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  1. I have never been more infuriated in choosing between two or more things, and I'm the guy who spent two full hours inside a Target store deciding between jeans that one time. I hope the one I voted for wins, though all of the entrants... all were amazing in their own regards. I want a Hewkii set like #1 portrays, really I do
  2. This has me wishing LEGO would release a Makuta "Mask Maker" set already. I like seeing Makuta in this form, and his bird companion is pretty neat too. I know it probably isn't intentional, but I'm reminded by Nivawk just a little bit. Makuta's bird pet/minion, serving him until it's time for lunch... or time to fuse. Whichever.
  3. The goal has been met- it's familiar, with the head, glowing red eyes, and spikes, not to mention that tail, and it's certainly unusual in terms of aesthetics. I like how the white continues all the way down from the head, and out to the tail. Is it armor, is it its spine? Either way, it draws my eye. I like that you were able to keep the dark red and the dark blue in the color scheme, though I wish you could have incorporated some dark blue into the torso as well. I know the original had the dark red dominating the body, but it seems a little strange just to have the blue in one place. I might be over-thinking it. I like that you kept the orange in the tail, and added the spikes. Makes the transition from white armor to orange a little easier I think. This guy is bulky, well-armored, very few gaps.. I like that a lot. Very solid. Plus, the tongue. I don't know why I like that so much, but I do. I wish there were some way to fill the gap between the two blade pieces used to make up the jaw, though. Something that bugged me about the original combiner too. All in all though, nice work.
  4. If HF were to be rebooted now, I don't think the whole 'upgrade' arc would be a thing, as it was the way to introduce us to the CCBS system in the sets. If they 'upgraded' now, there'd be nothing to really 'upgrade' too. Maybe taller forms, or accessorized armor, I dunno. I'd definitely want the whole Von Nebula thing to get resolved. Perhaps not along the same vein as Kalhiki (of Deviantart)'s 'Dawn of Evil' comic, but at least with a fleshed-out story that doesn't leave us with more questions than answers. And could you imagine how sick a Von Nebula titan set would look in CCBS? Especially considering the new, larger builds in certain sets (I'm looking at you, Grievous) as of late... I certainly can. I would definitely prefer a reboot. New canon, an actual storyline to stick to... and give us a few more female heroes. I liked Breez and I think there could be others out there with potential. I mean, yeah, they're robots, but... still.
  5. Dropship Pilot. Would've liked to hear his... or her.. story. Or Nex. Nex had a lot going for him, and instead.. Did his sets just not sell or something? Is that why he didn't appear past 'Breakout' in the sets? It's biting away at me.
  6. You found an actual use for those Vahki eye-head-shell-piece-things. That on it's own is commendable. Seeing that you've turned them into the launching element of a catapult.. that's even better. I really, really like this. The concept, the design... all of it.
  7. While I believe the original set to be 'feminine' enough as it is, I like the take on this with the exaggerated and armored-up features. I wish that it was a little more.. even.. up top. Perhaps shoulder armor or a technic plate of some sort to create the illusion of the neck flowing into the body, or vice-versa, as right now the completely level shoulders look awkward to me. But, I see 'WIP' in the title, so I imagine she's not complete yet.. hope to see what you do with her as she progresses! By the way, will you be attempting any other Protectors in this style?
  8. I like the makeshift 'skirt' on Lady Ekimu, and the aforementioned parasol works well here too. The trans-light-blue chest looks good but I imagine it'd look a little odd from other angles. It could use some 3 length gold armor on its sides, or at least I think that'd round out the area more. The Skull villains look like cuter versions of themselves, and I like that. The horns forward and the extra leg joint on Basher are neat, and I like the mini shield constructed for him(?). I wish he and Ekimu had the standard hands, as next to Grinder, it looks a little.. odd. Grinder himself looks neat. I like the custom crotch area and the added waist articulation, and that new armor looks neat as his chest. Not so keen on how slender he looks, but if that was the desired affect, then good work.
  9. Ooh, Kulta would be pleased. With that mask, anyway. The flat base looks odd but constructed it makes for an interesting display piece.
  10. To me, at first glance, this looks like Voltix and Vezon had a love-child. Vezon can hop dimensions, I can see that happening.. somehow.. Joking aside, this looks really cool, especially with that mask. I like the consistent color scheme, the electricity-spine is a very cool look, and the tubing is tastefully placed as said earlier. For a moment there I thought the arm with the electric-weapon in it was designed to flip around, like the Piraka in set form. Shame it can't, but the gun does look very cool. I suppose I would have liked to see a little more of that trans yellow-green in the legs, but otherwise.. nicely done.
  11. Oh man that looks fun! A few seconds of crazy firing it off at Skull Spiders and Villains galore, and then a few minutes of irritation picking up the pieces again.. but worth it, I'd imagine. I know the Okoto villager isn't orange, but seeing him(or her?) in the seat reminds me of a certain Onu-Matoran villager from way back when...
  12. I like that you've put those HF blades to good use on Kulta, it looks good alongside the shoulder armor and fits the whole 'spooky' theme rather well. Makes me wish that LEGO would use these blades in their future Bionicle sets as well. Kulta looks less armor-and-bones now but I like the way it turned out. And the modifications upon Scorpio(why no 'N', LEGO? Why?) improve his look dramatically. Her look? Its look. Yes. I question why the tail and the snapping contraption weren't like that before. It's simple and looks to work the same way, plus the poseable elements on the tail make it look like it'd have better reach, I think. Easier to snag a Toa's mask from further away...! The method for giving Scorpio the legs is simple but effective, though I wish the spikes-for-leg-ends were silver to match the rest of the color scheme. I also kind of wish that some of the translucent legs were replaced with bone-pieces, because while I like how the translucent legs look here, I don't like how symmetrical it looks, and tossing a silver bone onto one or two of the legs, making them full bone.. in my mind, that would be appealing, and go along with the 'undead' theme a little more, but that is only my opinion. Overall though, I like it, and I hope if you give the other Skulls moods.. I for one would love to see what you come up with
  13. Certo approves of these new upgrades. Oh, wait. :-P I like the color scheme used, and the Evo helmet seems to fit right in to the BIONICLE theme. I like that you used those swords and the Evo cladding too, but I feel like he needs some kind of container on his back for his sword-tubes to connect to. The way they look now, connected to the holes in the torso armor... looks a little off. Otherwise, great job.
  14. I agree that they come off looking a little bland, cut-and-paste perhaps. It would have been nice to see perhaps Kopaka with an ice shield or Pohatu with a pair of large claws, reminiscent of his pre-Adaptive-armor Nuva days. But it is an interesting idea nonetheless. I wonder, seeing as the Toa Nuva were built, not 'evolved' from Matoran.. would they be able to become Turaga? Hmm.
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