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  1. Thank you! I would have liked to have been abke to skip the use of silver and gunmetal, but sadly I don't have that big of a collecion I'm actually not the best at including functions either, but when I set out to build Compy I wanted to challenge myself, I'm glad it worked out so well Thanks! It is, from the perspective of the movies a bit big, but this guy is based on the larger of the two known Compy skeletons, and I think Jurassic Park based their's off the smaller one. (And as a side note, I'm a sir xD) Lol, I acactually considered trying to incorporate feathers, but I lack enough feather-like pieces. The tan shields came from the Thornatus V9 if I recall correctly, which is where most of my tan parts came from actually Thank you very much I think getting him approved on Lego Ideas would be a great prize imo tho if anyone from the bzp staff sees this a spotlight on the main page would be a cool prize too
  2. Greetings once again BZP! Long time no see. I've had this MoC in production for a while and it's finally ready to be posted (because I made myself say it was done) Lego Ideas Page Brickshelf Gallery and Imgur Gallery (these photos are from when I was working on him and are outdated, but still fun imo) I can't reallly say how tall he is as his hight varies a lot based on how he's posed, but the tallest he can stand is 2ft 7in give or take an inch. He is about 4 feet long from tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He is based on a Compsognathus Longipes, one of the smallest of the dinos. Did I mention he has a function? By pulling the Matau Hordika head lever on his back his mouth will open, let go and it snaps shut! Earlier on in the building process I uploaded a vid to brickshelf, but brickshelf doesn't do well with videos. It's in the Gallery if you wanna see it tho. His head does have some limited mobility to look left and right and this movement does not inhibit his function. He obviously weighs a lot, for what he is anyway, so to support him I built some legs somewhat inspired by how the new Toa sets have arms that don't flop around. The hip has 5 gears and a ball joint for quite a lot of friction, capable of holding the MoC's weight in most poses if I can balence him. To pose him I turn the X shaped gear thingy you see in the new Toa, it's connected to a different axle than the Compy's weight is on making posing easier but not taking away from the strength of the joint. His knee is supported by 3 gears (if you count the metru hip piece as a gear) and a piston. This can't hold as much weight, but it does hold quit well well fully open or closed and I have managed to pose him a few times with them part way. The knees are poseable like an average limb. His ankle is supported by 3 gears and a ball joint and is second only to the hip in strength. The ankles also turn on a separate axle making posing easier. I usually use the tail as an added support, but it is possible to stand him on just his 2 legs if you balance him right. Share it with your friends, family, friends of the family, your friends family, friends of friends, familiy of family, and any old random person you see on the street. If you're on any form of social media, spam post it everywhere you can. THE WORLD MUST COME TO KNOW AND FEAR THE MIGHTY COMPY! As always, should you have C&CC on any facet of this project it is most welcome.
  3. Thanks! The MoC was initially mostly black with some grey (including the chains) and I wanted to add some color. I used the Miru purely out of the want to use it and the color sceme worked itself out with me using almost if not all of my trans-neon green. The antidermis feel it gave was one of the reasons I decided to make him a Makuta. I never thought it'd be too odd for a Makuta to have a Miru at his disposal, or maybe even have shapeshifted it to look like one like Teridax made the Kraahkan look like a infected Hau. I've never actually put much effort into making a big broadsword before, I'm glad I pulled it off so well My dad actually bought Vezon and Fenrakk off eBay for me just so I could have the cloak. I'm really glad it worked so well (plus I got a new set I hadn't gotten before) Again, thanks for the reviews. I'll probably upload some more pics when I have the time. You're quite welcome, can't wait to see more from you. The Mask of Creation suits you well! Well, thank you again! It was no easy task winning it. Karzahni's still jealous. I've been quite busy if late so I haven't had time to take pics, but I will be uploading some more Kraazyk soon and I'll also be uploading what was going to be my second entry had I finished him in time. Many thanks. As I've already rambled on about a great deal, I worked a ton on the build and color scheme. Many MoCs were abolished in a quest for black pins and the like. The sword I am pleasently surprised by. In the past with larger MoCs I simply made something like a spear or some other hulking complex thing for them to wield, but here I decided to make a more elegent weapon and still have it be big enough for a titan to wield. It seems to have done it's job well. I had honestly only kinda thought about his appearance being a mix like that, but that is a good point. That may have been part of why I gave him the backstory I did. That and I'm in general a fan of villians with something they still care about. Kinda like Kahn in Star Trek or maybe Red from the Blacklist. Anywho, thanks all for the comments, 'tis a pleasure to have posted another MoC, it's been a while it seems.
  4. The third place winner has not replied to accept their prize (there's legal forms they need to sign). Once they do so, they will be announced.What happens if they don't reply?
  5. Thanks! The MoC was initially mostly black with some grey (including the chains) and I wanted to add some color. I used the Miru purely out of the want to use it and the color sceme worked itself out with me using almost if not all of my trans-neon green. The antidermis feel it gave was one of the reasons I decided to make him a Makuta. I never thought it'd be too odd for a Makuta to have a Miru at his disposal, or maybe even have shapeshifted it to look like one like Teridax made the Kraahkan look like a infected Hau. I've never actually put much effort into making a big broadsword before, I'm glad I pulled it off so well My dad actually bought Vezon and Fenrakk off eBay for me just so I could have the cloak. I'm really glad it worked so well (plus I got a new set I hadn't gotten before) Again, thanks for the reviews. I'll probably upload some more pics when I have the time.
  6. I agree that it seems a bit lazy to enter old MoCs, but I wouldn't hold it against someone if they wanted to enter what they may consider their crowning achievement. They did still put the effort to build it at some point. That some people put quantity over quality certainly isn't in doubt and a limit on the number of entries may have encouraged them to do a bit better. As it is a contest to build the ultimate villian, I'm not surprised that a bunch of Makuta MoCs were built. What other villian has been so stinking awesome in the BIONICLE (or imho ANY) universe? And while there are quite a few Makuta MoCs that are fairly generic, black/red/bat wings, Makuta are shape shifters, so there's room for an infinite variety of possible MoCs that could be called "Makuta". I think that there are some that pulled that off wonderfully. I exclude myself from the previous statement of course because including myself would be exceptionally arrogant. I leave it to others to judge how well I built my MoC. And yes, my entry is a Makuta, but that's only because I put my effort into the build and was admittedly somewhat lazy with the back story
  7. You're always free to do that. A lot of people have posted review topics to this forum. Where can we find these review topics? As Regitnui said, they're tagged in this forum. Go to BBC (this forum), and in the search box at the top-right, search for "BFTGM."I'm sure a lot of MoCists would love some feedback, the last day flooded the forum with topics and quite a few were buried and got little to no comments. I was tempted to add a link to my topic to this post but that wouldn't be appropriate. Oh, wait... Darn it. Please note that while that is indeed a link to my topic it is purely in jest. I do indeed mean what I said about those whose topics have been buried, I'm sure some C&CC would be much appreciated by everyone who put their all into these MoCs and likely feel disappointed and/or discouraged at the lack of comments. And while I admittedly feel that way to a limited extent, there are some impressive MoCs that have had no comments at all that I would encourage you to comment on before mine. I would comment on some, but I have not had the time. I say as I type out this super long post
  8. I am simultaneously disappointed and relieved that this guy wasn't entered very nice look. Tho I'll be honest, I don't think that those ankles would hold the MoC irl. To everyone else as well, I saw some truly amazing MoCs that I would not be ashamed to lose to. I had a lot of fun with this contest and from what I've seen so have most if not all of you guys. May the best of the best MoCs win. Or, seeing as this is a villain contest, may the best of the worst win. Haha
  9. Thanks. I do understand what you mean with regard to not looking like the average Makuta, fortunately I do not believe that that is too big a factor in the judging. Though to be honest, I wouldn't expect a member of a shapeshifting species to look like the average member of his species, especially after an unspecified ammount of time in alternate realities As far as the number of Makuta that have been entered, while I agree it's probaby over used, it is a contest to build the ultimate villain. What villain tops the Makuta for a Bionicle fan? Not every Makuta has to be black and red and look like a bat. And why shouldn't there be more? Are you saying it's first-come-first-serve on that? Personally, as far as MOCing goes, I really don't care what you call it as long as it looks cool, which this certainly does. Good work. See what I said above with regard to Makuta Anyway, thanks. I think he looks cool too Thank you, I put quite some effort into making the color scheme solid. I don't think any other MoC I've made has caused as many casualties among my other MoC's as this guy has in scavenging for pieces. I also used almost all of my trans neon green pieces.
  10. Makuta Kraazyk Entry Image Gallery (when public, obviously) MOC The initial design for this MoC was made a little while back. I was trying to make a humanoid figure with a lot more articulation than the average set. When I saw this contest I figured I’d take that jumble of mostly black parts and make it the best I could. He features the usual shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, foot and neck articulation. He also has 1 additional point of articulation in each shoulder, and 2 more points of articulation along his spine, although in filling out the armor one of those was mostly lost. I will likely upload more photos later to give more of an idea as to what I mean and how he's built, though I'm sure you geniuses out there have already figured it all out before I even typed this sentence. You clever MoCists you. Anyway, C&CC are more than welcome. The following is the back-story for the MoC if you care to read it. BIO History Kraazyk was the last of the Makuta created by the Great Spirit, and was often considered the least among his brothers. He did, however do his job of creating Rahi very well, having a tendency toward making more intelligent species as opposed to others who preferred fangs, teeth, and slime over brains. When Miserix allotted territories, Kraazyk got a small island to the southwest of the universe inhabited by Ce- De- Vo- and Bo-Matoran. On his first time on the island he encountered a Ce-Matoran attempting to escape one of Chirox' less friendly creations. After blasting the thing with chain lightning, he begrudgingly took her back to her village on the southern edge of the island. Along the way she called him a Toa, and although he replied that he was far beyond any Toa, she said he was still a hero to her. Over time this village became his fortress and he became quite fond of the villagers of the island, especially the Ce-Matoran he saved. That Ce-Matoran later became a Toa, and her armor was similar to the form Kraazyk had when he had saved her, but hers is a tale for another day. As the centuries passed he became less interested in creating Rahi and began seeking out legendary weapons, masks, and tools. Those that he did not give to the Brotherhood he kept for himself, eventually amassing one of the largest collections of rare and legendary relics in the universe. He also had an extensive library for research. When Teridax revealed his plan, Kraazyk sided with him once it was clear Miserix would be outnumbered. Little changed for Kraazyk after this, he continued seeking legendary items and caring for the needs of his little island. Along with the other Makuta, he purged his inner light, but due to the attachment he had developed for the people of his island he was unable to do so fully. A few centuries before the Great Cataclysm, Kraazyk found a legendary item beyond any other he had ever encountered. The Blade of Fate. Discerning it's power, he decided to have a talk with Teridax. Without flinching, Kraazyk explained the Blade's powers and demanded to know what Teridax was withholding with regard to the Plan. Teridax, knowing he could not hold his own against Kraazyk as long as he held the Blade, told him the Plan in it's true entirety, including numerous back up plans and the fact that all other Makuta would be eliminated. Kraazyk then made Teridax an offer, Kraazyk would keep the Blade, do all that Teridax needed for the Plan to succeed, and keep the knowledge to himself. Then, when the plan was done, Teridax would spare Kraazyk. Teridax agreed and things progressed as per usual, the rest of the Brotherhood never knowing of the exchange. When Teridax took control of the Universe he kept his word and did not kill Kraazyk. Instead Teridax showed Kraazyk a vision of his island being reduced to burning rubble by Rahkshi and then Teridax opened a dimensional portal and threw Kraazyk out of the Universe. Since then Kraazyk has been dimension hopping, trying to return to the one thing he actually cared about and exact his revenge on Teridax. His travels have taken him many places, and now finally to the "Okotoverse". Hearing of the legendary masks of power and believing them as a potential way to return home, he is willing to crush whoever and whatever gets in his way. Abilities and Traits Kraazyk has access to all the powers standard to a Makuta. He is particularly skilled with creating intelligent Rahi, such as Keetongu, Krahka, and Artakha Bulls. He has become adept at handling strange tech and materials due to his extensive multiversal travels. He trained with various Dark Hunter's and Toa in using a variety of powers through his Blade and is skilled in hand to hand combat. Kraazyk was known and despised by his fellow Makuta for being unusually honest for a Makuta, although he built up the reputation intentionally, making him one of the best liars in the Brotherhood. It is extremely unpredictable as to how he will handle any given situation, as he may charge in obliterating anything in his way, be patient and manipulative, or he may even assist others in order to earn their help. After being cast out by Teridax, Kraazyk was able to fully drain the light from himself. However, he still remembers the Ce-Matoran who called him a Toa and this has at times given him the strength to show some restraint, though he has never held back if he thought it would cost him a chance to get home. Weapons and Tools He bears the Blade of Fate, a sword crafted out of protosteel by Artakha and then exposed to energized protodermis. It is completely indestructible and will reshape itself if anything were to try reconstituting it. In battle it allows him to mimic with equal power the abilities of his foe, however it relies on his skill and training to use the abilities. It also serves as a source of endless power, thus making abilities that require large amounts of energy, such as shape shifting, much easier to perform. Outside of battle it allows him to see the destiny of another and know any secret they may withhold from him, though this requires an extreme amount of focus, he must be within line of sight of the subject, it can be blurred if he is emotionally attached to the subject, and it will not allow him to see his own destiny. He wears a Kanohi Miru, Great Mask of Levitation, as he often refused to touch the ground outside his own lands due to his arrogant nature as a Makuta.
  11. Idk if this has been asked, but would a casual reference to another intellectual property in the back story be allowed?
  12. I personally hope that the technic label indicates gear functions could be in some of the sets
  13. In all seriousness though, I hope they release something like the Toa Mata Promo Animations. I think that'd be cool and give fans something to talk about, but not give much away story-wise http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/Toa_Mata_Promo_Animations
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