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  1. whoops i didn't actually link the album my b have a diskette rifle y'all i got more coming (maybe)
  2. i challenge you, Richard W. T. Evans III
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA all these posts are so good i can't evn anymore
  4. IC: Dehkaz From his spot just off to the side of the senseless form of the Toa of Sonics, far enough away so as to not get in the way of the two working to mend Krayn's injuries, Dehkaz tore his gaze away enough to glance up at the two Toa who had made their way over to them. The deep furrow in his brow, as if attempting to will Krayn back to a state of good health, softened as he saw who it was, even if his arms remained crossed and fists tense. Skyra and Kale. The former obviously still injured as the silvery Fe-Toa assisted her over to them. Dehkaz gave a nod to them as Kale uttered a quiet question to no one in particular. "He's hard to kill, and lucky on top of it," Dehkaz suggested, looking from Kale back down to Krayn. After a moment it struck him just how much seeing the group back together once again, even if fates weren't entirely certain at this point, meant. It was odd. For a man who'd spent his years alone, relying on one or no thing other than his own skill and determination, the sense of trust; of belonging; was... something else. At first it had been just Naona, the driven guardswoman becoming a rock solid anchor of near unshakable character in his life, though given the circumstances their paths would have crossed eventually regardless. It was so much more now, for every one of them. The island had thrown the worst at them and yet here they all were, battered and injured, but alive. And together. "It's good to see you."
  5. IC: Onuzek (Ga-Koro, Great Takea) The giant Ba-toa's brow furrowed as he considered the question, a task that was no easy feat for him. Eventually, he gave a shrug of his massive shoulders, clearly defeated by attempting to figure out an answer. "Onuzek doesn't know," said Toa stated almost sorrowfully, as if disappointed he couldn't think of a way to answer his newfound friend's query, "Friend-Arisaka fights rocks."
  6. sooooooooooooooooon perp very soon.
  7. IC: Dehkaz (Ko-Wahi) They made it. Strangely enough, the blizzard that had besieged the mountain fortress of Ko-Koro had fallen away not too far from the Koro itself. Given the force at work there, Dehkaz wouldn't be entirely surprised if it wasn't a natural storm. They had made great time to Ihu-Koro, even with the added weight of two extra passengers slowing Naona down. Dehkaz did his best not to think about the toa they were currently escorting. They would make it. For now, he focused on keeping his hold on his friend and not getting tossed off the side. The landscape around was a white blur; he never quite got used to traveling via Kakama; but they knew the way. The three Aggressors stopped just outside the Koro's gates, dashing straight into the village would've been risky enough, and the village was already accepting scores of other people from Ko-Koro. A quick word from the guards at the entrance had directed them to the hospital. Dehkaz had taken Krayn off his companion's hands, partially to give Naona a break after the mad superspeed sprint through the snow, partially to keep their friend stable as they made their way to the hospital. Using his elemental power he held Krayn aloft while they jogged beside him, the unconscious De-toa gliding along almost peacefully. It was unnerving to see him that way. "We need a healer--quick!"
  8. IC: Onuzek (Ga-Koro, Great Takea) "Onuzek is looking forward to fighting rocks."
  9. IC: Onuzek "Onuzek will fight rocks with friend-Arisaka!" He punched the air.
  10. IC: Onuzek "...Does friend-Arisaka fight the rocks?" Onuzek was now staring intently at the crystal-armored Dasaka, captivated by his new friend.
  11. IC: Onuzek Uhhhh work. Work? Work. Out. Out? Outside? Outside! "Onuzek picks up trees for tiny Ga-matoran. Sometimes he picks up big rocks." "Then Onuzek puts them down. Onuzek does this a lot. Tiny Ga-matoran like this." The gigantic toa paused for a moment, giving a satisfied nod, before addressing the foreigner. "Does friend-Arisaka pick up rocks?"
  12. IC: Leli felt her heart drop sharply in her chest, heartlight fluttering momentarily. The dragon had been enough of a surprise earlier. Well, the trip had been enough of a surprise. Cities of crystal and strange, matoran-but-not-matoran and toa-but-not-toa was much to take in. So far she had pushed it to the back of her mind, like she always did, keeping an upbeat and level demeanor that was expected of someone of her position. She was a Major in the Ussalry; she braved the Darkwalk with her men and bested the remnants of the dark tyrant who had created it. It was her job to keep it together, even if Tarnok was the only other member of the Ussarly for... hundreds of kio around. Even if he, well was far more of a friend than just a fellow Guard, had been there for her at her lowest many times in the past. She couldn't let up now. But, something was obviously wrong. They had come this far. And now seconds continued to slip by with... nothing happening. In her periphery she heard two of the group, Kellin and Seventh speaking, something involving the miner's Ussal, whom Leli had grown rather fond of during their trek through the foreign land. Reminded her of the comforting weight of Onu-Koro. What they said didn't quite register. Unconsciously, Leli clutched her pack, safely wrapped up inside what she could only think of as her closest link to the Great Spirit. For a fraction of a second she shut her eyes, and silently willed the powers that be to pull through. "...Come on..." She breathed quietly, attempting to keep a steel to her voice.
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