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  1. Probably not. I don't have enough time to work on comics, that's why I'm ending my series. Also at the given pace that The Road to Home was going at, it would've lasted years. ~Soran
  2. No wonder you think the snow melted, you live in a desert. ~Soran
  3. Wish granted, people like what you like. That wasn't what made them think you were weird though. I wish for World Domination. ~Soran
  4. Wish granted, but I'm not going to tell you what paradox is self-enclosed to leave things open-ended. I wish for a cookie and some milk. ~Soran
  5. Wish granted, you move to Delhi, India. I wish I could find happiness. ~Soran
  6. Most people have 2 eyes I's but don't feel the need to brag about it. ~Soran
  7. A person who appears to be running fast and has silver hair. Is this Quicksilver? ~Soran
  8. 0/5 Never seen you before, though I rarely venture in the forums. Nice to meet you. ~Soran
  9. Soran

    Soran's Comic Emporium

    New Comic "The Greatest Story the World Will Never See!" AKA: The ending of my series, part 1. As you can tell in this particular comic, there actually was a story going on from the very beginning. Almost each story arc, no matter how random it was, actually led to this eventual conclusion: Soran becoming sentient. They all revolved around the idea of how illogical the world around him was, it was as if he was part of some kind of wacky story. With so many loose ends, he eventually was going to tie it all together in his quest for world domination. But throughout his journey he makes the realization that there isn't any fun in playing a game where you know the outcome, so he embarks upon a new "world" to conquer: BZPower. I actually was tempted to have him pop out of the blog section and put a little secret Soran sprite in my blog, though it wouldn't work with the story. Good, he's supposed to be relatable. I try to make him essentially the "Everyman" character. Never seen Doctor Who, though that's pretty neat. Glad you guys enjoyed the last comic and I Hope you enjoy this one, ~Soran
  10. Soran

    Soran's Comic Emporium

    New Comic Skydiving Worries Where do those 1 in 5 people go...? Well he has the light, so he probably has one somewhere. Sure. Probably won't do anything Go-Cart related though. I'm trying to stick with the story arcs I have planned so I can finish the series. Got'cha. I heard it didn't heat up immediately. Probably. I censor the cursing because of two main things. Cursing isn't allowed on the site. It makes it more broadly appealing.If I were to have the characters curse then it leaves things plainly. It makes things less broadly appealing. Here's an example. "What the F--" Most children who visit the site might finish the sentence with "Freak" or something similar. Adults or those who are aware of curse words would finish it the other way. It also makes it entertaining, the prospect and idea that the characters are constantly on the verge of breaking the rules but are stopped by the 4th Wall or a Moderator in the comic. Because your not allowed to put curse words on BZP. Correct. Because your not allowed to put curse words on BZP. That makes sense. Indeed it does. Because your not allowed to put curse words on BZP.That makes sense.Also your not allowed to mention anything political, insulting, or inapropate. That is BZP law. Breaking said law results in one beheading. I think I'm overdue on some beheadings, especially with some of the comics I've made in the past that have verged on breaking the rules. Indeed. That's what happened? I heard he lost his mind. Not at this point, I've still got like 30 premade scripts I can illustrate. Most of the recent comics you've seen aside from those pun related comics are all scripts I wrote in the beginning of this year. Correct, Bulik was right. I don't think I'll have any of the characters acknowledge that he was correct though, it was mainly just a one-off joke. Glad you guys enjoyed the comic, ~Soran
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