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  1. Actually it is! It mentions the opening of the vaults in Kentoku and Mangaia down at the bottom in two brief bullet points. If you want to read the last couple posts which wrap up the arc (which I definitely recommend, you don't need much context and they are really cool) go check out Nuju's posts in Kentoku and Tyler and Ghosthands' posts in Kini-Nui.
  2. There's a page on the Wiki that might be helpful! https://bzprpg.fandom.com/wiki/Timeline_Arc_2
  3. IC: Verak, Toa of Sand I’m back, Baby! Mata-Nui, it’s been ages, hasn’t it? Feels like years, doesn’t it? Like you’ve been missing out on some vital part of your life, like you have an overconfident, reckless, bad boy shaped hole in your heart? Verak! Where the devil have you been? Where am I always? Gallivanting around the island, nowhere and everywhere, having one wild adventure after another, joining up with one organization after another, getting beat up, beating others up, and wandering into all sorts of interesting things in between women, wars, and waking up with another minor concussion. But Verak, where have you been lately? I haven’t noticed any gallivanting, wild adventures, or concussions! Well, I’ll be honest, this answer isn’t quite as romantic as the last one. I’ve spent most of this time locked up in an Onu-Koro prison. Not that I haven’t tried to escape, God of course I have. I tried every scheme in the book, from flirting with the guards to trying to carve out an escape tunnel with the point of my Kualsi (and although that didn’t work I did manage to wear both points down to the same length so now it looks quite fashionably distressed.) Those thrice cursed Onu-Matoran kept that prison locked up tighter than a… a… Hmm. Maybe I’m not as good at with words as I remembered. I mean, there’s plenty of comparisons to be drawn to tight body parts that are far too inappropriate for be written here, but I suppose those would be a little too easy, huh? Okay, let’s get back to the good stuff: Me being free, luxuriating in the wide open spaces, the new faces, and the boring dark cavern roof that passes for a sky in this town! I’m back! I’m ready to zoom around from Koro to Koro, to kick some butt, to infuriate the unenlightened with my devil-may-care attitude. WOOHOO! YEAH! Let’s go ##### some #### up! …. Ahh, I missed this. It’s good to be back. IC: Korzaa, Captain of the Ko-Koro Guard   “I’m back.” Korzaa’s words sounded empty, not quite enough to express the situation. Words had never worked very well for her. They weren’t working very well to answer the question the guard at the gate had asked her either. “Back now.” He stated. “After the battle. We thought you were dead.” The words were dispassionate in a way only a Ko-Matoran could be, but Korzaa knew how to read the hidden judgement in his eyes. “I’ve been in Ta-Koro, safe. Rescued at the last second by some mercenaries.” As she said it aloud, the answer sounded like a worse excuse than she thought it would. “I helped plan the retaking of this Koro with Jaller and the Ta-Koro guard.” “Where were you when we were fighting to retake it a few days ago?” “I don’t need you to remind me of my failures,” She snapped, “I have done nothing but muse on them since I’ve been out of the Koro.” The guard didn’t respond. He kept his spear crossed in front of the gate, staring dispassionately at his captain long enough to make her wonder if she would even be let back inside her home before he finally moved. As he stepped aside, the patches of snow that had been accumulating on his armor – the sign of a good Ko-Matoran guard – slid off of his arms and shoulders. Korzaa and her Ta-Koro Guards escorts stepped through the gate, and the Captain of the Guard saw her city again for the first time in ages. Tears almost welled up in her eyes as nostalgia, grief, and guilt exploded in her chest at the sight of her once familiar Koro in ruins. But there was joy there too – joy at finally being reunited with the thing she loved most in the world, joy in the way the snow slid off the smooth polished sides of the glacier, joy in the snow-muffled silence of an entire city, and most of all in the hardworking people who were already repairing the damage done. As she looked around at the piles of rubble and half collapsed buildings, she suddenly saw what the village would be like in a few months – rebuilt, stronger than ever, healing from its wounds in ways that made it stronger, vowing never again to let evil have its way here, filled with the long surprised relief of being able to call this settlement home again, the joy of having survived a tragedy filling the hearts of people of Ko-Koro. Korzaa realized she was thinking the way Matoro used to talk, big words about big ideas. Maybe all those flowery speeches weren’t just empty words, just a way of expressing a civic pride Korzaa had never felt so acutely or sharply until this moment. With another pang, she missed her Akiri. “Captain Korzaa?” one of the Ta-Guards interrupted her thoughts, and she sniffed hard, blinking her eyes a few times to clear them of any trace of emotion as she turned them to meet the guard's. “Where to?” he asked. She didn’t know the answer. She hadn’t really thought out what came next, after freeing the village, after making her way as fast as she could but still not fast enough over the mountains to reach her village as the Maru and the Gukko Riders and Ihu Koro fought for its freedom. Korzaa looked out at the collapsed buildings, the makeshift hospitals, the freshly re-carved ice of a Koro on the mend. Of a Koro whose leader had died, and died again, and died again, but still pressed on, helped by its friends, by heroes from all over the island who had fought and died to give them freedom again. Then she looked back at the guards, and mustered up some of her aura of command that she had let slip for a moment. “I’m going to find whoever is in charge, ask forgiveness, and then dedicate everything I have to rebuilding this place.” In what way, she didn’t know, but she was home again, and all the pieces in her life seemed to be fitting back together.
  4. Hey good question! I've finished catching myself up on most of the major plotlines (rip Echelon and Josk and woah almost Dorian) and I feel like I have a general idea of what happened to Ko. I'm wondering what role Ta-Koro, the place where Korzaa was hanging out, played in Ko-Koro's retaking? Anyone have anything Korzaa or I ought to know? I know things will probably change and get recapped when the new arc starts, but in the meantime I thought I'd put something in the wrap up topic to establish what my favorite characters have been up to.
  5. Woah. Today, for some reason, I drug a ton of old BZPRPG files out from my computer from middle school and looked through this huge document I had compiling the old BZPRPG main plot arc. With a lot of memories, I decided to check out the forum again and I CAN'T FREAKING BELIEVE IT THE FORUM ISN'T DEAD! It's probably gonna take me a few days to catch up on all these new plot posts, and it looks like the next arc isn't here yet, but count me in for it whenever it happens. I haven't made a post on here in probably over five years but college is behind me, life is changing for me again and I think it would be fun to come back to this place that was kind of all I thought about for a few years. Anyway, for those who remember me, I miss y'all, good to see you! Hope to RP with y'all again soon <3 Visaru
  6. You're aliiiiiiiive.

  7. IC: Captain Korzaa - Jaller's Office Korzaa pursed her lips and thought. Her existence was a bit of information that Legacy did not have, and information was valuable. Did she spend it so quickly? Yes, the answer came quickly. Her existence was a bit of knowledge best spent by giving it to the wide public. Her life was a symbol of rebellion, of the way The Legacy could fail. She was all that was left of Ko-Koro, her and the scattered refugees of the city. Her most powerful power right now washer status as a symbol, as a hero that could stand against the power of her enemy. Of course she should make her presence known. "Yes," she said, "Tell the world I still stand for Ko-Koro and its virtues, and stand against those who have taken control of it. They should know I am ready to fight." She paused. "How soon can we meet with the other Akiri?"
  8. IC- Captain Korzaa "They are fairly accurate, but I will do my best to report my side of the story." She took a deep breath, and recounted the tale, piecing together the information she had heard from Pae, reports from the guards, and her own personal experience. She told of how Echelon and his inner circle of elite combatants snuck through the outer gate and into the sanctum, cutting through all resistance, how her guard was scrambled and cut down gradually. She told how she had set up pockets of resistance in the sanctum, and the one she was with ran into Pae and Jin and she did not win the skirmish. She told how she was transported here and recounted her talk with Angelus, trying to catch Jaller up on everything she knew about Echelon and his allies. She stood stiffly, at attention, as she finished her tale. "And Angelus told me to come to you. I'm not quite sure what's happening, and what your plans are. And what really concerns me is that I'm not quite sure what's happening to my city now or how to find out."
  9. IC: Korzaa The Captain gratefully accepted Jaller's offer, pulling a chair up to the other side of his desk and sitting in it, facing the Ta-Koro Captain. No, its Akiri, she corrected herself. She was still not accustomed to seeing her Ta-Koro counterpart take charge of the entire village. With a deep breath to collect her thoughts, Korzaa got right to business. "How much do you know already, Jaller?"
  10. IC: Korzaa - Jaller's Office Feeling especially awkward as Jolek, who she thought was supposed to be escorting her, turned tail and sprinted away, the Captain entered the office. Jaller, unfortunately, was not alone, but surrounded by others, who were all staring at her as she slipped into the room. She felt very aware that she was a stranger and an oddity in this fiery village's bureaucracy. "Am I interrupting something?" she asked, although it was very clear that she was.
  11. IC: Korzaa She nodded and clenched her teeth as she let herself get escorted out of the office, walking down the ash-covered path to another one. Again, she was being dragged along without control of her movements or direction, again her decisions were made for her, again she was out to engage in more futile planning. It irked her greatly. But what else was she to do? Korzaa knocked on the door of Jaller's office.
  12. IC: Korzaa Thank you for telling me about what everyone on the island knows about them. This is the sort of useful information I absolutely did not have as a high-level military commander, and l'm glad you delivered this vague answer to a question I didn't ask you. Korzaa kept her sarcastic comment to herself. The information she wanted was forthcoming, and an insult like that would not help it arrive any faster or any better. There was no need to increase the slight undercurrent of distrust in the room by insulting her newfound allies. (As long as they truly were allies; Angelus seemed to mistrust them as well).
  13. IC- Korzaa She nodded silently in agreement. The Piraka. Outsiders. That might help explain why the attack was so sudden, and why the attacking army had such good resources. If Pae and Angelus were right. She didn't know much at all about the six mysterious Skakdi. She looked up at the captain of the Ta-Koro guard. "And how much do we know about the Piraka?" It was his Koro that they had attacked and burned half to the ground - he probably knew the most about them.
  14. IC: Korzaa The Captain looked to Pae, awaiting a response from him. She had only managed to get a cursory glance and a few vague reports of the assailants. Pae was the one who had been working with them, so she figured it was his place to describe his former comrades.
  15. IC- Captain Korzaa Korzaa’s jaw clenched. “I’m not entirely clear where Echelon got his army. But your information is false. His numbers of followers are great, and he's allied himself with another dark Makuta-worshipping cult. Followers of some dark angel from Po-Wahi or something. He gathered a group of warriors who snuck through the outer gate disguised- there must have been around six of them. I don’t know where he found these people, but I can say they were all excellent combatants- A Vortixx with a feathered arm, a Lesterin with plants growing on her body, A Skakdi with a sort of sniper rifle, and a few other Toa, I believe. They fought through the guards at the sanctum without losing a man. What’s more, Echelon is more powerful than before. His magnetic powers have grown stronger and he has a new mask. I don’t know what it is.” There was far too much that she didn’t know.
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