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  1. I am back on BZP. I 've been gone for a month, so time to catch up.

  2. Granted, but it's Greek mythology that is diminished. I wish that there would be no more awkward wishes like the one above.
  3. Granted. Sadly, most of the posts are spam. I wish that I could erase all annoying commercials.
  4. No. I have seen it, but I like Psych a lot more. Correct, I am an orange. TPBM likes Portal 2.
  5. Granted, but, sadly, you choke on the fish and have to go to the emergency room. I wish I had a Ferrari 458 Italia that it made out of indestructable meterial and is completely thief-proof.
  6. Yes, yes I do. Not the "take over" kind, though. TPBM has an android cellphone.
  7. Correct. I have all of them. TPBM just woke up.
  8. Save the old version to a flash drive and move on to the new. Download FTP and then buy a month of full game after you have done the FTP content. By then you will know what you are missing, or are willing to miss.*Cough* That's illegal *Cough*
  9. Wish granted. But since I was concentrating on something else, so the penguin turned into a pterodactyle. And... it ate you... I wish that I didn't have to drive to the store today to get some croissants for breakfast. Be back later.
  10. Granted, but all of your friends don't like you because you are too handsome. I wish my new avatar would fit the full section that it is given.
  11. Granted, but your avatar gets fired from being lazy. I wish that my laptop had a touchscreen.
  12. Granted, but you miss dinner. I wish that I had telekinesis.
  13. Granted, but the game is boring and you beat it in an hour. I wish that Megatron would be real and be friends with me.
  14. Ankarus


    I guess I should have made that part clearer. XD
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