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  1. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann Barius' words were ... confusing. But Parnassus did not understand how food was supposed to taste, and so they did not pay the warskak's comparisons much mind. They were instead preoccupied by Stannis and Fury, who seemed to have previously known each other. They were also preoccupied by the lingering wisps of shadow that seemed to drift up off of the hero's form ... wisps that seemed familiar, and yet could not have. Perhaps Gore Fury could shed more light on this figure. And so, Parnassus leaned in, eavesdropping on their conversation. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Sparticus147 @Burnmad -Void
  2. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Hospital "And I, the same," Irna said, although she did not know why. What power, what sway did she have over the people of this village? Most of them did not even know her name. But she said it, regardless, and felt the weight of that responsibility settle on her shoulders. "Good luck to you." She glanced at Ostrox, and held back a glare. "To you both." OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Eyru @Tarn @Onaku @Sparticus147 -Void
  3. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Hospital Although Irna maintained her outward composure, she sagged internally. She had seen an opportunity to finish what she, Keitara, and Skorm had started. And, perhaps even more importantly, part of her had been hoping to single-handedly achieve some sort of resolution. Despite everything, it seems, she still wanted to be the hero of the day. "Very well," she said, nodding. "What would you suggest, then? OOC: @Nato the Traveler IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann The floor around Parnassus was soon littered with ashes, the Aspect plucking dish after dish in their hands and sucking clean the nutrients and energy from them, reducing Fury's hard-won cookery to black dust. They could not taste in the way that the warskaks did -- a being of pure energy, their biology simply didn't allow for it -- but they could still feel what Fury had felt when he had crafted each morsel. It tasted of pride, it tasted of joy ... and more than anything, it tasted of love. We should keep this one around, Barius, Parnassus said. I like him. OOC: @Burnmad -Void
  4. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Hospital Irna clasped the hand tightly for a moment, and then let it go. Smiling to the Leaguer, she made her way over to one of the empty cots in the hospital and sat on, patting the mattress as a gesture for her to join. "Zaliyah, is it?" she said, as gently as she could. "You see like a wise woman, Zaliyah. And passionate, in ways that I am not ... but perhaps should be. It seems as though you care for your people greatly, as I do. And ... I hope that, like me, you are tired of fighting, Zaliyah. Tired of your people hurting." The Zyglak shifted, laying her glaive and her bow down on the mattress behind her -- a show of good faith, of trust -- before turning back to the other woman. "Peace would preferable. And you may not lead the League any more than I may lead Metru-Koro ... but we can try. Bring our leaders something that might win them over. Something to prove our mutual commitment to ceasing this violence." Irna leaned forward. She had not been prepared for this when she had woken up mere minutes ago -- to try and broker peace to a war that had lasted years and spanned entire worlds. She was no leader, no diplomat ... in many respects, she was barely even a warrior, a champion of anyone. She was operating on barely any rest, no food, and hardly an idea of how to go about this, nothing but a scrap of hope. But she was also the only one who could talk to Zaliyah, and do it successfully. So the burden fell to her, regardless. "Our village," she said, gesturing around the building, "sits atop beings who would do us harm, as you have seen. Your city," -- she pointed to the other woman -- "is surrounded by the monsters of the Krom Sphere. Our present locales are untenable, and yet how much of this island have we since explored? I, personally, have barely made it into the swamplands to the South. "You have ships, though," she continued, "and we have people who lived on the ground of this island and have had more experience surviving it. What if, as a gesture of good will, our combined forces sent a team to explore the rest of the island -- perhaps find a safe place, free of inhabitants? A place where a new home could be built, for all of us." OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Eyru @Onaku @Tarn -Void
  5. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Hospital "The god Mata Nui is dead," Irna said, her knuckles white around the shaft of her glaive. "Does it matter any longer how he died, or by whose hand? Does it help us who is to blame, and who is punished? None of us can even say if our other gods followed us to these lands." She looked over to Ostrox, and while her contempt for him remained, she could not bring herself to dismiss him. How many times had her own people been pushed deeper and deeper into the mountains of the North, into climes too harsh and too frigid for their cold blood to thrive, because the maskbearers had seen them as lesser? Ostrox, for all his pomposity and condescension, must have known that world as well -- the venom in his words was real. "Perhaps none of us are favoured. Perhaps we are all of us fallen," she said. "But we must rise as one." She looked over to the other Leaguer, the woman, the one who seemed to be Zaliyah. "You and I," she said to her, "are neither of us are maskbearers. You do not trust our leaders? Nor do I. Sans was not good to you. And although I helped build his village, protect his people ... he was not good to me, either." She took a step towards the Leaguer -- the warrior -- and held out a hand. "So you do not trust our leaders. But may we speak on equal terms -- one woman to another?" OOC: @Eyru @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler @Tarn @Onaku -Void
  6. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Hospital "I confirm it, as well." Irna didn't realize that she had stepped forward until it was done -- until she was there between Ostrox and the rest of the Metru-Koroans. "I am Irna, sixth-born of Perror of the Northern Continent," she continued, "and, once, of the League of Six Kingdoms. Ostrox speaks true in that respect, and that I was with Mazor when he found Mata-Nui and gave it the Krom Sphere. Yet -- " she looked over to the woman who seemed to the leader of the League attackers " -- I didn't remember anything of him before yesterday. It is possible that your god, Mata-Nui, affected all of our minds, to forget about Mazor." OOC: @Toru Nui @Tarn @Nato the Traveler @Eyru @Onaku IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann A nervous chuckle escaped Parnassus' throat. "What do you think I am?" they said. "Shall I worship at your altar as well, Korruhn, Aspect of the Wellspring -- Aspect of the Pretty Speeches? How do I know that you've spoken truthfully of this greater darkness? How do I--" But the Aspect's own pretty speech was interrupted -- on one side by the arrival of this Gore Fury character, evidently a self-proclaimed chef and Fort Nektann's current cook; on the other side by the return of Barius, the hero Stannis slumped over his shoulder, barely conscious. And with Stannis' return ... the scent of old shadow. Barius, Parnassus said in his mind. What's going on? OOC: @Burnmad @Crimson Jester @EmperorWhenua @Sparticus147 -Void
  7. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann Parnassus matched Korruhn's gaze. They were a young Aspect, they knew this -- younger than most of their kin, perhaps even younger than some of the warskaks who wandered this fortress. But they were not young enough to trust this newcomer. "You're a curious one," Parnassus said. "Most of our kin are stingy with their secrets -- particularly with each other. Why would you give me such a gift?" At the same time, they uncorked their own wellspring -- the spring of raw fear that burbled deep in their chest. They allowed a tiny portion to slip out from their spirit and into Korruhn's, all while watching his eyes. He would begin feeling the first droplets of paranoia trickling into his essence now -- and then, Parnassus would see what he was truly made of. OOC: @Crimson Jester -Void
  8. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Dream, my girl, of wild roses Dream of wind-swept seas and coasts-es Dream of moonlight-glinting snow Dream of sailors, wracked with woe. Dream of riders, fast and strong Dream of hunters, bow-strings long. Dream of Kane-Ra herds in Winter, Dream of a girl and you will win 'er. Dream of many, dream of all, But do not, my girl, Dream up your fall. *** When Irna awoke, she was still tired. She and Keitara and Skorm had spent the night in her home, a building nowhere near large enough for three people to rest comfortably -- although that hadn't mattered much for her. Irna had slept a child's sleep -- deep and dreamy, but of her dreams she could remember nothing, save for the sight of water lapping on a distant shoreline ... and the copper taste of blood. But she did not feel rested. Her muscles ached less now, less than they had since Metru-Nui had fallen, but it had still been agony to climb to her feet and get out the door. The sight that greeted her was not restful, either. Metru-Koro no longer burned, thank Karzahni. But it lay across the landscape like the jutting ribs of a carrion-picked carcass. It seemed impossible that all of that destruction had been the other day. Just as impossible was the quiet, now. It was then that she remembered the ship that had flown towards the village just a few hours before. It must have landed by then, she knew and, indeed -- upon a cursory inspection of the skyline, she could see the smooth silver hull peeking out above the larger buildings in the settlement. Slowly, rubbing the sleep and smoke from her eyes, the Zyglak crept her way towards it. She knew that it could be dangerous -- more Leaguers come for a second wave -- but something in her heart didn't allow her to take precautions. She had been struggling for so long. Irna just wanted to rest. But it was not dangerous, at least not superficially. A small collection of figures had gathered around the base of the airship: Ostrox and Nale, a man in auburn armour, a woman who seemed vaguely familiar from her time in the League, and a woman whom Irna felt she had seen in the battle of Metru-Koro. She approached the group cautiously. "...with Metru Nui under new management, I think returning with the news you bombed a village won't be met with as much enthusiasm at it was before you left. We can bring you back, under our escort, but we'll have to see what the new guy has to say about you," she heard Nale tell the presumed-Leaguer, before casting a look over to the man in red and adding, "What do you think?" Irna remained silent, sidling up next to the woman in white robes and bronze armour. But a single question burned in her mind: What has happened to Pridak? OOC: @Eyru @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Tarn @Onaku -Void
  9. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann The door closed to them, Parnassus turned to face Korruhn and Drukarus. Beyond even them, the Aspect could spy the limber form of Corrivalis lurking in the darkness, but Parnassus did not focus on him -- perhaps they still rankled from the Mimic's rejection of their offers the night previous, or perhaps they found this ivory nightmare and alien warskak to be more engrossing. Barius might have been the only one capable of peering far enough into Parnassus' mind to know for certain. "Hm," the Aspect said, looking from one to the next in turn. They had allowed the shades that surrounded them a little more freedom, and many had slithered off to the torches and lightstones they had once called home, or vanished like smoke. "What is it that the locals say? Left in the lurch?" OOC: @Sparticus147 @Crimson Jester @Unreliable Narrator @Nato the Traveler -Void
  10. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann No, Parnassus replied. There is darkness here ... and I do not understand it. It is young, yet it is old, also. Wild, yet tightly leashed. And I cannot find the source of it. It blankets the both of them. If Barius were to turn his head, he might see the Aspect's black mantle trace a single thread up to the hilts of their swords. He might see a tremor in the demon's hand as they looked at these two newcomers: this nightmare in ivory and this ancient demigod. Parnassus had not been shaken by the sight of a tahtorahk rising above the horizon. Nor even were they shaken by the nature of this new darkness that stood before the gates. No, what truly shook this Aspect of Shadow and Fear.... Barius, I know all my kin, Parnassus said. And I do not know them. OOC: @Burnmad @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester @Sparticus147 @Nato the Traveler -Void
  11. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann Parnassus matched pace with Barius, and as the warskaks around them gathered torches and lightstones to illuminate the path to the downed vessel, the Aspect gathered the dozens -- hundreds -- of shadows around themself. Half of the shades whipped and coiled around their legs as the great gates of Fort Nektann groaned open, black serpents collared by Parnassus' will; the other half crept up the Aspect's back and over their shoulders to form a mantle of darkness. It was not, perhaps, wholly necessary -- they stood flanked by dozens upon dozens of grizzled warskaks after all, and if that couldn't intimidate whatever fools crashed themselves here, little else could. But Parnassus kept glancing over at Barius who, still favouring the wounds from his battle with Boss, nonetheless seemed to glow with his new power. The Aspect had always considered themself a master of fear -- the Aspect of Endless Horizons, they were. Dauntless. But they remembered the glimmer in his desecrated's eye when the tahtorahk's roar echoed across the Wasteland, and they knew what that glimmer meant: With a power like that, what need does one have for Parnassus? Call it showboating, call it drama: but the Aspect of Endless Horizons would play second-fiddle to no one. And so, they would prove their own power, their own wonder and terror, to the leader of their warband. And so Parnassus, master of dawn and dusk, stalked next to their leader in the gloom, towards the poor fools who had landed in their grasp. OOC: @Burnmad @Sparticus147 @Nato the Traveler @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester IC: Irna | Metru-Koro "Kei--" It came out as a strangled gasp as Irna caught the falling woman -- she was so tired. All of this. This entire week, this entire day, this entire hour. The Zyglak lifted Keitara up in her arms like she weighed nothing at all. She looked over at Skorm, perhaps the only other person in Metru-Koro who knew precisely what she was feeling at this moment. She felt like the ground was spinning out from underneath her, the smoke that still curled up from her new home burning her nostril and clogging her throat. Her head felt fuzzy and her body felt light, like she could simply have drifted up with the smoke into the sky, gone, gone-- "We should get her back to my home," she said, the weight of Kei's body in her arms keeping Irna on the ground. She glanced back at Mazor and, hesitating, jerked her chin in invitation and added, "We all need rest." And slowly, wearily, cradling this strange woman who now, impossibly, seemed integral to her life, Irna made her way back home. OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Keeper of Kraata @Smudge8 -Void
  12. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann The Aspect led the Horizon's Call over to a spot on one side of the E Street Wagon. They noticed that the warskaks who had remained behind watching their movements with a sense of unease, or perhaps even jealousy at Parnassus' illustrious parking spot. The Aspect bared their teeth at the closest Skakdi, a lean silver-skinned man whose hand fluttered around the hilt of his sickle-sword while he watched the demon. Just for kicks, Parnassus allowed a scrap of their power to flit from their heart and into the warskak's mind -- and they watched as the warskak's eyes narrowed, and he stumbled backwards as though struck. Parnassus' smile grew -- they could practically smell his fear. They let the hoverbike settle to the ground, taking a long look at the rest of the warband, as though daring them to touch their property. Then, they made their way over to where Barius stood, and sidled up next to him. "A fine speech," Parnassus said. OOC: @Burnmad -Void
  13. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro That was when she heard it: the roar of another airship on the way. In a moment, her hands were already reaching for the bow slung over her shoulder -- she wouldn't hesitate this time, if danger was on the horizon. The airship was small, and seemed to be moving faster than the others that the League had sent towards Metru-Koro. But from the ground, there was little -- truly -- that she could tell about it. Unfortunately, that also meant that there was little to inform her of whether it was friend, or... "What is that?" she said, glancing between Mazor and Skorm and Keitara. "More Leaguers?" OOC: @Smudge8 @Keeper of Kraata @TL01 NUVA IC: Parnassus | The Open Road Parnassus trailed behind the newcomer, this ivory Skakdi in an ACR decorated with stylized flames. Even the Aspect couldn't make out what was being said over the wind and the sound of dozens of roaring engines. But whoever they were seemed to harbour no aggression towards them, at the very least. :Barius,: Parnassus said into the warlord's mind. :Do we know this one?: OOC: @Sparticus147 @Burnmad -Void
  14. IC: Parnassus | Ash Barrens As the warskak caught Barius' keys, and the terrible weight of his responsibility pressed down upon his head, a hand clapped him on the shoulder. Parnassus' hand. They said nothing -- just bared their teeth in the way that Boss had done so many times before. Some of Parnassus' teeth might even have sparkled with similar veins of mineral, for they never could recall all the materials that they had cobbled together to make this body. This smile, they hoped, would make its message clear: I do not fear Barius -- not as you do. Parnassus let go of the warskak and looked over to Corrivalis in the distance. They raised their chin slightly, another gesture picked up from the warband, an unspoken sign of understanding between comrades. The Aspect was already learning much from their time among the locals, and they were glad of it. It was, after all, only through them that the Seventh Seal would be broken open, and the true beating heart of reality bared forth. Only through them, and their love. Parnassus straddled their bike and took off, following Barius through fields of ash. OOC: @Burnmad @Nato the Traveler -Void
  15. IC: Parnassus | Ash Barrens Parnassus sidled up next to Barius, their gaze flitting between the shattered links of chain on the ashy ground, to the departing duo of Druukarus and Grime, to the visage of the warband leader himself -- trying to discern the thoughts within that massive skull. "Cheeky individual, that one," the Aspect said. "Reminds me of a certain someone, actually." OOC: @Burnmad -Void
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