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  1. i promise not to kill oreo or anyone else i am not crossing my fingers behind my back
  2. there should be a bluff that has to be scaled, the tank did indeed jump down from it granted it's also a fairly large area so the exact difference in elevation between two points might be different
  3. IC: Iona [Beach Assault] Somewhere off to her right the beach exploded, and then Iona turned to watch, wide eyed, as an array of mines went off beneath the feet of the strike team. The sound repeated again, and she saw Oreius, thankfully, manage to blast himself to safety. The League was more than ready for them, they were prepared. This ordeal was getting worse all the time, they had to make some headway up the beach. And fast. Ahead, the Vahki under her command continued to pace forward, their movements oddly predatory for something that lacked flesh and blood. Unwilling to be the next unfortunate caught in one of the mines, Iona ducked to the side behind the mechanical enforcers for cover. Just in time to see vines begin to sprout from the ground at her feet. They looked out of place among the sand and the cacophony of battle, a bit of nature that attempted to reclaim the area from those that were tearing it apart. Until the vines reached for the squad of Vahki as they crested the first hill. A tendril wrapped itself around the leg of one of the robots, only to be sliced clean through by the weaponry of another. Unrelenting, undeterred, they continued to advance forward. Those at the front of the pack firing round after round of energy from their weapons into the wall of plant material that blocked their progress, the organic matter blasted apart and charred by the volley, while those at the rear continued to lay down covering fire at anything that wasn't identifiably friendly. The Bo-Toa, to his credit, continued to conjure more defenses, even as the Vahki advanced. A zamor caught one of the enforcers on the shoulder, grey armor dissolving under the steaming green liquid that was left behind. The limb went dead, though the Vahki paid it no mind, and simply turned to fire its one working weapon at the source of the attack. Another staggered back as a blast of fire struck it dead center in the chest, before collapsing in a mechanical heap. Iona saw her opportunity, as a break in the Vahki's lines opened a path forward to the top of the bluff. Cursing to herself, she took it. "On me!" She commanded as the Toa of Gravity sprinted past her contingent of vahki, breaking over the rise and into view of the first lines of the League's defenses. The Bo-Toa, still working his elemental power against the vahki, gave a shout of surprise and fumbled for some sort of launcher as he caught sight of Iona, only to find his chest armor caved in and his body thrown back by a blast of elemental energy from her fist. More elemental energy gathering in her palms, Iona turned to face the rest of the League's soldiers positioned on the hill. Far too her right, at another section of the battle, an ominous thud reverberated through the sand. Shortly followed by another. Foliage just past the treeline shuttered. Another thud. And another. Suddenly, a gigantic mechanical shape crashed through the treeline and onto the beach. It stood just shy of the treetops themselves, with a roughly hemispherical body carried on six vaguely insectile mechanical legs. A huge plasma cannon sprouted from its back, while yellow armor covered its form. The weapon, which had been previously firing on the Metru Nui ariships above, was now trained on the currently airborn Toa of Fire. If the hum, able to heard over the din of battle, was any indication, the weapon was being prepared to fire. Though that wasn't the only danger presented by the walking tank, as two smaller limbs tracked targets below with a pair of zamor launchers, positioned like the mandibles of a huge spider.
  4. okay stop please you can stop now
  5. im having too much fun with it we gotta keep pushing lads it's a meat grinder on that beach
  6. IC: Iona [Beach Assault] Iona watched, with a growing sense of dread, as a wall of sand and stone suddenly rose before Orieus and Rose's assault forward towards the treeline. She had made her way forward, taking what cover she could in a half-glassed crater ripped into the beach. This was bad. A crack of electricty exploded towards her right, briefly lighting up the morning sky with a deafening boom. Real bad. They had expected some resistance, and prepared for the worst when it came to securing the beach. Not like this, though. The last thing they expected was for the League to actually have any artillery set up and prepared for their assault. This was supposed to be the easy part. Iona glanced down to the readout on her arm. At this point they didn't have much of a choice, they needed to even the odds. She tapped the screen, and an indicator changed from orange to blue. Even damaged, she was glad the signal still got through to the airship above. It took only seconds for the responce to her call to drop, quite literally, from the sky above. A barrage of large, metallic shapes slammed into the beach in front of the strike team's position, directly in the path of the mass of League soldiers who were rushing to overrun the attackers. The force of the impact kicked up sand and dust, and Iona heard a sickening crunch of some unfortunate's armor who got caught beneath one of the projectiles. While effective at slowing their advance, the real purpose behind the attack was made clear soon after. Emerging from the veil of sand and dust sitll suspended in the air marched out a full squad of vaguely insectile forms, the blue eyes gleaming with a cold, machine intelligence. Vahki. Not the same as the policing enforcers back on Metru Nui, as evident by their heavy grey armor and the purple blasts of energy that shot out from their staff weapons. Unmistakably not the stun blasts from the city units, given the fact that whatever they hit tended to explode rather suddenly, environment and being alike. The robotic enforcers had trained their sights on the treeline above, and advanced forward with a disturbingly lifelike vigor towards where the enemy was dug in, their pulse bolt generators ringing again and again with discharges. Not one to waste and opportunity, Iona hauled herself over the lip of the crater, and dashed forward to follow the Vahki, the group of them moving towards Orieus and Rose's position. Hopefully in time. Without missing a step, Iona raised her launcher, and sent a beam of energy towards one of the Skakdi of Stone that was currently doing his best to bury her companions beneath a wave of rock.
  7. OOC: getting the ball rolling here erryone hold onto your socks IC: Iona [Beach Assault] The group arrived at the airship's launching platform shortly thereafter, the section of the transport being especially crowded given the operation currently underway. Lightstones cast an eerie pale yellow light against the bulkheads of the section, while a surprisingly diverse assortment of beings milled about the area. Matoran still made up the majority of those present, though none of them would be dropping down to the beachhead. That honor was reserved to beings like themselves. Toa, a few Vortixx and Steltians, and other assorted beings who pledged themselves to the city, all of which readying weaponry and making a final check of armor. They were going to be the first to drop, and it was their job to establish a beachhead for the rest of the strike force to land. Iona broke off from the rest of them for a moment, moving over to where the airship's compliment of Vahki were set up. The mechanical enforcers, locked to attention, regarded the Ba-Toa as she approached with a cold blue gaze. Utterly motionless, save for the slight rotation if their cranial units as they tracked the movement of the being assembled before them. Iona gave them a once-over. They were scarred, their grey armor weathered and pitted from combat, but as functional as ever in her eyes. Out of the various warriors, Iona couldn't help but feel as though they were the most eager for the battle to come. Well, besides perhaps Rose. "Three minutes to drop," the voice once again sounded over the radio, loud enough to be heard over the noise of the beings readying themselves. Satisfied that her squad was ready, Iona made her way over to one of the walls near the end of the fuselage, a rack of metal backpack-like devices arranged along its length. Iona slipped her arms through the straps and secured them tight, before turning to a Matoran nearby. The technician nodded once, giving her a thumbs up. It was about all the reassurance she was going to get right now. "Two minutes." Iona moved towards the end of the section, where the rest of the team had gathered, each having donned packs of their own. A few words were exchanged, and weapons were held at the ready. "One minute." The metal bulkhead infront of them began to hinge outward, the door opening with a hiss of mechanics as daylight spilled into the compartment. Below them, the silver sea. Before them, the sandy beach of an otherwise apparently deserted island rushed closer and closer. Iona felt her heartlight flicker momentarily. By necessity, she had to be one of the first to jump.. Vaguely, she heard thirty second be called. Then twenty. "Ten seconds." She really hated this part "Jump!" Iona took a step forward, then another, and then another. And on her fourth step, there was nothing beneath her feet besides air. And so she dropped, along with the rest of the strike team, plummeting to the beach below at ever increasing speed. Iona watched, moving too quickly for fear to catch up, as the ground rose to meet their group. She counted down the seconds in her head, keeping her focus on the Toa falling just before her. Her count reached zero, and the being she had been following suddenly slowed in their descent. Iona pulled on the cord attached to the pack strapped to her back, a mechanism inside activating the imbedded levitation Kanoka, her own fall now slowing to a more sedate pace. Somewhere, in the back of her mind dedicated to things like keeping her alive, a wave of relief rolled through. Very happy that worked. Iona looked skyward, the others who had jumped from the airship also having activated their packs and reigned in their freefall. It looked like they had caught the League's defenses by surprise after all. Maybe they had caught a break, for onc- A yellow bolt of energy suddenly streaked across her vision, slamming into the side of the airship they had just jumped from in a fiery orange explosion. "Oh Karz!" Iona cursed, loudly, just before her feet hit the ground and her knees buckled to absorb the impact. She doubted anyone heard. Above, the Metru Nui airship canted worryingly to the side, though it still stayed afloat. A second flash of yellow shot across the sky, missing the transport by mere bio. This time Iona got a good look of where the plasma bolt originated from, far off the beach and just inside the treeline. Where whatever defenses the League had set up would have been impossible to see from the air. The Ba-Toa cursed again, though still acted quickly. Raising her hands in a sharp motion she felt the familiar tug of her elemental power, and a broad wall of sand rose from the beach itself between where the team had landed and the treeline further up the beach. The makeshift screen obscuring their landing from whoever was waiting for them, if nothing else. Not too soon, either, as blasts of energy and projectiles lanced out from the trees, causing all manner of effects on where they hit the sand, or unfortunate being, at the end of their travel. "We need to get up the beach!" Iona shouted to the nearest Toa. "Can't stay here, too open!" OOC: woo beach assaults. current obj are two big ol' Hagah Cannon emplacements are just within the treeline, defended by all manner of League mooks for y'all to make up and fight at your pleasure. A lot of them too. More immedaitely are the mass of League soldiers both firing at our landing spot at the beach and probably also rushing us with swords and stuff. the treeline is far enough away where it's going to take some doing to reach it, and preferably as a team unless you want whoever's the medic to piece ya back together later. we're definitely outnumbered at this point. oh yeah the packs are basically parachutes, but more bionicle with kanoka stuff at work. same idea tho. figured they'd be useful for those that can't fly on their own. feel free to rp the baddies as you like, but i don't mind writing for a few of them if you wanna have an Elite Mook fight or something. other obj is not die Bionicle normandy time \o/ @Snelly@King of Kings@Eyru
  8. IC: Iona [Metru Nui Airship] "Iona," said Ba-Toa replied, taking Skyra's offered hand with her own artificial one. She opened her mouth to continue, only to be interrupted by a second voice nearby. The owner of which, a gruff looking Toa with crimson armor, was currently resting nearby on some strange mechanical box of sorts. From past experience, Iona had witnessed what exactly was in the box, or rather, what the box was. Rose, she believed the Toa's name was, though she hadn't exactly spent time to get to know her. "Ah, sor-" Iona began, before being interrupted again, this time from a voice that came on over the ship's radio itself. So much for that. "Ten minutes until jump. Move to the jump pad for preparation." The burly Toa of Fire rose to her feet, and Iona glanced over to Skyra once, before moving to follow Rose as her mechanical box assembled itself ito a complete set of armor. "If you say so," Iona shrugged, checking a readout on her bracer on the current status of the squad of Vahki set to drop to the island below with them. Assuming everything went according to plan, there shouldn't be too much initial combat on the beachhead itself. Still, it certainly didn't hurt to be overprepared. The squad of mechanical enforcers were set, all that was left was for her to give them the green light to engage. Well, and for them to get down to the beach itself. Mata Nui she always hated jumps. "Here's to catching them by surprise for once, yeah?" @Snelly@King of Kings
  9. IC: Iona [Metru Nui Airship] "Uh, sorta? I don't think we've met before. Not exactly from around here." @Snelly
  10. IC: Iona [Metru Nui Airship] "Uh, right, thanks." For the second time in fewer than a single day Iona watched as a more experienced, far more capable warrior stalked off from her. Imparting some form of wisedom borne of experience that far outstripped her own. She wondered if this is what Brutaka meant about figuring out whatever he was talking about meant to her. Wordlessly, she turned to the only other soul around, and gave Skyra a questioning shurg. @Snelly
  11. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] The purple-clad Toa flipped the stone over in her palm, her eyes darting across the smooth surface as if it would reveal some answer to the questions swimming around behind her Kanohi. When you are ready... what does that even mean? Ready for what? Unforunately, her concerns were going to have to be kept to herself for the time being, as Brutaka had already taken his leave. Iona raised her gaze to watch the gleaming titan walk off back towards the encampment, leaving her alone with a fancy stone and more questions than she started with. In her short time as a Toa, she was beginning to feel this was some sort of norm. Iona flicked the stone upward before catching it with the same hand, at least she didn't have anything against questions. Just unanswered ones. * * * [Metru Nui Airship] For one ostensibly so in tune with the very force preventing everyone from floating around, Iona certainly had a rough time floating hundreds of bio in the air. Okay, maybe it was more of the disconcerting fact that there was nothing but empty, transluscent liquid protodermis beneath them for Mata Nui knows how deep. Or even worse, it wasn't empty. Regardless, after doing a final check on the squad of robotic enforcers that was attached to the strike force, Iona had done her best to stay well away from the edges of the airship's crewed area. Downside being, that was kinda lonely. There would be a fight. If they were lucky, it would be quick and painless. Lucky. They hadn't been lucky yet. The League had fought to the bitter end for every last rock and blade of grass on these islands. Despite her attempts as self-imposed optimism, it was hard to keep the charade up, especially to herself. She was never that great at lying. Being alone just before a battle at this point was a sure fire way to just keep her mind racing. Eventually, her unwillingness to entertain such thoughts won out against a mild phobia, and Iona slipped down from the perch among the airship's mechanics where she had been flicking across diagnostic readouts on her tablet. Really had to find someone, or she was going to go mad. The first person she ran across was another Toa, though not one who she particularly knew well. Or-something? Couldn't quite place his name, though he unmistakable. An orange and crimson fighter scarred from more battles than she could probably imagine, who definitely had lived multiple lifetimes as a Toa-hero before she even recieved her first Kanohi as a Matoran, let alone compared to how long she'd been a Toa herself. Or at least, that's what Iona thought as she approached, slightly weary about disturbing the fighter. "Does it help? The meditation I mean. Anticipation is a Karz of a thing to deal with." Why'd her mouth have to actively engage in self-sabotage? OOC: heyru
  12. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] Iona gaze followed the stone's path out to sea as it skipped across the silvery protodermis. She was, for a moment, at a loss for words. It was a lot to take in, her mind raced as Brutaka spoke. "Oh." Iona stopped, not abruptly so much as lost in thought. Things were beginning to make more sense now, pieces falling together in place. Her struggles against the League suddenly felt much... smaller. Just one piece in a larger fight against the tyranical rulers. Forces at play that she hardly ever fathomed before. "You're a member of this Order of Mata Nui," It wasn't a question, more of an observation on her part. "And you want me to... join this Order? How does that work? I'm not sure if I can leave, I'm needed here."
  13. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] Surely this was some kind of test, right? The massive golden commander that she kept her pace brisk to keep up with knew as well as her what had ravaged the universe, yes? "Uh, I 'suppose I never really thought about it. Sir. There are good people out in the universe, not just Matoran and Toa right? Those that want to do right for the people that can't defend themselves." "If you don't mind, I guess I always assumed you were a, ah, rather outsanding example of that."
  14. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] A'ight big guy where's this going? Wordlessly, Iona listened as Brutaka spoke, doing her best to keep up with the much larger warrior in the sand. An opportunity? Iona's mind began to spin. The what of Mata Nui now? "Ah, can't say I have. Uh sir," She replied, managing to find words enough to respond. Properly this time too! "If ya don't mind me asking- sir, what do you mean by an opportunity? What's this Order? I appreciate the idea of a promotion but... still kinda new to all this Toa stuff, yeah? I'm sure there are some around with way more experience than me?"
  15. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Base] The voice, a deep tone that resonated through the cramped confines of the makeshift base, startled the Ba-Toa and she flinched involuntariy. Did he really have to- "They're in good working order, for tha most part," Iona replied, turning to face the gigantic golden warrior who was ostensibly her boss. Brutaka was imposing, as a general rule, though even he seemed to be weary from the near constant combat that they saw out here. "Should be all good to go whenever they're needed. Which ah, I guess is gonna be soon, yeah?" From beneath her Kanohi she felt herself almost flinch from the casual tone that slipped out.
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