Great job. You just cost tens and tens of people their jobs.I wish I could create anything I desired with my mind, without losing control of this power.
  12. Granted. It's Monopoly, the one game that takes forever to play.I wish people could compete in a real-life version of Mario Kart.
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