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  1. Where'd you get that Velika doodle in your avatar?

  2. Oh my Nostalgia this is incredible! Almost exactly the perfect sequel (Or continuation) to MNOG that Lego should have done. I loved meeting the Matoran all over again and loved their unique characters, especially Hafu. However, I do have a small complaint about the Turaga, they seem out of character or just simply do not have any at all. All in all though, incredible! Keep on doing it, please!
  3. Given the evidence i'd have to agree with most of the others and say i'd imagine Orde would have a Pakari. With Zaria we don't have much to go on, but i'd like to think it was something stealth or deception based like the Mahiki or Huna. Being able to avoid the BoM for that long where his other brethren fell so quickly. Also the ambush, naturally you would pick Chiara for the Volitak but why Zaria? On the other hand Zaria was the one who planned the ambush wasn't he? Think about it, totally unfamiliar with the lay of the land, boom, finds the perfect ambush spot even before Gelu does. The Arthron perhaps? This would also explain his apparent ability to avoid the BoM by virtue of the fact he can sense them long before they reach him
  4. Neglecting the unique characters of Onua, Pohatu, Whenua, Onewa, and Nuju in the movies.
  5. I would think it would be obvious -- it's the shortening of the Matoran word for shadow, "Kraahkan." They're Shadow Matoran, so... Just like the Av in Av-Matoran is short for Avohkii. Just like Ba-Matoran is short for Garai.... Wait a minute.
  6. Hm, well the only surprise here is Fa, it's nice that we're at least getting some information.
  7. What? I'm pretty sure they reverted back to full Av-Matoran after they were cured. Granted it took awhile for the physical part to revert, but they all were fully cured. Canonically, the mutations were given to them by Mutran at some point after their light was drained - if I remember correctly. The mutations would thus not be reversed by the Klakk, but have no bearing on the topic of Shadow.A quick look at BS01 reveals you are absolutely correct. Apologies to Chro. Anyway, back to the original question, no they would not retain their shadow powers as they were a part of the shadow leeche's affliction that was cured by the Klakk
  8. What? I'm pretty sure they reverted back to full Av-Matoran after they were cured. Granted it took awhile for the physical part to revert, but they all were fully cured.
  9. As others have explained, the morality of the person does not affect his or her ability to use a Kanohi. The problem with Shadow Toa and Kra-matoran is that they're in a sense forced "converts". None of them were originally of the shadow element. Thus not only are they physically transformed but also morally, and there's literally nothing they can do about it. Every choice they make is deceit, murder and other horrible things. Radiak is a perfect example of this.
  10. Sorry for my evident ignorance in this, but where is that said as an absolute fact?
  11. Iruini's golden armor had no significance except for identifying him as a Toa Hagah (and protecting him, of course).I know, I was just commenting on the logic of basing an entire theory on the color of a Toa's armor.
  12. According to BS01, the Great Beings designed the Armor and then programmed it into the Ignika. Making the idea that the Ignika created the armor more likely, although the teleportation idea isn't totally implausible. But Lhikan just happening to have it is pretty out-there, it's hard to support an entire theory based on the color of a toa's armor.
  13. Interesting theory, though only based on the hue of a toa's armor. With this evidence, I could say Iruini had the golden armor. Again, I find this interesting, but far-fetched.
  14. What Electric Tuhrahk said, but this brings up another question. With the new story Element of the Red Star do the Zyglak truly die? The Great Beings and Mata Nui evidently gave up on them long ago, what if their hate of Mata- Nui and the Great Beings denies them a ride to the Red Star when they die?
  15. Weird thought: if Bionicle could reproduce, what would define the child's element?
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