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  1. Ghidora131, The Invisible Noob, Pohaturon, Turnipmensch, The Hero Nuva Kaita Nui thanks! We really appreciate your comments. =) We're on it. Hopefully the next one will pierce the heavens, if you know what I mean Well, yeah. That's the point. The Chosen One was given tons of unreasonable beating for making a bird instead of bug. It's just his vision, you know, and it looks really good. I never considered using more bionicle and technic pieces when making this one. I can't even say that I separate them from system anymore. I just use the pieces that seem to fit well, so I never question whether I'm using bionicle, technic or system pieces *i believe that some day i'll use znap and fabuland and this will be glorious... (ಥ_ಥ)* You need some motivation. Um, yeah... I left this little unity function though I've never tried it. So in theory, Ketar and Melum are able to unite. But it's just me, Tremah and Chosen decided to omit it for their own reasons. Idk, lol. We call it "The Hen"
  2. Hi everyone, Tora's here (aka Little Taggy) and today I'm going to show you the Elemental Creatures, which are part of collaborative work between me, The Chosen One and Tremah. Indeed, this was a really interesting and enjoyable experience and we're looking forward to repeating it again. We hope that you'll enjoy these ones as much as we do. =) Uxar, Creature of Jungle by The Chosen One Terak, Creature of Earth by The Chosen One Ikir, Creature of Fire by Tremah Akida, Creature of Water by Tremah Melum, Creature of Ice by Tora Ketar, Creature of Stone by Tora That's all for now, thank you!
  3. Oh man, I'm on the main page once again! That was so unexpected. Well, it took some time. Thank you Thanks! I might do that as well. It's been some time since I last read any Redwall book. I'm surprised by the fact that so many people remember Redwall ^^ Thank you!
  4. No coincidences, favourite book and character.
  5. Thanks! I love Skyrim, it was my source of inspiration.
  6. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last posted anything here. This is my self moc, Toa Taggerung and he is a viking. Before there are any questions, I had to glue his mask. Everything holds just perfect until you add whiskers, and when you do so, the mask bursts into pieces. Literally. There IS actually some friction, but not enough. You can have a look what the construction of the mask looks like without the whiskers (and glue) in my folder called WIP on Flickr. Other than that, there are no modified pieces except for some stickers, cloth and and two tiny pieces that seemed better in black rather in white. This is an older version of the moc. Click on the image to see the album, there's the new version as well. The new version. As a bonus, here's a mixel version of him. Well, that's all. Thank you all for your attention!
  7. There is none. Though if you push the mask a bit harder, it fits quite well there. Kinda like this.
  8. Guys, more pictures! http://vk.com/wall-976808_149049
  9. So i could what, bring home tons of protectors' masks? No, thanks. I'm not a big fan of this mask. Besides, I didn't know if they'd allow me to take this thing home anyway.
  10. Daler99, DeeVee, ToaDraco, Nidhiki of the Shadows - thank you guys! I believe that piece limitations are not a real obstacle when you've got tons of them.
  11. Oh wow, I'm on the front page. It's been a while since the last time I got there. Thank you, guys. Dragon11603, there're pieces of multiple types of the protectors. Andrew might have mistyped =) Anapouri, http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/17639-okoto-dragon/?do=findComment&comment=877761 joev14, I added just a couple pieces that matched better for this dragon later. The original version (made only of the protectors) is available by clicking the first link. Aanchir, thanks
  12. Thank you, guys! I also added some new pictures to the post.
  13. That's an interesting question. I tried to count and I think that there are at least pieces of 14 protectors of ice and water and some pieces from other protectors, like balljoints (there are 6 of them).
  14. Thank you very much! I'm not really used to building with ccbs but now I understand that all my limitations were all due to the lack of pieces. Oh yes there were a lot of protectors, about 150 in total. Thank you, G-Ray! I'm your fan by the way Maybe I'll make the instructions some day, but currently it's not possible. But here's the head instruction if you want http://m.imgur.com/a/vUHQa
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