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  1. IC Katrin of the Flame - Earth Ruins: The monk of Fire managed to pull herself away from the carvings in time to hear the Administrator's response to Jutori. "Died servin' his people.... wonder what it was that killed him then...?" She shook her head, and looked to the others, "Well, now what? We're supposed to earn new powers, right? How do we do it?" @Onaku@Tarn@pokemonlover360
  2. Music IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: Upon entering the chamber, Kat was struck by the change in the atmosphere. The air felt.... different, as if charged with energy, waiting to be unleashed. The strange machine in the middle of the room was interesting, but Kat found herself drawn to the carving on the far wall. "Nuva...?" She asked, absently, and she reached out to touch the carved letters, tracing them with gentle fingers. "What.... what does Nuva mean?" @Onaku@Tarn@pokemonlover360@Eyru
  3. IC Drokk - Ash Barrens: After some 30 minutes, Drokk sighed and relented to the inevitable conclusion. She was going to have to make a boat of some kind to get across to the tower. She could not make a bridge large enough to cross on foot, she was not skilled enough to simply float over on a bit of iron, and despite her efforts, the Sea had no powers of its own to seal away to ease passage. She grunted and turned away from the coast, concentrating. she had seen many boats in her life, had come to this place on one, many, many years ago, and had been on and around her fair share of the craft. Surely, she could make one that was seaworthy enough to make this short crossing? with a snort of air, she smacked the sand, and iron flowed from her gauntlets, slowly but surely shaping itself as if alive into a a crude dingy. A single beam made up it's keel, curving up at both ends, a rim of metal, hollow to keep the weight down connected the top of the curved portions of the beams. And at last, the beam warped and stretched, forming into a thin sheet on each side to complete the makeshift craft. Drokk exhaled, and she raised her hand, and then struck the earth once more to form an oar. Truth told, she wished she'd been a Bo-Skakdi. Wood was easier to make a boat with. But she was not, and there was no point dwelling on things that could never be. With much fuss and noises from various parts of her body, Drokk managed to push her tiny vessel into the water. It rode high in the water, unleaden with her weight, the waves nearly throwing it back onto the beach. Drokk grit her teeth, careful so as to not damage the carvings, and pushed one final time, before stepping into her boat. It sank lower in the water, but to her satisfaction, did not capsize or slip under the level of the water. She raised her oar, and began to paddle the dingy toward the tower....
  4. IC Drokk - Ash Barrens - Coast: The walk back was long, and arduous, but not overly complex or interesting. The Fe-Skakdi Matron stood now on the beach, staring out at the water, and beyond, to the tower. She was not a boat builder, and there was no wood in a condition usable for such things even if she were. She frowned, pondering her problem and what possible solutions she could use to solve it.
  5. IC Katrin of the Flame- Earth Ruins: "We did okay on the first one, I'm sure we'll do great on the other ones, too!"
  6. IC Katrin of the Flame- Earth Ruins: "Great job, guys!" The monk called, and with a whoop of joy, she leapt from her spot on the crystal, turned over once in the air, and just before dropping neatly through the hole, yelled, "Last one through is a Makuta-fish!" Once she had passed through the hole, she let a burst of flame erupt from her feet and hands, to stop her fall, and then another that sent her toward the open door that lay beneath the floor. @Onaku@Tarn@pokemonlover360@Eyru OOC: LEAP OF FAITH
  7. IC Katrin of the Flame - Earth Ruins: "Whoa Arkius, what are you- wait what? The floor is see-through? How did you guess that?" Kat didn't leave her position, but at Kilo's urging, she hopped up onto the crystals around the gear she had been next to. She was very confused, but trusted her friends judgement. @Onaku@pokemonlover360@Tarn
  8. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: "Huh? Giving up, what do you...." Kat looked around the room again. "Wait... this is the door we came in, huh?" She walked back toward her gear, and scratched her head. "But we lined up the reflection, I wonder why it didn't work.....?"
  9. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: "Woo-hoo! We did it, guys!" The young monk cheered, jumping once in the air(quite a high jump, at that) with joy. "Hey, maybe I'm not as bad at puzzles as I thought, huh?" she said with a laugh. "You're probably right, though! There wasn't much we learned in the Order, besides the lessons of the Dragons. What other things did he do? You said he had a bunch of accomplishments!" She released the lever, and began to walk to the now open door. @Onaku@Tarn@pokemonlover360@Eyru
  10. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: "Oh, I'm sorry." Kat looked around the room, and noted that there were four of those gears. "Hey guys, there's four of those gear thingies, and four of us! why don't we all try movin' em together!" She moved over to one, and gestured to the others to do the same. As she went, she addressed the Administrator again, "If it's not too much to ask, can you tell us more about Onua?" @Onaku@Tarn@pokemonlover360@Eyru
  11. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: "Aww.... why not?" The young Toa of Fire asked, with just a hint of a whine. @Eyru
  12. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: Kat looked around, clearly impressed, "Whoa! This place is pretty incredible! Look at those crystals! And the floor!" She gazed down at it, bending right over at the waist, her mask almost touching the glossy surface. She blinked a couple times, before standing back up with a frown. "That's weird, it's reflective, like water, or a mirror, but I can't see myself in it! Onua must have been a pretty smart guy to make a place like this! Hey, Administrator, what's this Onua guy like, can we meet him?" @Onaku@Eyru@Tarn@pokemonlover360
  13. so fighter MCs are pokemon. they battle only under instruction
  14. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: "Wai', 'ere're puzzles?" Kat asked around a mouthful. a look of concern crossed her face, and she swallowed. "I've never been very good at puzzles, are these ones really tough?" @Onaku@Tarn@pokemonlover360
  15. IC Katrin of the Flame - Ruins of Earth: Kat followed the others, chewing happily and giving a half decipherable thanks to Arkius as she went.
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