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  1. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility The Toa of Fire blinked twice, before shrugging, "Guess we aren't doing sneaky anymore!" She hopped down, and true to her words earlier, her muscle dense frame did not land quietly on the inside deck. "Oh, this one is different on the inside! Weird!" Kat looked around. "Where are all the people that make it fly? Shouldn't there be a bunch of people inside, like on Knichou's ship?"
  2. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility "I'll give it a try but I'm not very sneaky!" Kat said with a smirk before Kei broke down. The smile slid right back off her face as the Toa of light sank to her knees. "Whoa, hey, it's alright! You've been doing so much stuff, it's alright if you need some time to recharge!" She helped the Av-Toa up and placed a hand on each of her two shoulders. "C'mon, take a breath and center yourself with me, okay?"
  3. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility Still focused on what she was doing, Kat's response sounded almost distant, as if her words were detached from her body. "Hey, guys. I'm... just about through making an entrance!" As if on cue, she finished melting through the last bit of a roughly 1 bio hole in the outer hull. "Whew! There we go!" She said, standing back up and wiping the front of her mask. "Oh, wait, hang on." She placed a firm kick to the center of the circle, and it fell inward. "That's more like it! C'mon, I wanna get dinner when we're all done here!" She took a step forward and looked all but ready to make the short hop that would take her from the outer hull to the inside.
  4. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: IC Keitara - Taku: Kat felt her connection to those flames begin to grow strained, the ship she had targeted began to drop, quickly. Satisfaction bubbled up inside of her like magma in a volcano, but the sound of metallic reports made her aware that danger was quickly approaching from other sources. It was time to move on. Her heartlight and optics flared brightly as she gave the flames enveloping the rear of the ship one final push, and they blossomed outward before she relinquished control over them. She pivoted on one foot into a dead sprint toward the tail of the Taku, pausing only long enough to yank Keitara's shield from the hull, shove it into Keitara's hands, then scoop both her and her things into her arms and continue running toward the rear of the ship. "Wha!" Kei let out a noise of surprise as she was literally swept off her feet, her shield bundled against her. Concentration shattered, the Taku rippled back into visibility beneath Kathrine's feet. "Looks like it's gonna be you and me for a bit, Keitara!" Kat said with a grin as bullets whizzed blindly by, and she drew heat from the tiny projectiles, even as she threw her weight into every step. "R-right!" She stammered, a slight red glow suffusing her cheeks as the warrior-monk carried her toward the edge of the craft. Her improvised cloak whipped against her slight frame in the wind. Kathrine's frame radiated heat and power. The weary Av-Toa shifted her shield so its blades were in a safer position, then huddled close against Kathrine so as to be a more manageable weight. In a few seconds Kat had made her way from the nose to the tail of the airship, but never once did she slow down. "Hang on tight!" she whooped, taking two big last steps before powering a jump with both her Calix and a burst of flame that launched the pair into the air. “YA-HOOOOOOOOOO!” she cried as they sailed through the air, her leap carrying them toward the source of the flak that had been aimed at them, the Tranquility. Bursts of flame erupted from Kat as she made small midair adjustments until the hull of the League airship filled the space under her feet, and then she did nothing for a few agonising seconds. When Keitara was sure it was too late and they would splatter across the surface of the Tranquility, fire erupted in a roar from beneath Kat, and she shaped the heat in the air below them into a dense cushion of hot gases even as the blast of flame slowed them with a sudden and jarring ferocity, and Kat’s mask glowed once more as she touched down on the hull of the Tranquility hard, her legs bending deeply to let the force disperse. She winced, the landing had been a bit harder than she’d meant, and she was definitely going to feel that in her legs tomorrow. The impact jarred Kei, just enough for it to finally sink in that they were on a League ship. Synapses firing in her mind, Kei reached her palm toward Kat, then hesitated. Looking up, face still slightly flushed, she said "Um… dunno how to ask this, but may I lay hands on you? I feel this would be a good time for a cloak." Kat blinked, not really sure what the Toa of Light was getting at, but as she stood her up on the surface of the ship, she stretched a bit and replied cheerily, “Sure thing! I gotta cut into this thing to get us in anyway, right?” She rolled her shoulders and neck, breathed in, let that breath linger inside for a moment, then slowly released it, and knelt, producing a small, but intense and focused flame from her fingers. One more breath in and out, then Kat screwed her eyes almost shut, and pushed the flame toward the metal of the hull, where it sparked and lit up as the metal heated, melted into slag, and gave way in a narrow path as Kat began to cut a hole into the Tranquility. Kei nodded. Standing up, she once more locked her sore arm against her shield and placed her free hand against the Ta-Toa's back. Compared to disguising an entire ship, cloaking the pair of them was incredibly simple. Especially with Kat's labors generating plenty of useful light for her to draw from. Nice trick, Kei thought as she watched Kat cutting into the hull. Something to keep in mind. OOC: Thanks @TL01 NUVA for sharing this jam with me!
  5. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: As the immense power hit the Razorfish, Kat began drawing remnants of that energy back to her, anything that splashed away or punched through gathered like a living fluid in the air and twisted around, bent to the Toa of Fire's will as the sound of roaring flame echoed across the plains. Kat's heart leapt for joy as the Razorfish erupted into several explosions, but it sank slightly as the ship accelerated, listing and sputtering, but still airborne, and still headed toward Metru-Koro. But it was the furthest out, and Kat had time still. With practiced motions that one might associate with a Toa of Water, the flames spilling from the Razorfish coalesced, driven by the power of the young Toa, and dove toward the engines once more. Fire was an extension of her very being, and it responded to her whims, eagerly and without hesitation.
  6. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: The time was upon her. As the Taku drifted ever closer to it's first drop target, Kat set her sights on her own target: the already damaged Razorfish. She could see by the way it listed slightly that those things Knichou had told her about that allowed flight must have been damaged in some way. It was by all accounts, the perfect target. Kat took a deep breath and let it out, and turned toward the opponent. The miniature sun between her palms followed, and as she brought her concentration to bear, it seemed to shrink, and become brighter and more intense. She condensed the roiling ball of energy as tightly as she dared, and then pressed it just a little further. The Razorfish might be close by the standards of Airship combat, but it was still quite far for one lone Toa, even one of Kathrine's unusual caliber. Her breathing slowed as she made final adjustments to her stance and aim. She wanted to hit the big chute engines in the rear, but by nature of the angles involved, she would by necessity have to burn through some armor and other systems to get to them. Or so she supposed. She wasn't exactly an expert after all. She put her sights on her intended point of penetration, then moved it ahead a bit, making estimations based on the Taku's speed, it's path, and what she hoped was the Razorfish's similar speed. She could control the angle if she was a bit off, but the less direct control she had to imply on the path of the attack, the more effective it would be. Kat grit her teeth, widened her stance ever so slightly and at last, she let loose the terrible power she had built up with a determined shout. "DRAGON FLARE!" The energy was a cataclysmic display of raw power, a laser-like beam of white heat and fury screamed across space with a deafening roar that boomed across the wastes as Kat struggled to keep both herself from being flung bodily from the Taku and maintain the attack's tight, focused nature as it surged hungrily toward the rear third of the Razorfish, ready to burn and melt and tear through all things in its path, a path that Kat hoped against hope was true to her aim.
  7. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: "Keitara! Once.... once I let this go, they're gonna know we're here, so don't.... hold it any longer than you have to!" Kat glanced over her shoulder to the Toa of Light. "You can pull light from my fire if you need a pick me up, okay?" she said with a grin.
  8. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku Exterior: Kat listened. She heard. She grit her teeth. And she began to focus. Once more she pulled heat away from the surroundings, and the air inside the ship began to cool quite dramatically, the moisture in the air condensing on surfaces. The metal structure of the Taku groaned slightly as it released heat energy and contracted. The crew would find their breath becoming visible as vapor and the temperature dropped further, but never did frost form. Kat made sure of that. And at last, she let the power she held manifest itself. A white hot, roiling ball of sun-like fury formed between her hands, and as she fed the ball power, it began to grow. slowly. Kat exerted control over the compressed orb of fire, keeping it under tight control, but it grew all the same. It had to. and soon.... it would have to be released. The orb was now the size of a Kohlii ball, and it wavered and shifted as Kat fought to keep the tiny sun between her hands in check. "O-kay. It....it's ready!" @TL01 NUVA@BULiK
  9. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku Exterior: As the airship continued to rise, and Kat continued to build power, she opened her eyes. "Keitara?" She said, strain clear in her voice. "Can you ask down there if I can pull heat from inside? And also.....do you know where I should aim for on these things to take 'em down?" @TL01 NUVA
  10. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: Kat followed Keitara up the ladder as she continued to draw in heat from around her. The hull of the Taku became cold, wisps of condensation beginning to form as heat was drawn away and into the Toa of Fire. The air around Kat and Keitara however remained warm and comfortable, even as the altitude increased and the air thinned and cooled. Once up on the hull, Kat stepped in front of Keitara, "Do you mind if I brace against your shield?" She asked, her tone slightly strained from the concentration needed to move around and speak and contain the energies swirling within her. Keitara nodded. Kat stood before her, her foot braced against the shield, the wind buffeting her face, small flashes of cool in the warmth that surrounded the pair. Now she could concentrate. She closed her eyes. Her breathing slowed. In. Out. In. Out. With each breath in, power welled from deep within her very being, an immense firestorm pulled from her very body and contained. Focused. Shaped in the way she'd been taught and trained and had become so second nature to her that Kat never even thought about the way she drew on the Flame anymore. She called upon it and it provided. In. Out. In. Out. Power from fire had little to do with her physical abilities. Fire was a mental element. It could not be molded with hand and foot and body like ice or iron or stone. Nor was it able to strike invisibly and without warning like air or sonics or psionics. It, like it's opposite twin water, struck a balance of the elements. Both were powerful, and both would not hesitate to destroy their wielders if used improperly. She couldn't risk letting the ships see her attack before the time was right, so Kat extended her arms forward, wrists together and palms out, with her fingers arched. But unlike before, no roiling ball of fury formed between them. Not yet. In. Out. In. Out.
  11. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: Kat was quiet for a moment. An army? She supposed that meant that Pridak was indeed quite strong. Something in her stirred. A being in charge of an entire army of people? A warrior, even? the fire of conflict and battle flickered and danced within her Everyone here spoke of Pridak with a sense of dread, of fear. A grin slipped onto her face. Kat did not know fear of a strong enemy. Only the excitement of a tough challenge. She began to draw in ambient heat, pulling in power from the very air, pulling it in from where she could feel it outside, the residual energy from the day's sun still trapped in the air and in the rocks and in the metal. she eased it free and pulled it into herself, carefully controlling it and channeling it inward. "Hey Knichou..... I can take down one of those ships if you get me close enough. I'll go with Keitara outside once we're in the air."
  12. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Taku: There was that name again. Pridak. And a new one! Ehlek. So the fight ahead had something to do with the guy called Pridak? Kat supposed that Pridak was a bad guy of some variety. warlords had occasionally come to her island looking to dominate or control the monks there, but none had ever succeeded. The senior students and masters had always seen to that. She peered up into the sky, watching the other airships, including the one that seemed to be turning on the others. She wondered what that was about. she had many questions that she didn't have a lot of time for it seemed. But there were two questions that pertained to the matter at hand, so she piped up and asked them. "Hey Knichou, those ships are like yours, and need a bunch of people to make em work, right? but i know people from inside said not a lot of people.... well... not a lot of folks made it out of the crash. How are they making all four of 'em work?" "And that Pridak guy you keep talking about.... is he real strong?" @BULiK
  13. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Metru Koro > Taku: Kat didn't really understand what was going on, but the tension in the air was unmistakable. A fight was coming. As Iradra ran to catch up with Taja, Kat made her own explosive exit as she sprinted and leapt over huts with bursts of fire trailing behind her, making a direct beeline for the Taku. In fact is was almost no time at all before she'd returned to the airship. "Hey, I'm back! What's happening anyway?" She called out to....well to anyone who was around, really.
  14. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Greenhouses: "Huh? Oh, I'm ready when you are!" she breathed one last deep breath of the damp, warm air, and pulled in a little of the warmth from the air in, then let it out with her breath. She scooted quickly to Iradra, with a grin. "Let's go!"
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