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  1. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Metru-Koro: The warrior-monk paused a moment as she entered the village, disheartened by the destruction around her. huts and communal buildings lay in ruin, people's livelihoods reduced to so much ash and rubble. Here and there were bodies, the stubborn few who hadn't evacuated for one reason or another, or even the ones who'd volunteered to help defend the village. Her despair began to give way as a righteous anger bubbled up from within. the air around her began to heat up, the cool desert night becoming warm once more. These people had simply wanted to live and survive in a new world that they'd been thrust into! Why would people from the same world they'd inhabited want to cause this kind of senseless violence?! They were all stuck here together, weren't they?! She simmered in her indignation for a moment, before continuing deeper into the village, Still carrying Keitara in her arms.
  2. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Metru Koro Outskirts: "They gave up? That's a relief! Well c'mon guys, let's hurry up and get back!"
  3. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Wastes: Kat raised the temperature of the air around Keitara slightly as the slight Av-Toa shivered in her arms. As unconsciousness took the Toa of Light, Kat shifted her slightly so as to more effectively carry her.
  4. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Wastes: She frowned and sighed, throwing her head back in frustration but also just to stretch her neck. And that's when she saw something..... very strange. A star vanished. Kat blinked a couple of times, making sure she hadn't just imagined it but.... no, it really had gone dark. That was weird. But there was time enough for that later. The Toa of Fire gave Irna a small nudge to signal her impending actions, then began to turn and head toward the village, still carrying Keitara.
  5. i'd be perfectly happy with a limit like that for a concept like this collaborative fight writing sounds like a good time.
  6. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Wastes: Kat didn't recognise the language either, but she knew the group couldn't just stand around trying to get something out of that guy. "I'm not really the 'in-charge' sort of gal, but.... why don't we make our way to the village? They took kind of a beating, and people might need our help there."
  7. would it be mandatory to play both a bookie and a contestant or could the fighto crazy of us just opt to be pawns in the grand scheme of things and just play the fighters?
  8. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Wasteland: With the weight of Keitara in her arms, the dull fire of exertion in her muscles, and the shifting sands beneath her feet, Kat's progress to the others was slower than she'd have liked. Above her, behind her, the rage of battle continued. He spirit burned within her. Aching to take part in the clamor of battle, despite her body's disagreement. But they were too distant, and she was too small. But a flash of light and a resounding, thunderous noise that engulfed the land and shook her entire body with it's power stopped her in her tracks. And with it, inspiration struck. A fleeting memory of Lhii speaking to her about an old Master of Elements. A reclusive and powerful being that had according to some legends, granted the First Toa their powers, so many millenia ago. Kat had never put much stock into such things, but then, she had never known much outside her own island and this new world was vast and strange. If she could hold the power of two elements... maybe she could have stopped the ship properly. Maybe she could have been fast enough to save Farah on her own, and Reson wouldn't have had to go with those skakdi. She frowned. A dark thought crossed her mind that Reson... might not have made it after he'd left with them. She started walking again. Tears came to her eyes, hot and unbidden, and she angrily blinked them away. What use was all her unlocked power if she couldn't keep the people who relied on it safe? Was it her own failings? Was she simply not worthy of the abilities she'd been graced with? As the echoes of thunder began to die, she felt a resonating pull in her spirit. No... in a strange world such as this, she had to adapt and change her thinking. If there was a way to gain the power that she was looking for... she would find it. As She finally drew close to the Others, her own heat had dried her tears.
  9. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility: Abandon her? That line broke through Kat's conscious.Why had she even said that? Her allies abandoning her was the furthest thing from her mind. Of course they weren't going to abandon her. Or anyone! She shook her head slightly at the ridiculousness of it, but flashes of light caught her eye. Metru-Koro. The ship she'd disabled. It was still working, and still firing at the village! The raging inferno flickered, and faltered as her heartlight dropped into her stomach. Her attack had at best slowed the ship from it's mission. An idea breifly went through her mind, but the other airship was too far into the airspace above the village. Kat blew out a frustrated sigh, then reached over and took hold of Keitara's arm. "Alright, let's get out of here!"
  10. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility: With the howl of wind and the roar if her own fire, Kat could barely make out Keitara's words.she did not falter, only shook her head stubbornly. "I can stop it! I just.... Need the engines to stop.....fighting me!" True to her words, the airship was slowing. But Keitara would be painfully aware that it wasn't slowing nearly fast enough.
  11. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility: As the ship lurched downward, Kat stumbled and flailed her arms slightly trying to keep her balance, which made her entrance into the room less than graceful. Once she found her footing, she looked ahead, and the color drained from her mask slightly as she realised they were approaching the ground at a fairly fast rate. "Oh, karz." She turned her forward stumble into a leap as she cleared the room and landed on the front view port. A quick breath in and out to center herself. "I am super gonna feel this tomorrow," she muttered to herself, as she torched a hole in the viewport. Wind began blowing in through the opening and Kat squinted as it blew past her face. Another breath in an dout. Power welled from deep inside her and she threw both arms downward toward the opening and let it go. an inferno roared from her hands as she pushed against the inexorable grip of gravity and inertia.
  12. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility The Toa of Fire blinked twice, before shrugging, "Guess we aren't doing sneaky anymore!" She hopped down, and true to her words earlier, her muscle dense frame did not land quietly on the inside deck. "Oh, this one is different on the inside! Weird!" Kat looked around. "Where are all the people that make it fly? Shouldn't there be a bunch of people inside, like on Knichou's ship?"
  13. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility "I'll give it a try but I'm not very sneaky!" Kat said with a smirk before Kei broke down. The smile slid right back off her face as the Toa of light sank to her knees. "Whoa, hey, it's alright! You've been doing so much stuff, it's alright if you need some time to recharge!" She helped the Av-Toa up and placed a hand on each of her two shoulders. "C'mon, take a breath and center yourself with me, okay?"
  14. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Tranquility Still focused on what she was doing, Kat's response sounded almost distant, as if her words were detached from her body. "Hey, guys. I'm... just about through making an entrance!" As if on cue, she finished melting through the last bit of a roughly 1 bio hole in the outer hull. "Whew! There we go!" She said, standing back up and wiping the front of her mask. "Oh, wait, hang on." She placed a firm kick to the center of the circle, and it fell inward. "That's more like it! C'mon, I wanna get dinner when we're all done here!" She took a step forward and looked all but ready to make the short hop that would take her from the outer hull to the inside.
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