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  1. Zamor. Hands down. Loved the idea, and loved the sets.
  2. The other day I decided to try and get another Toa Metru, because I only have one, and I realized, the sets (especially the titan sets) are beginning to die out. If your lucky enough to find one that came out before the year 2008, there is usually only 1-5 in stock, ant the very few that are in stock are very expensive. I have looked all over the internet, amazon, ebay, toywiz, and most of the time you get the message, only 1 left in stock! Order now! I actually was saddened, because I knew the day would come when you couldn't find any of the sets anywhere, but now I fear that day might be here.
  3. Welcome to BZPower! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

  4. Welcome to Bzpower! :)

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