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  1. • • Xph˚lgíœk, a trilaterian from Altair V, and Cyrus Pell, a hominid from Sol III, have teamed up to investigate the disappearance of the colony on Gamma Leonis II. ••• This dynamic duo was built for the 2020 BioCup and CZQ's #CZQcharacters contest. Both were designed with a pulp sci-fi novel aesthetic in mind. Cyrus took cues from this artwork, and Xph˚lgíœk was inspired by povorot's Amphorans on DeviantArt.
  2. Get it? 'Cus like…paleontology…and fossils…
  3. Paleo

    Anyone alive?

    It's great to hear from you! Glad you're getting to the bottom of things. I'm just steadily trudging through my education and building when I can.
  4. Merry Christmas! Here's a seasonal beast!
  5. Make a Bionicle parody of the Harvard logo and emboss it.
  6. It G L O W S It is K I N D O F S P I D E R Y So I submitted it to B I O N I C L E B A S E D C R E A T I O N S C O N T E S T # 7 6
  7. A proof of concept for using 28220 as scales.
  8. Paleo


    Please! Everyone! Sign the petition! And once you've done that, make sure to check out the subreddit for more ways you can help!
  9. Paleo

    Flat Earthers

    Do you have a fact check on that Erdogan story?
  10. • First thing I've built in two years. (please vote for it in the Flickr contest)
  11. Staff name changes. The first I can recall was "phobias," when everyone became a fear. I think Sumiki was "Phobophobia" with FDR as his prof pic. I was so psyched when I finally got to participate and made my first and only name change to "Mister Spock." Oh and the day BZP came back online. I'd just come back from school dead tired and suddenly there existed a bright, shiny new forum in which to frolic.
  12. Paleo

    Actual Hot Dog Shia LaBeouf

    loving the comic sans
  13. Paleo


    Do it! Season 2 really picks up the pace.
  14. Paleo


    DISCLAIMER: This show isn't exactly compliant with BZP content rules. So. The Expanse aired its season 2 finale on Wednesday and I finally got around to watching it. AND IT WAS AMAZING. Truly one of my all time favorite shows (think Game of Thrones in space, and with a lot more science). Season 1 is available on Amazon prime, and I'm pretty sure the entire second season is available on the Syfy website. So what are you waiting for!
  15. It's a bonkle inspired meme. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.
  16. Paleo


    …I really need a break from the news. Please post memes.
  17. Paleo

    Callout post: Sumiki

    Road trip's gonna be a site to site transport, eh?
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  19. Paleo


    Arrival takes precedent. It's that good.
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