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  1. Name: Vangar Species: Fa-Matoran Gender: Male Alignment: ??? Powers: None, save for the infallible Fa-Matoran inner compass and sense of direction. Mask: Powerless Great Volitak Weapon(s): None. Vangar is better at running from fights than fighting them. Appearance: Vangar is an average-sized Matoran of Magnetism, and can easily blend into a crowd. He has no distinguishing features, even his black Kanohi Volitak is averagely common for Fa-Matoran. Vangar wears grey armor, with black highlights. The only thing that differentiates him from other Volitak wearing Fa-matoran is that he is never seen without his iStone, which he has used to chronicle his life. Traits: Vangar’s defining trait is that he has no idea who he is. (Well, it would be defining if amnesia wasn’t so stinking common in RPGs…) Vangar had the unlucky destiny to be plagued by amnesia, or in simpler terms, he forgets who he is quite frequently. Because of his repeated cases of amnesia, he carries around an iStone, which he has started using to keep track of his life. He will frequently log his actions and interactions in his iStone, so that when he forgets what has happened, he can quickly read up on what he was doing and why. Bio: Vangar has no idea what happened to him before he got his iStone, as he quite frequently loses his memory. The only reason he remembers what has happened to him since he got his iStone is that he uses the iStone to chronicle his life so that when he loses his memory he can look back and read all that he had done. His life since he got his iStone has been boring, and nothing noteworthy has really happened. Weakness(es): As a Matoran, Vangar is outclassed by almost every other species in combat. And even then, he prefers to run away from fights.
  2. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Arena~ Ryan watched impatiently as Skafora disarmed his opponent. He wanted the stupid capture the flag match over with so he could have his fight. "C'mon, just beat the other team already..."
  3. So before I actually start playing, is there any plot to follow or are the PCs just running around fighting demons and other PCs?
  4. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Arena~ "Well... It wasn't that bad." Ryan said politely, not wanting to disappoint the mayor of the floating island he lived on. "It wasn't that deep. And I'm pretty sure none of my organs were injured. I'd have fainted if they had. Not to mention the fact that I couldn't have lost that much blood... If I had lost that much blood, why it'd be physically impossible for me to stay conscious. Your doctors must've messed up."
  5. Okama - Okama is a Japanese slang term for transgender or homosexual. Okami - Japanese word for wolf. May refer to either the normal animal or the magical creature. (Also the name of a game where you take on the role of Amaterasu, the sun goddess of Japanese myths.) Two completely different things. Name: Isamu Gender: Male Species: Oina Appearance: Isamu has dark green pants with an indigo belt, which matches in color with his undershirt and over shirt respectively. He has leather footwear, and metal armguards. Like most Oina, Isamu has a mask. Isamu’s mask bears the design of a dark green boar, with tusks coming out of the front of the mask, and small ears attached to the top. In his wolf form Isamu has primarily dark green fur, with indigo highlights. Equipment: Isamu wields a Nodachi.(A Nodachi is a long curved sword) Allegiance: Isamu is aligned with the Disciples of the Gods. More specifically, the Hana Valley base. Personality: Isamu is a jack of all trades but a master of none. And he knows it. The fact that he is mundane at everything drives him crazy. He practices all the time, and never manages to perfect one of his many skills. However, unless you bring up his pet peeve, Isamu is usually a pretty nice guy. Background: Isamu was born and raised in Wep’Keer. However, eventually he left and began exploring the rest of Nippon. However, as he traveled through the Northern Lands, he was accosted by a demon. He survived the fight, but only thanks to one of the Hana Valley Diciples. Said disciple took him to Hana Valley, where Isamu joined the Hana Valley’s group of Diciples.
  6. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Arena~ Ryan had entered the Arena, intending to schedule himself a match. It didn't end up going that way. First off, Ryan had kinda forgotten where he was supposed to go to schedule matches. Second, he was quickly loosing his nerve. Thirdly, one of the guards had looked at him, and ran off down one of the hallways, making Ryan even more nervous. He glanced around, hoping he wasn't about to be kicked out for breaking some rule when he noticed a familiar face enter the Arena Lobby... Alcinder walked out of the office he was in and headed for the main entryway of the arena. When he got there, he looked around for a second and found Ryan, who he walked over to. "Hello, Ryan, I've been hoping you'd show up," he said as he extended his hand for a handshake. "You probably know this already, but I'm the Mayor, Alcinder, and I'd like you to be in the tournament." "M-Me?" Ryan asked, looking at the mayor if he had sprouted another head. "I think you've gotten the wrong guy, I'm not good at fighting. I just wanted an official pre-tournament match, that's all..."
  7. IC:Ryan Noc ~Just outside the Arena~ After waving good bye to Evan, Ryan mulled over what the younger fighter had said, and eventually decided that Evan was right. Ryan should just stop complaining and earn himself a title. With this in mind he headed back towards the Arena, intending to schedule himself a match.
  8. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Arena~ "Well yeah... I mean, that's the only thing I can really do..." Ryan said, rolling his eyes as Evan's attempt to be helpful ended up with him simply stating the obvious. "And okay Lisa, I guess we'll see you later."
  9. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Arena~ "Oh, they gave you a nickname?" Ryan asked Evan, his eyes slightly less eager than they were before. "They didn't think I was good enough for one..."
  10. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Arena~ Ryan watched as Logan knocked his opponent off their legs, effectively winning him the match. "Wow, I definitely don't wanna get on your brother's bad side Lisa." Ryan said, grimacing as Logan finished the match by breaking his opponent's legs. "One hit from that thing and I'd be toast!"
  11. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Proelium Hospital~ "Yeah sure, I'll go." Ryan replied.OOC: Yes, you can design your own NPC to fight against if you want.
  12. IC:Ryan Noc ~Proelium Hospital~ "I'm sorry, but I've never hear of you." Ryan said, shrugging. "I mean, fifteen years ago I was being trained to get into the military, so..." "Thanks Evan, I'll keep your words in mind." Ryan said, giving the slightly younger fighter a thumbs up. "You know, we should totally team up for a Capture the Flag match one day."
  13. See no reason to not approve Narym, as long as you don't abuse his reflexes. Perfect reflexes or not, he still can't avoid everything. Narym Zai is approved.
  14. IC:Ryan Noc ~The Proelium Hospital~ Ryan grinned, slightly surprised that the two had waited to see if he was okay. "Yeah, we're cool Evan." Ryan shook the fighter's hand so that Evan didn't doubt his words. "Anyways, I probably should've mentioned that even though I'm from Suharto I'm actually a pretty cruddy fighter." "And yes, I'm perfectly fine now." He said, turning to Lisa. "Thanks for the help..." His voice trailed off as he struggled to think of her name. "I'm sorry, I don't think I caught your name, and if I did, I probably lost it along with all that blood."
  15. IC:Shady Guy in a Trenchcoat that carries a Briefcase ~The Proelium Market~ Skafora wondered through the streets, thinking about his money situation. It was a circular problem, 'Can't enter tournament until I get money. Can't get money until I enter tournament...' that would've puzzled him for days if he hadn't bumped into a Man wearing a black trench-coat, knocking the shady man's briefcase to the ground. The shady man quickly picked up most of his things, shoving his junk back into the briefcase before quickly walking away, leaving the financially challenged fighter's life about as swiftly as he entered it. However, at Skafora's feet was a PDA that the Shady Man had apparently forgotten to pick up. OOC:Hey Strack, bit 'o main-plot interacting with you.
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