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  1. IC Katrin Nuva- Kini Koro: Kat was pushed back and against the wall, as the venom worked it's effects upon body and mind. She stumbled over, barely catching herself against the wall as she said down it, and the world before her eyes swam and spun so ferociously that she was forced to screw them shut to keep her senses intact. Even so, everything felt clouded again. She heard the door of the hospital open, as responders and worried workers came out to help. She waved at the direction of the sound, "Stayye awae...! Poyzin!" She called out, hoping her words could be made out.
  2. IC Katrin Nuva - Kini Koro: Distracted by the roar, and also by her own attempts to pull heat energy from what little sunlight peered through the rain clouds, Kat was unfortunately a second too late in noticing the glob that splashed over the village. Were she not injured, it would have been trivial to avoid, with her Calix ability and her own powers. As it was, all she had time to do was cover her head and call out the danger to her companion. "Jutori get down!" IC Drokk - Water Suva After a moment of long deliberation, Drokk waded back into the water and turned the glowing portion of the stone toward the partially covered carvings, trying to shed more light on them. @Tarn @Eyru
  3. IC Katrin Nuva - Kini-Koro: Kat followed Jutori, assuring anyone that came between them that she just wanted a little fresh air, and she definitely was not trying to sneak out to train this time, and that after all, someone needed to look after herself and Jutori, so who better than each other? Outside, th rain seemed to have died down, and the few small drops that remained cast the toa of fire in glittering droplets that soon evaporated from her body. And then the roar came. It sent a cold shiver down her spine, but she cracked a grin all the same. That roar sounded big.
  4. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: "Yeah, I think I can get it." She stepped over, making sure Jutori wouldn't fall without her support, and hefted the hammer with a grunt. "You sure you wanna bring it?" @Tarn
  5. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: "This storm does seem pretty weird. Let's go see what's going on, at least, huh?" She gingerly got up, and offered a hand to Jutori. Pain still worked through her, but she'd laid in bed long enough to at least walk a little bit. @Tarn
  6. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: "Now hang on a sec!" Kat exclaimed, extricating herself from the tangle of blanket. "You made all this stuff, can't you make a mask of healing to give to the doctors here? Then we could be fixed up in no time, and you wouldn't have to worry about salience!" @BULiK@Tarn@Onaku
  7. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: "Jutori's right, besides, it's our duty as- whoa!" The blanket had gone unseen by kat, who'd made her way roughly half way out of the bed. The unexpected weight pulled her and she overcompensated, ending up falling to the floor in a tangled mess of fabric and limbs. "Ow! Where the heck did that come from?" @BULiK@Tarn@Onaku
  8. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: Kat didn't really know the specifics of what a skyscraper was, but the connotations were clear. Something big was coming. Something she should help with. And well. The word Tahtorak was pretty clear. She'd only ever seen pictures of such creatures on her island, and she'd sadly not gotten the chance to go see the live exhibit in the archives before the world ended. The confusion came up here. as far as she knew, Tahtorak were big, but not big enough to scrape the sky? Then again, the people of Metru Nui generally seemed to know more about things than she did. So being, she struggled to get up once more, pushing past the pain of her wounds. "Knichou, wait! If there's a big danger coming, I can't just sit around in here, I gotta help!" @BULiK@Tarn@Onaku
  9. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: "Oh, I love rain storms!" Kat exclaimed. "I used to run around outside whenever we got rain back home!"
  10. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: "I like it!" Kat agreed. "Onaku. Oh hey, maybe we should hold a Naming Day ceremony for you!" The Toa of Fire made to sit up energetically, but winced as her body reminded her in no uncertain terms that she was in no condition to be moving around just yet, and she gingerly laid back once more. "I hope to be up and movin' again soon, but the docs said I might have to be here for a while." She grimaced, "Sure don't like just waitin' around though. I should be out there. using my new power to help folks, y'know?" @Onaku @BULiK @Tarn
  11. IC Katrin Nuva - Hospital: Much of Kat's swelling had been reduced, and her bones had been set, the respective parts of her body set in either bandages or casts. She had a new mask on, but she didn't yet know what. the bruising had mostly been fixed. the world still swam from time to time and she looked and felt weak as she lay in her bed. But through it all, she offered a friendly smile to Knichou and Nale, "Hey guys! Oh, and Arkius! How're you holding up?" @Onaku @Tarn @BULiK
  12. IC Drokk - Water Suva: The fe-Skakdi sighed. It was much as she suspected. Whatever ancient guardian had resided here once was long gone. No artifacts of their time seemed to remain within the tower. But the shrine was clearly important, and there was an air of reverence in the atmosphere. Drokk hesitated for a moment. This was not a place for her people. It was a place of matoran build and worship. But her people needed clean water. If she was going to find anything, it would be here, in this long forgotten temple. So she mumbled a prayer to her ancestors, and as gently as an old Skakdi could, she stepped into the chamber proper, scooped up a small handful of glowing algae, and peered around, examining both the dome like structure in the center, as well as the carvings in the walls, using the bits of luminous plant matter in her hand as a sort of torch. @Eyru
  13. IC Drokk - Tower of the Water Suva: Nothin up here, and no one to come down and disturb her. the view was grand, but Drokk could not appreciate it with her mind elsewhere. The great carving elicited a grimace. her people and the matoran tribes had rarely interacted, her own people out of lack of need or disdain, and the matoran for reasons Drokk could not begin to guess at. Either way it made no difference. The Rigger's outpost being gone was news, however. They had been a powerful tribe. With a sigh, and no small amount of creaking of both stairs and her own joints, Drokk made her way back down to the ground floor, and then down to the lower level of the tower. @Eyru
  14. IC Drokk - Suva Tower: Perhaps those legends held some truth after all. Someone clearly lived here at one time. The stairs down could lead to a dead end where she could be cornered. Better to go up first. The Skakdi Matron gently tested each step as she ascended, making sure each of the decrepit steps would support her weight before taking it upward. @Eyru
  15. Things were going very well for Nova. They were making good time, and keeping the enemy on the back foot. But all battles have an ebb and flow, and the tide came quickly and fiercely to bear upon the team. For Artur and Julia, a banshee slipped “under’ their Booster frame, and a wash of plasma drained their shields before a fuel rod vaporised the entire nose of the small craft. Radiation and electrical feedback danced across Julia’s armor, her armor locking up. Her visor polarised completely and her comm unit fried. Artur was left more or less alone, with a booster frame that no longer functioned, a pilot that could not respond, and several hundred kilograms of explosive ordinance that may as well be a sitting duck for the banshee that was already swinging around for a second pass. It was Spartan Herrera who ultimately made the ultimate sacrifice, however. The wash of plasma fire that caught his Frame’s ‘wing’ boiled away the maneuvering pod and cooked off several of the warheads on the strut, sending the former Bullfrog spinning. Miguel did not quit. His entire right side was scorched from the explosion, and his HUD let him know in no uncertain terms that his suit had been breached. Pain told him that his body had similarly been breached, bits of shrapnel digging into him, and breathing gave a hitch as the soft tissue of his lungs caught on the edges of a broken rib. Automatic seals kept oxygen in his lungs, but parts of his body were still exposed to vacuum, and he felt the decrease in temperature, as heat slowly began to be leeched from his body by the bitter temperature of space. The burning sting of biofoam filled his veins and cavities, a familiar but unpleasant companion. Far worse was the feeling of ebullism in the exposed sections of his body. His armor had bought him time, but not enough of it. There was a grim certainty he’d be dead soon. Shock came for him, and after that, stuck in the vacuum of space, he’d die. But Miguel did not quit. The certainty of death did not sway him from his task, nor did it quell the fire within his soul. He would die. And they would die with him. After a breath and a cough that was more blood than saliva, he opened TEAMCOMM, “Nova 2-1, 2-3, I’ve been hit bad, but I’m clearing the lane for you. Make it count, buddy.” Managing to turn the frame toward the corvette’s hangar, he threw the throttle wide open, loosed the remaining warheads on the left spar, then let go. The doomed booster frame screamed into the hangar, taking a few of the defending Kig-Yar with it, and then enveloped the entire hangar in flame as it impacted. The explosion set off fuel tanks stored in the hangar. But Miguel did not quit. Having jumped from the craft before impact, the proud son of New Toledo drew his side arm and began making work out of exterminating every living thing remaining in the hangar. 12 rounds. 14 dead jackals. He was peppered with plasma burns now. But he did not quit. The blunt forces of the Magnum’s frame netted him two more kills, and it’s mangled remains were thrown at a third, and then his knife came into play. In the end, Miguel Herrera was personally responsible for the deaths of over 100 enemy combatants before plasma fire overwhelmed his broken body, and he fell. To the very end, he did not quit.
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