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  1. So if you guys go check out the Lego Shop right now, (and I mean NOW. Do it. I'll wait.) you'll see that the Galaxy Squad sets are now available for purchase. I already bought all six 'cause I was so stoked for this line. Basically a collaboration of many things I love. Mainly insectoids. But anyways, go buy 'em! Now!
  2. Should I also mention that they share the same origin as Daredevil? :PBut yeah, alien origin really is generic and it does eliminate the fun of baby turtles being hit with mysterious ooze.I shouldn't pass judgement yet though, the film could still be enjoyable. Have to wait for a trailer to see how they will market this sucker.
  3. Oh awesome, thanks! It may not get the whole aquatic theme on display, but I think it could only help.Thanks again!
  4. Thanks for commenting Voxumo! Glad you like him, and yeah, I noticed that by the time I was done building him, he looked more like a landshark than a standard shark :/ . In time, when I'm around my whole set of pieces, I can see if I can give him a more aquatic vibe. Did the flipper Piraka feet ever come in silver?
  5. I was never a really big TMNT fan, as I never really grew up with them and all their incarnations never appealed to me much. I remember enjoying the first live-action movie, but that's about it.However, the new Nickelodeon series coming out has grabbed my attention toy-wise and style-wise. Who knows, maybe I will become a bigger Turtle fan once that comes around.
  6. Just uploaded Hammershawk to BBC, see how it fares :)

  7. So I came back to messing around with my University Hero Factory Parts after I spent more time focusing on school and studying. I was mostly dissatisfied with what I had come up with before, so I guess the break away from the building helped refresh my creativity.In saying that, I absolutely LOVE this guy. I always wanted to create a Hammerhead Shark-type figure and this guy turned out better than I had ever hoped. He's my baby Anyway, here's Hammershawk - Front - Side - Top Detail - Swimming/Beached/Lazy - Sitting on the edge of a cliff while figuring out your problems in solitude - Aggressive Attack Pose - Happy Sunshine Strut - Crabby Friend - As I said, I love this guy, and I hope some of you can enjoy him as well Not sure what else to put here, so if you guys have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer. Talk to you later!
  8. Honestly, it looks like she wants to talk with you but if you go anywhere near her, your face being ripped off becomes a higher risk.
  9. I don't see any lips on fire or inflamed, only a tall wonky looking Gumby knock-off...who now looks like he is made of lips...Nightmare fuel.
  10. Well, back in the day when the Bohrok were waning, my local Wal-Mart at the time had a $2 per Bohrok sale, which I think is awesome.More recently, I bought all 6 original Toa Nuva, complete with everything, for $15.
  11. Very first was Meltdown because he is amazing.
  12. Back to see what's up!

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