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  1. - Ko-Koro Gates The guard wasn’t sure what she had been expecting, but it certainly wasn’t the scarred Hau that looked down at her. She hastily stepped aside to allow the seemingly injured monk access to the village beyond, and let him keep the heatstone. Nothing more barred the party from entering the rebuilt village of ice before them.
  2. - The Gates of Ko-Koro The guards nodded. One scribbled down their travelers’ names on a small ice tablet while the others remained static in front of the gates. The Pakari-wearing guard’s gaze lingered on “Daron”. She remembered well that the Legacy members who had taken the Koro before had snuck in by pretending to be religious devotees. She dug around in her pack. As the scribe recorded their entrance, the Hau-wearer rattled off apologies, “We’re sorry to keep you all waiting out here in the cold. I promise you, the city is worth the wait, and once you’re inside the walls will shelter you from the wind, at least. I’m sure it can’t rival Niici’s hospitality, but if you’re looking for a warm place to while away the hours, there’s a large brick Inn on the main road to the sanctuary, can’t miss it, I hear it’s great for foreigners.” By this time, the scribe had finished his work, and the guards parted to let them in. As Niici and her party made her way toward the gates, the Pakari-wearing approached “Daron”. Noticing him shivering, she offered him a heatstone, uncapping it so even those who didn’t recognize it at first could feel the warmth of her gift. As she presented it to “Daron”, she made to step right in front of him, close enough that from her short angle she could catch a glimpse under his hood… The Darkwalk Hideout Rall yowled as the molten earth fell across his face, leaping back and swiping it off him in panic. The fear effect still suffused his bones, and the surprise entrance of the Rahkshi had rattled what little resistance he had been able to muster against it. He backed up against the wall, swinging his spear wildly against the two, howling a war cry… But before the Rahkshi could lunge at him, twin arms of earth embraced him, pulling him across the the room to Kehuri, out of the reach of the two monsters by the exit. Rall struggled against the stone bonds as they rescued him, panic having brushed away the rational part of his mind, until he found himself behind the large shield of the Toa of Earth. Gasping, he took in his new position. This was when he realized that one of his eyes wouldn’t open. With a loud curse, he raised his trembling spear, finding himself back to back with Kehuri, taking deep shaky breaths as he tried to steel himself for whatever was coming next. Rall’s companion, the lone Ko-Matoran guard still in the room, let her fear overtake her as Ronan sprinted past. She fled from the room at the side of the Toa of Iron. In the passageway outside, they found two other guards lying on the ground, struggling around metal snakes of iron that were wrapped around their body. The others had evaded capture by Ronan. They were already out in the expanse of the dark walk itself, or had managed enough presence of mind to evade the pillar trap. The Ko-Matoran guard alongside Ronan could not muster a comment — all her willpower was able to manage was keeping pace with the Toa.
  3. - TARROK It was not a comfortable night -- I rested uneasy, waking often. The hard earth below me was uncomfortable, but I had slept on far worse. What kept me awake was my new companions: my body was not yet accustomed to their presence, and every time they stirred or moved I registered it as a potential threat. I was taking a leap here, throwing in my lot with two strangers I had only just met. That is the lot of a mercenary. To be good at this job, you need to make sure you can beat those strangers in a fight. N'ashka, I knew I could handle, from experience now. That meant I trusted her. But Kildarg... it was his stirring that disquieted me the most that night.
  4. With difficulty, Kirik smirks and squints at Grolasch and Garsi. Then he proclaims, loud enough for both combatants to hear, "I'll wager tonight's midnight guard duty that he won't stand more than two more blows." Then, more quietly, just to Krex: "But don't let this circus business get away from us. Are you planning a show?"
  5. Good to see you again, Emzee! Hope you don't mind if I run these guards. Six Matoran guarded the looming doors of ice that barred the way into the Koro, each armed with a spear. They all stood as still as the ice behind them, except an older Matoran with a noble Huna. He was the first to recognize Niici, and leaned over to whisper something in the ear into the Pakari-wearing Matoran next to him. She frowned, gave him a piercing look, and stepped forward. “State your name and business,” her words to Niici were icy as her gaze. But the Huna-wearer was quick to cut in with a much warmer tone: “Only protocol, madam, you understand. City security’s running a lot tighter these days.” He smiled apologetically.
  6. - TARROK Finding forts to raid and loot is the business that makes a Warlords. Even it was was abandoned, picked clean, with only a few squatters. But retaking Kildarg’s ruined fortress would be the action that made N’ashka a warlord. And, I cannot help but note now, we begin the journey the way Kildarg’s ended. Poetic. At the time, I was busy suspecting his ulterior motives in wishing to reclaim his property, but could not deny the wisdom in making that property our mark. The ex-lord knew exactly how to find it, approach it, and was most importantly, the best chance of uncovering whatever treasure still remained. He’d be in charge there. Indispensable. My awareness of the balance of power is a skill long honed. “You mentioned we’ll need help to excavate the fort. How many?”
  7. Korzaa gave a small nod of thanks to Tarkahn. She appreciated the small gesture of kindness, the effort taken to make the traditional guardswoman feel more comfortable in her foreign leader’s space. She nodded again as he addressed her, a dispassionate recognition of her opinion being heeded. But she visibly stiffened at the idea that her village would need to change itself to accommodate the newcomers. She had a strong sense of what it meant to be Ko-Koronan, and hated the idea of that being challenged. But before her identity as a Ko-Matoran, she was a Guardswoman, and she would leave her concerns for the professionally correct time. Korzaa put her attention and energy to the Rahkshi attacks. She didn’t need prepared notes for this. “There is something strange with the Rahkshi recently,” she agreed, “but we have absolutely no intelligence on why this might be. There are no records of Makuta cultists ever working with the beasts before, although of course that is not proof it's happening for the first time. However, the Rahkshi's new behavior we have observed is familiar…” She paused for an uncomfortably long time. “It is the same sort of behavior as they had before the Makuta was defeated. I do not want too speculate rashly…” Another pause. She spoke the thing aloud. “But you all must be aware of the strange storms over Kini-Nui and the theories of Makuta’s return. I do not often give rumors much credit, but even if the probability of their truth is infinitesimally small, the danger would be so unfathomably large we must take them seriously." “If the rumors are true, no amount of Exo-Armor or inter-village cooperation will be enough to put a stop to these attacks. There is only one way we know of to defeat the Makuta or a being of similar power." She turned her attention to Reordin and gave him a stiff nod — a professional gesture that indicated a depth of gratitude she did not have the means to express.
  8. - TARROK N’aska had identified three goals: training, money, and soldiers. The first I was well equipped to help with. The second, not so much. I was, in fact, just about skint broke at this time, to the point were I was skipping meals to save my coin. The third item I could not conjure for her, either — although the second item on that list could easily do so. However, I did not want make it seem as if I was only here to accomplish only one of the three goals. I wanted to position myself as integral, as vital to at least two out of the three. So I gave the following speech: “If we have credit and cause, we will have the blades we need. They will follow us like the vultures that assemble above our heads when we march to war. Any warrior in Irnakk’s Tooth would gladly risk their life just to take part in the plunder of the legendary Fort Garsi.” I focused my attention on N’ashka. “…as long as you are leader enough to convince them it is possible,” I told N’ashka. “But I swear on my life that you will be by the time we begin our war.”
  9. - Dark Walk Hideout Fear leaked out of the emptiness in the monstrous Toa-figure’s eyes, gripping the limbs and hearts of the assembled Matoran at the entryway. Each of them struggled against the terror, but they were no match for the sheer force of emotion that struck them all to their core, rattling their insides, sending sweat and uncontrollable shivers running up and down their bodies. One dropped her spear. The fear blossomed in their minds and bodies, wiping away their rational mind with a sudden pang of what felt like hunger, but a hunger more ravenous than they had ever felt: a hunger for life. A hunger to escape the monstrous being looming in front of them. Three more spears clattered to the floor. One of the Matoran in the front turned and clawed their way through their comrades, trying to escape, trying to run for it, willing to brave the inky blackness and the unknown dangers of the dark walk in exchange for freedom from the horror inside. As they did, they pushed the Matoran behind them along. A few of the guards began to wail and scream in fear. Six more spears fell as they broke ranks. Some of the Matoran in the back line were able to hold their ground for a moment, but even doing that took the all will and force of effort that Ko-Matoran valued. They did not quite have the will to struggle also against the force of their fellows pushing them away, toward safety. Seven of the Matoran fled headlong into the darkness, their minds lost in the grip of hot fear, pushing along three more unwilling comrades. But the two in the doorway remained, still standing even as limb-trembling terror flooded their bodies. Rall and the Akaku-wearing Ko-Matoran kept their spears aimed at the monster, able to somehow will their feet in place as their fellows fled into the darkness outside the hideout.
  10. - Garsi Courtyard Kirik turns his eyes away from the conversation between Grolasch and Garsi that he was eavesdropping on to size up the short brown Skakdi beside him. His red eyes linger on the unfamiliar object in her hands, then flick up to meet her eyes, simmering with something that might be anger or might be curiosity. "Tricks..." He mumbles, without moving his limp body. "I can juggle quite well, if that's what you're asking, Krex."
  11. - The Dark Walk The twelve Sactum Guard in the expedition may have been new to war, but their training proved them well. As one, they mechanically raised their spears and shifted into formation. Following Skri's orderers, they took up a position near the door to the hideout. The Ta-Matoran, Rall, made sure he took point, filling the doorway beside a young Ko-Matoran with a teal Akaku. They both aimed their spears and lightstones at the unsettling figure who had emerged from the darkness deeper in the hideout. Four other guards took up position just behind them, spears raised to stab over the heads of the two in front of them at any approaching enemies. The other six guards formed a line with their backs to the others, monitoring the entryway to the darkwalk, in case any fresh monsters emerged from the cavernous passageway to take the expedition from behind. Although some of their hands were trembling, they remained remarkably calm, embodying the icy stillness the sanctum guard asked of its soldiers. Without taking his eyes off his enemy, Rall whispered in a voice only audible to the Matoran beside him and any others near the doorway. "What the #### is this thing? I can't see him from this distance, but I know that's no Rahkshi. Is that shrapnel sticking out of its body?" The Ko-Matoran around him remained characteristically tight lipped.
  12. Ko-Koro Guard Recruits (The Dark Walk) One by one, the Matoran recruits sounded off, until the Ta-Matoran, loudest of them all, announced "Rall, Nineteen." They were grouped in a circle in the middle of the passage outside the hideout, their Kanohi trained on the shadowy depths around them, their spears at the ready.
  13. - KIRIK (Fort Garsi Courtyard) Relieved he doesn't have to revenge the loss of his drinking cup by fighting (and losing to) the hulking bully standing over him, Kirik relaxes and leans his aching head against the side of the metal well. His red eyes however, remain fixed on Grolasch, catching in every word of the very interesting conversation occurring beside him.
  14. Stud.io! It is very cool: it's free, generates the photrealistic images automatically, and is pretty intuitive to figure out. It's mostly for building Lego models, but it comes with a sparse few Bionicle parts and you can download more custom ones for free online. I've played around with it a little, but could never make anything like Arrow404's Boxer, which I'm very impressed by: a complicated, well designed build that looks like a real set and also mech built from Rahkshi parts. Nice work!
  15. “I have several opinions on that score, but N’Ashka has done more brooding on this than I, and I’d like to hear her thoughts first.” I raised my voice and looked to my employer.
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