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  1. Doubt it would have helped. The only country this series is known to have aired in is the UK. Although I am thinking of getting in contact with Huw of brickset to see if he knows anything about it. He's been running that site since 1997. was talking about bzp
  2. It's something of a tragedy that the first 12 or whatever years of this site are lost to history. A personal tragedy, at least.
  3. did you look up a month old thread to tell the world you weren't wearing a shirt my shirt is a black crew drop hem.
  4. O V E R W A T C H V C E T R A W W A O T V C E H C T A W R E V O is really sick is anyone else playin lmao remember when this thread was alive
  5. its not a remake bruv they aren't changing a dang thing. the stupid mechanics just added to the games charm. rby are probably my favourite of the pokemon games but only because they're so outlandishly different from the rest of them. going back and nuzlocking a 1st gen game is a great experience and i've definitely replayed them more than any other game, despite starting at pearl.
  6. winnie the pooh home run derby. go try it and change your answers
  7. harrison ford was set anyways, how much do you think he made off the original trilogy? and indiana jones? and lets not forget that he's actually a well respected character actor as well and not just an action movie poster boy.
  8. but samus in spandex and upskirt peach is fine technically peach is just a black hole these days, although that's only the case for Smash 4. the implication of which is even more staggering than a simple upskirt camera angle
  9. but samus in spandex and upskirt peach is fine
  10. along with a huge weapons and class rebalance, and some additions to the armory. i'm more excited for the new pvp meta but sparrow racing sounds like it'll be fun to mess around with for a bit. update: sparrow racing is really fun!
  11. haha probably not a question of what board to put this on, but what site.
  12. once you clear it switch to a radsuit. i remember getting to the armory was a real challenge without a guide, one of the parts of the game i'd actually recommend one.
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