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  1. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] Iona gaze followed the stone's path out to sea as it skipped across the silvery protodermis. She was, for a moment, at a loss for words. It was a lot to take in, her mind raced as Brutaka spoke. "Oh." Iona stopped, not abruptly so much as lost in thought. Things were beginning to make more sense now, pieces falling together in place. Her struggles against the League suddenly felt much... smaller. Just one piece in a larger fight against the tyranical rulers. Forces at play that she hardly ever fathomed before. "You're a member of this Order of Mata Nui," It wasn't a question, more of an observation on her part. "And you want me to... join this Order? How does that work? I'm not sure if I can leave, I'm needed here."
  2. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] Surely this was some kind of test, right? The massive golden commander that she kept her pace brisk to keep up with knew as well as her what had ravaged the universe, yes? "Uh, I 'suppose I never really thought about it. Sir. There are good people out in the universe, not just Matoran and Toa right? Those that want to do right for the people that can't defend themselves." "If you don't mind, I guess I always assumed you were a, ah, rather outsanding example of that."
  3. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] A'ight big guy where's this going? Wordlessly, Iona listened as Brutaka spoke, doing her best to keep up with the much larger warrior in the sand. An opportunity? Iona's mind began to spin. The what of Mata Nui now? "Ah, can't say I have. Uh sir," She replied, managing to find words enough to respond. Properly this time too! "If ya don't mind me asking- sir, what do you mean by an opportunity? What's this Order? I appreciate the idea of a promotion but... still kinda new to all this Toa stuff, yeah? I'm sure there are some around with way more experience than me?"
  4. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Base] The voice, a deep tone that resonated through the cramped confines of the makeshift base, startled the Ba-Toa and she flinched involuntariy. Did he really have to- "They're in good working order, for tha most part," Iona replied, turning to face the gigantic golden warrior who was ostensibly her boss. Brutaka was imposing, as a general rule, though even he seemed to be weary from the near constant combat that they saw out here. "Should be all good to go whenever they're needed. Which ah, I guess is gonna be soon, yeah?" From beneath her Kanohi she felt herself almost flinch from the casual tone that slipped out.
  5. IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Base] A curse escaped from under her Kanohi, a foreign word which the other soldiers occupying the tent serving as a makeshift armory probably wouldn't have understood even if she wasn't doing her best to keep it under her breath. Infernal machines. Before her was the split open thorax of a grey-armored Vahki, its armored shell hinged apart to reveal the complex mechanics inside. Half of which had been fused together by a blast from some League mercenary's energy weapon. It was a mess, and there honestly wasn't much she would be able to do here out in the field to get the robotic enforcer back into service. Still, most of the systems were still intact, she might be able to salvage the clockwork mechanisms and armor for other units. The Vahki half stood on locked joints, half suspended from the truss system above like some nightmarish marionette. Its insectile eyes were dull, lacking the cool intelligent glow of its brethren which stood at attention nearby, their weapons locked upright in a safe position. Their sheer motionlessness was unnerving, even for her. "This one's completely shot," Iona started, heavy accent adding emphasis to her speech as she spoke to the Po-Matoran tech nearby, "We're gonna 'ave to scrap it for parts. Skull casing's still intact and all but... eh I reckon we might be able to recover most of the clockwork logic centers." The Ba-Toa wiped the machine oil off on her shoulder armor, annoyingly leaving another streak on the piece of plate metal. She really needed to stop that habit. "That was the last of them, the rest of 'em should be up for fightin' without any issue. Make note of that will ya?" The Po-Matoran tapped some keys on the pad he was holding, nodding as if lost in thought. "And remind me to check on the squad lead's balance gyros next time, I swear it's more temperamental than a- ah... nevermind." More keypresses. OOC: Iona open for interaction.
  6. Name: Iona Species: Ba-Toa Faction: Metru Nui Brief Description: An athletic female Toa of around average height for her species. Her natural armor is bulky, with an exotic geometric styling unlike the Toa Mangai of the city. The plates have a circular motif to them, broken up by sharper trapezoidal segments. Her right arm and leg are noticeably entirely mechanical, and bear a resemblance to the robotic enforcers of Metru Nui. Her armor is primarily a bright mauveine and inky black. Accents of iridescent cyan speckle her armor. Her artificial limbs are a dull charcoal grey. A sly electric blue gaze looks out from beneath her Kanohi, which is similar in appearance to a (unmutated) Shelek. Powers: Her elemental powers grant her the ability to manipulate gravity in a number of ways, limited by her Elemental Energy reserves. Her Kanohi, the Great Mask of Biomechanics, gives her the ability to influence machinery depending on the range and complexity. While she cannot manipulate sapient beings without their consent, she can slightly slow down their mechanical anatomy. Equipment: In combat she wields a Gravitic Pulse Launcher, a weapon from her home island built to channel her elemental power into ranged implosions. It has been modified slightly to allow it to launch Kanoka disks as well. She wears a communication device designed to allow her to understand the ultrasonic signals used by Vahki to communicate. A sturdy, double bladed axe serves her well in melee combat. Background/Occupation: Iona was previously a Ba-Matoran living on an industrial island off the western coast of the Northern Continent. Primarily a source of manufactured technology, it was targeted early for conquest by the League of Six Kingdoms to serve as a industrial hub for their early expansion. At this point of their quest for power the tyrants' true goals were unknown to the larger universe, and the island was annexed without bloodshed. It didn't last. As the Barraki continued the expansion the population of the island worked to shake the chains of their despotic rulers. The response was swift and brutal. In a matter of days the armies of the League had crushed major resistance, killing the island's Toa protectors and Turaga leaders with merciless blows. Not before the Toa had transferred their Power into a new generation of protectors, Iona being among one of these select few. Unwilling to lose this new hope, they each had been sent to distant islands in an attempt to find help. Iona herself traveled northward to the island city of Metru Nui, the fate of her brothers and sisters unknown. There she found Metru Nui already locked in battle against the forces of the League. She now fights on the front lines for Metru Nui, in the hope that she can one day return and free her own home. Flaws: Hot headed and quick to action, her experiences on her home island have left her with little regard for her enemies. This combined with her relative inexperience as a Toa lead to some very un-Toa like decisions on her part.
  7. workin on profilio it will be done at some point
  9. whoops i didn't actually link the album my b have a diskette rifle y'all i got more coming (maybe)
  10. i challenge you, Richard W. T. Evans III
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA all these posts are so good i can't evn anymore
  12. IC: Dehkaz From his spot just off to the side of the senseless form of the Toa of Sonics, far enough away so as to not get in the way of the two working to mend Krayn's injuries, Dehkaz tore his gaze away enough to glance up at the two Toa who had made their way over to them. The deep furrow in his brow, as if attempting to will Krayn back to a state of good health, softened as he saw who it was, even if his arms remained crossed and fists tense. Skyra and Kale. The former obviously still injured as the silvery Fe-Toa assisted her over to them. Dehkaz gave a nod to them as Kale uttered a quiet question to no one in particular. "He's hard to kill, and lucky on top of it," Dehkaz suggested, looking from Kale back down to Krayn. After a moment it struck him just how much seeing the group back together once again, even if fates weren't entirely certain at this point, meant. It was odd. For a man who'd spent his years alone, relying on one or no thing other than his own skill and determination, the sense of trust; of belonging; was... something else. At first it had been just Naona, the driven guardswoman becoming a rock solid anchor of near unshakable character in his life, though given the circumstances their paths would have crossed eventually regardless. It was so much more now, for every one of them. The island had thrown the worst at them and yet here they all were, battered and injured, but alive. And together. "It's good to see you."
  13. IC: Onuzek (Ga-Koro, Great Takea) The giant Ba-toa's brow furrowed as he considered the question, a task that was no easy feat for him. Eventually, he gave a shrug of his massive shoulders, clearly defeated by attempting to figure out an answer. "Onuzek doesn't know," said Toa stated almost sorrowfully, as if disappointed he couldn't think of a way to answer his newfound friend's query, "Friend-Arisaka fights rocks."
  14. sooooooooooooooooon perp very soon.
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