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  1. IC: Irna | Outside Sans' Hut "Keitara," she said, looking the woman up and down, her brow furrowed, "are you feeling all right?" OOC: @TL01 NUVA -Void
  2. IC: Irna | Outside Sans' Hut "I ... see," she said, cocking her head to one side, but she did not follow her doubt any further than that. This woman might have been peculiar -- to put the matter lightly -- but it wasn't as though anyone in Metru-Koro was a stranger to peculiarity, after all. "It is a pleasure, Keitara. I am Irna, the sixth-born of Perror of the Northern--" It was then that Waveahk emerged from the Turaga's hut, bearing news of-- "An expedition?" she said. "Sans authorized one?" OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Toru Nui IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann "What does someone like me always have to offer?" Parnassus raised an eyebrow at Boss and rapped their knuckles against the hull of the Call. "And let's be clear," they continued. "I'd be after a full check-up of my baby here. Inside and out. Not to mention mechanical service from this establishment of yours from now to ... oh, let's say, perpetuity?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator -Void
  3. IC: Irna | Outside Sans' Hut As happened, the "back of the queue" was right behind Irna. Suddenly feeling awkward at this turn of events, the Zyglak hesitantly turned to face the newcomer once again and extend a hand out to her. "Are you from around here?" she asked. "I don't seem to recognize you." OOC: @TL01 NUVA -Void
  4. IC: Irna | Outside Sans' Hut "Excuse me, ma'am," Irna said, stepping up to the strange new woman approaching. "I'm afraid there's a queue to speak with the Turaga right now." OOC: @TL01 NUVA IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann "Friends, friends, there's no reason to fight over me," said Parnassus, who was very keen that people should fight over them. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad -Void
  5. IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann Parnassus glanced over at the first Skakdi to address them, and held up one finger as though to say, Gimme a minute here, my friend, before turning back to the Big Guy and grinning right back at him. "You're not one of mine, are you?" they said, tilting their chin towards one of the many -- many! -- kraata from this man's spine. "No offence or anything. It's not like I'm one to treat people like they're disposable or anything. But after enough people have come to you for a deal, some of them can, well, start to blend together a little." The Aspect waved a hand to the rest of the Fort. "You get it, right?" they continued. "Operation of this size, I can't imagine that you remember everyone you interact with on a daily basis." With that, Parnassus slapped the side of their hoverbike. "I've heard a lot about you folks as well, to be perfectly honest and reciprocal," they said. "Heard you folks are some of the best mechanics currently working. Now, my pride and joy right here is riding a little worse for wear nowadays, and I was hoping I might be able to bring it for a bit of once-over, you know? What that be all right, Mr...?" OOC: @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Gates Irna, having been left holding both the map and new task, watched the Vortixx run off towards the airship for a moment. Then, looking over at the remaining sentry and giving them a shrug, she made her way back inside the town. Tucking the map underneath her arm, she slowly made her way over to Sans' hut where, waiting outside the door, she spotted ... what was his name again? Wave-something or other. "Hello there," she said, giving the massive individual a small wave. "Are you waiting to see the Turaga as well?" OOC: @Toru Nui -Void
  6. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Gates Irna received the tablet gratefully. Sans, the leader of their camp, had become increasingly wary of exploratory trips in the past week, so their knowledge of the rest of the island was woefully deficient -- at least, in her eyes. Looking the rough-hewn map over, Irna tried to commit to memory the various snatches of information, all the while something nagged at the back of her mind about the whole.... "Hm," she said. "Looks a little like Metru-Nui, this place. Wouldn't you say?" OOC: @Harvali -Void
  7. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro There was something ... off about this individual. Something that prickled in the back of her brain. "I'd love to see these maps and such, traveller," Irna said, holding a hand out to the Vortixx. OOC: @Harvali IC: Parnassus | Fort Nektann "Ahoy, my friend!" Parnassus, shadows fluttering around their neck in the shape of poncho, steadily walked towards the garage where a massive Skakdi was busy at work, wheeling their hoverbike along next to them. Fort Nektann -- Parnassus had heard about the place from travellers on the road, and from the occasional zealot-to-be who made the trek through the Fau Swamp to the ol' Aspect homestead. But to see it up close.... "Wonderful place, wonderful! Real ... how do you say?" they said. "Salt of the earth, yes, yes." OOC: @Burnmad -Void
  8. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro Gates "We should talk," Irna whispered back. "The two of us. Afterwards." With that, she slowed her gait to allow Skorm to head off into the village -- and to Tekmo -- on his own, as she turned to face the Vortixx who had arrived. "That's good to hear," she said to the newcomer, eyeing him up and down, trying to parse out his intentions. "Are you just passing by Metru-Koro? Or do you intend to stay the night?" OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Harvali -Void
  9. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro "Skorm." She would have recognized him anywhere. That wasn't to say that the two of them had been close -- they had only ever gone on one mission together, even when they had both been on the same side of the war. But it would have been difficult for Irna to forget anyone from those couple of days. She had been thinking about them a lot, after all. The Zyglak straightened her back, trying not to show how much she was leaning on her glaive for support. She nodded to the sentry who had just spoken to Skorm, and they bowed slightly and gave her some distance, before she turned her attention back to her former comrade. "What are you doing here? OOC: @Keeper of Kraata -Void
  10. Name: [ Irna, the Sixth-Born of Perror of the Northern Continent ] Breed: [ Zyglak ] Faction: [ Metru-Nui Refugees ] Description: [ An average-enough looking Zyglak, standing about half a head above most Toa, with a long reptilian face, a powerful frame, and a tail. She wears a well-worn metal pendant around her neck depicting a broken hammer which has been welded back together — the Zyglaki symbol for Karzahni, patron of the unwanted. She looks a little worse for wear, fatigued and limping. ] Background: [ Once, Irna had been a soldier in the League of Six Kingdoms, hoping to achieve some great feat and bring honour to her village. But that was before she found herself part of an invasion force against the innocents of Metru-Nui. That was before she watched, helplessly, as a murderous god was given power over reality. Now, still reeling from her experiences in the former City of Legends, Irna has deserted from the forces of the Barraki — instead, spending her days protecting her fellow refugees, looking for a path to redemption. ] Flaws: [ Psychological Issue: Irna is fiercely loyal, both to her friends and to her ideals, often refusing to compromise either even when the situation necessitates it. Physical Limitation: Irna is still recovering from her confrontation with Mata-Nui, and so she no longer has the stamina or the agility she once did — instead, she finds herself increasingly relying on her prodigious strength and knowledge of battle to win the day for her. ] Powers: [ Primary Power: As a Zyglak, Irna is able to secrete an oil from her skin which can dissolve organic matter upon contact — she is, however, able to control when this oil is secreted, and the effects of the dissolution depend on the duration of contact, wearing off gradually once contact has ended. This dissolution can also be halted by the application of Irna’s saliva to the affected area. Secondary Power: Irna is naturally stronger than even a Toa, topping out just below the capacities of a Pakari. Breed Quirk: Irna is amphibious. ] Equipment: [ Irna carries a glaive, a dagger, and a bow with a quiver of arrows. All are coated with Zyglak oil. ] Name: [ Parnassus ] Breed: [ Aspect of Makuta ] Faction: [ Aspects of Makuta ] Description: [ A lean, mean figure, Parnassus may not be classically beautiful, but there is nonetheless something about them that is positively gravitic. A little taller than average, they are decked in finely-crafted but weather-beaten armour the colour of burnt red and ancient gold. They also typically use their shadow powers to form a ragged, fluttering black poncho and sunglasses for themself. ] Background: [ After years of making deals with worshippers from afar, maybe Parnassus had begun to wonder: What if the Aspects are going about this all wrong? What if they’re all too caught up in their own heads to figure out how to reach the ecstatic heights of the Seventh Stage? Maybe the trick to all of this to be out there — feet on the ground, amongst the people, amongst their flock. Or maybe Parnassus had simply gotten bored with twiddling their thumbs on the Kumu Islets, waiting for people to come and beg for desecration. Whatever the case, with a sword in hand and a motorbike between their legs, Parnassus is off to blaze new trails for the Aspects — and maybe even find a flock to call their own. After all, even a god can hunger for the open road. Even a god can want to be loved. ] Flaws: [ Psychological Issue: Parnassus’ narcissism — well-founded though it may be — means that they have difficulty viewing and treating their allies with compassion or, at times, respect. Physical Limitation: Without a physical form to house their essence, Parnassus is completely and utterly helpless. They are also built more for agility than raw strength — deprive them of space and their powers, and they are at a distinct disadvantage. ] Powers: [ Primary Element: Parnassus has the ability to create, control, and absorb shadow. Secondary Power: Parnassus has the power to manifest suspicion and paranoia in any nearby being — although not targeted towards Parnassus themself. Breed Quirk: Parnassus has the ability to perform desecration rites and attach kraata to an individual. ] Equipment: [ Parnassus carries a pair of scimitars in a scabbard over their shoulder. ] Name of ACR: [ The Horizon’s Call ] ACR’s Faction/Homebase: [ Aspects of Makuta ] Pilot of ACR: [ Parnassus ] Type of heartlight: [ Standard ] Physical Description: [ Similar in design to a motorcycle, but somewhat boxier in shape, the Horizon’s Call speeds across the Zakazian landscape by hovering, rather than wheels. ] Onboard Weapons Systems Options: [ Primary: A Fireworks Revolver Cannon built into the front of the Call, which can fire shells which explode into multi-coloured fireballs. Unfortunately, due to the size of the shells, the Call can only fire two of them before the cannon needs to be manually reloaded. Secondary: An Energy Siphon Harpoon, a harpoon attached by a cable to the Call which is fired into the hull of an opposing ACR and which progressively drains the ACR of power and siphons it into the Call. However, the Harpoon only functions so long as it is attached to the Call — if the connecting cable is severed, the Harpoon is useless. Afterwards, the Harpoon will need to be replaced and repaired. ] -Void
  11. IC: Irna watched Ostrox go, walking further and further away until he just ... was gone. Like a puff of smoke. How did it go, the story that they would tell around the campfire when the night sky was black and starless? O, that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into a dew. Irna could imagine the same thing happening to her. She could imagine herself turning to nothing but drops of water upon stone in the early hours of the morning, when the world was shiny and fresh and new. It was a better to be, she thought, than to be one of Lord Carapar's butchers. It was a better thing to be, she knew, than the woman who let a murderer become God. Had Pridak known -- when he had sent her and Mazor with the Krom Sphere? Had Metru-Nui known what slept beneath its Crown? Had the world known, and she had just never been let in on the joke? Oh, mother. What am I to do? Of course, the thought lingered -- she could stay here. On this beach, wherever it was. Until she died of old age, lost and forgotten. What would happen to her village, she wondered? Would they be all right? What would happen to Metru-Nui, and all the rest of the world? Did it matter if she ever left this place? "That is the question," her mother would recite, crouched low over the fire. "Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and, by opposing, end them?" How many more slings and arrows could she take? How long could she stay afloat in this sea of troubles until, raising her arms above her head-- "Mother," Irna muttered. And then, against her better judgement, she suddenly imagined her mother's blood staining stone in the dead of night. Her father. Her brother. All her family, all her friends, all her people. Dead at the hands of a Matoran, or a Barraki, or a Great Spirit. Hadn't she set out on this quest in the first place to stop that? To protect them? Wasn't that what all this was for? Wasn't that the vow she had taken? Irna reached up to her throat, and she touched the medallion there -- a broken hammer, now mended. The Zyglaki symbol for Karzahni, the god of misfits and outcasts. God of those who had broken against the waves of outrageous fortune -- and who put them back together again. She breathed in. She breathed out. She turned to the Matoran, Dume, and she gave him a solemn and respectful bow. And she followed Ostrox's path back to Metru-Nui. Irna, sixth-born of Perror of the Northern Continent, had made a promise, after all. -Void
  12. IC: Irna only just managed to suppress a snarl. "No," she said. "He gave it over to Mata-Nui." -Void
  13. IC: Something buzzed in Irna's brain -- a few words spoken, a touch on the shoulder.... "That was Mazor?" she said, furrowing her brow. "You must be mistaken, Ostrox. I'd only met him an hour ago." -Void
  14. IC: "Mazor?" Irna said. "Who's Mazor? -Void
  15. IC: Dume? She knew that name from somewhere ... somewhere.... "I think so, I'm afraid," Irna admitted. "I was in this chamber ... the creature who resided there claimed that it his mind ... and I broke through one of the walls to escape." She turned her head and looked out at the ocean. "He said he was Mata-Nui," she said. "The Great Spirit." -Void
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