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  1. IC Keeper - Tesara Markets: They hesitated. There had to be some ulterior motive for this Le-Matoran to seem so fearless when confronted with the insectoid monstrosity of their self. Keeper looked at the Matoran once more, taking the time to take them in. They were ordinary, but it was the flower that caught Keeper's eye. Something about it made them feel... Well it felt right. "Zzcertainly. Thank you for the company."
  2. IC Poly - Corridor: It seemed the Lim-In Rahk lived! For a time, anyway. The Lerahk spoke naught, but idly, a clawed hand found its way to a comfortable position, wrapped loosely around the hilt of a rapier.
  3. GM IC Icarax - Headmaster Office: As the last knock reverberated through the hall, the shadows seemed to grow darker and longer, until they enveloped the door with an inky black that even Rahkshi eyes could not pierce. Two massive red eyes appeared in the blackness, and Toxitora felt a pressure in their head, as if Icarax had deigned to squash every thought from the young Rahk's mind. His telepathic voice echoed in their head, a single, bone shaking word, "Speak."
  4. IC Luten - Oreius' Hospital room: She brightened, both literally and emotionally, and her palms clinked together excitedly a few times, before she too heard the footsteps and gasped before quickly dissipating, leaving only a very sporty Sanok upon the floor.
  5. IC God Twins - Gym: A different black and white contrast resided in the gym. Aza, having lost so completely during the assignment, was putting arrow after long black arrow through various points of a set of training dummies that bore remarkable resemblance to the team that had beaten them, with the dummy resembling Sliver herself having the most arrows painfully crammed into every joint and nerve cluster. Under her breath flowed a stream of swears and curses so florid and long-winded that even were this author permitted to, he wouldn't transcribe them. A way behind her midnight form stood the titanic alabaster giant that was better known as Ezec. He stood, observing, and giving his newfound abilities a test run. Ah yes, another source of wounded pride for the Black God. Her brother, a helpless unarmored kraata at the time, had leveled up, and she, who had been through everything he had.... Had not. Truly, there was no justice in the world to have dealt her such a hand.
  6. IC Keeper - Tesara Markets: Their head, chitinous and mandibles, shifted slightly to one side to catch sight of the stall in question. "...Ah. Thank you." IC Temujin - New Atero Parking Area: The Iron Glatorian finally made his way back to his stark orange and bronze vehicle and placed his belongings within the pack, before peeling open the canopy and clambering inside to begin powering the Orange Bandit up.
  7. IC Diode - Gym: "Well I think that went pretty well, all things considered. I mean sure we didn't come out on top, but we did really well in fighting!" The Electricity Rahks gave a genuine grin to his other teammates. "Nice job with that Dodge Rahkshi, by the way, Vlad." When the concert started Diode was initially offput by the suddenness and volume of the sound, but the nature of it... Suffice to say that Diode found herself subconsciously tapping his foot along to the song.
  8. IC Poly - Corridor: The Lerahk extended an arm, " Come with me and you will find ease for your troubled mind." Each word dripped with sickly sweet tones.
  9. IC Poly: A tilt of their head, before speaking. "We are Legion, for I am many." They knelt, leaning in and whispering conspiratorially, "You suffer, Omicron. I can help. I can set you free. I can show you the world through new eyes."
  10. IC Poly - Corridor: "Always distant, always running, the tiger striped Exxan," the Lerahk sang gleefully. "Walks the path alone and bears every scar along the way," they continued, before turning their attention to the fallen Epsilon. "A turn of heart at journeys end. Traitor or Messiah, who can say? Certainly not he, who ends from his change." They cackled once more before slowly turning their gaze upon Omicron. "And at last, the broken spirit. In need of mending, but with naught thread or needle to perform the act. Fortuitous that you have come to a tailor with generosity and cloth to spare~"
  11. IC Keeper - Tesara Markets: Their antennae waggled in distress. This one asked so many questions.Too many for Keeper's tastes. "I am zzsearching for Bula Berrieszz to purchaszze," they explained. IC Temujin - New Atero Streets: The iron man paid little mind to the Rahi, pausing only long enough to shoo the little thing off his leg, "Leave that alone now, you little scamp!" He spoke cheerily before continuing his journey to the Parking sector.
  12. IC Poly - Corridor: A dry cackle sounded from above the trio, and were any of the gathered bunch below to point their gaze skyward they would see the crimson eye glow and sickly metallic green of a Lerahk clinging to the ceiling by claw and foot. "Salvation, salvation. You need it, and we have it. But who among you is worthy of it?" They spoke, releasing from the ceiling and dropping to the floor with a dull clank of metal on stone.
  13. Don't forget all the rahkshi running loose on Kentoku now
  14. GM IC: The assignment, after a long and difficult set of scrapes, dealings and outright battles, finally ended, with final victory going to Crate's team in a surprise turnaround that was as much luck as skill on their part. After bickering endlessly in a safehouse, they had managed to settle their differences for the duration of the assignment and had managed to avoid combat for most of the part before encountering what remained of Sliver and Diode's team battling it out. In all the chaos the fresh pair managed to beat the other two teams, weary from their own battles to claim the coveted final spot. With all the excitement over, life returned to normal in the dimly lit halls of Corpus Rahkshi... OoC: This assignment is now over. Any remaining players that wish their character to receive a level up from this assignment are free to do so. The outcome of most ongoing fights is generally considered a noodle incident with the noted exception of Percy being eliminated by Vlad, and Team Wiggler all being eliminated (despite their valiant efforts) by Sliver's team.
  15. IC Tirkah - Capstone Bar, Cliffside: The Glatorian of water stared at the fallen agori. "Did you just kill him?"
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