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  1. I started to do weekly speed drawings on my YouTube channel. Only one I got so far is the opined and jevik but more will come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvuoZWKfJNw
  2. Hey, so I've been experimenting with vector art recently and I realized that it doesn't make any since not putting it up on the main bionicle fan forum. (images removed because I don't like them anymore)
  3. dude, i can hardly remember when i became a bionicle fan, but i know it was in 2001
  4. EVE: IDK never heard of itBTF: Yeah, it's good idea BUT the problem is it's kinda an old themeLOZ: Heck yeah, this should totaly be a themeFire-Fly: (gonna get hate for this) Heck no, bad idea
  5. what's the deal with my links!!
  6. AWESOME !!! :)if doesn't work: http://s16.postimage...82r/258witx.gif.
  7. I'm saying that it would be a epic game
  8. think about it, how awesome it would be if lego made it.
  9. awesome, now i can have a mask of my self MOC
  10. Videos compressed together in order so it's easier to view (also, Gatanui, if you want me to take this off, just say so)
  11. Not to sound like i'm begging but aren't you going to finish bqott?

  12. Happy birthday! :)

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