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  1. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Refugee camp: Enough boats for everyone?! "I uh.... I mean I guess I've seen a few more here and there, but it'd take some doing to get them water worthy again." I gave a breif glance to some others at the camp. "I don't think some of these people would be able to make another journey, though." @Keeper of Kraata@
  2. IC Luten - Fowadi: *yaaaaaaawn* "Mmmmmm...... whadid I miss? Are we gonna go see Mr. Stannis?"
  3. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office: He nodded slowly, taking in the words of all of those in the chamber. A less astute man might have wanted a chorus, but Tarkahn knew that innovation thrived when there was competition. He noticed the discomfort of his Guard captain, and let the lid fall completely over the heatstone on his desk. "I understand your concerns regarding their mental abilities, however, for the time being, I do not share them. These are refugees, after all. It would hardly behoove them to start causing trouble to the people taking in their civilization. I agree with you, Korzaa. They should be welcomed here. And any who wish to reside permanently should be allowed to do so, under the same expectations as any citizen of Ko-Koro." He paused for a moment, then added, "Although with cultures coming together like this, perhaps some expectations and rules will need to be changed..." He shook his head. "Thoughts for later. On to more pressing matters. The rahkshi. I suspect the cultists of Makuta are behind the attacks somehow. But we need some kind of solution. How can we stop the attacks once and for all? I can hardly call on the other Koros for this, as I'm sure they are all dealing with similar situations." He rubbed his temples, "If Nuparu would just allow us access to those schematics, we could mount a better offense against the things." @Keeper of Kraata@Visaru@Haman Karn: A Magical Girl
  4. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Refugee camp: Internally, I groaned. I should have guessed a Menti would be a stickler for Order. "Well, it's not like you two are in any fit state to go anywhere just yet. Get a couple of days of rest in you, give it some thought." I shrugged. "Zuto Nui help you if you snore, though. We had to hide one Menti in the basement with rugs over the opening for fear she'd draw those creatures to us with the noise!" @Keeper of Kraata @TL01 NUVA
  5. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office: The Onu-Matoran made a face at the phrase, "Please, I'm an administrator, not a despot." He fidgeted in his seat for a moment, then sighed, "I don't have all the details, but i recently recieved word from Akiri hahli that a large group of refugees from a distant land have landed on her shores. These people, Dasaka, fled their home after...." He took in a breath and blew it out, "After their islands were swarmed by Rahkshi. This comes along with increased Rahkshi activity along the Dark walks. it cannot be a coincidence." He wrung his hands. "Someone or something has clearly stirred them up. Ko-koro is still rebuilding. I..... am unsure of what to do. I would like to offer space for the refugees, but I do not know if we have the means to feed or house so many." He gazed around wearily, "I would value the input of you all in this matter, especially you, captain, and you, Toa Maru. This was your home before it was mine, and you know the people of Ko far better than I." @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl@Visaru@Keeper of Kraata
  6. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki refugee camp: "Oh, you know, talking about childhoods, travel plans, the usual." I sat down across from him, giving my own bowl a swirl before taking a tentative sip to test the temperature. "How do you feel about heading to Sado?" @Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA
  7. IC Luten - Fowadi - Ostia: A small chime sounded in Kale's mind, but Luten did not speak. the connection between the two became soft and hazy, a usual sign that Luten had drifted off to sleep. Meeting so many in one day, and moving around as much as she had was draining.
  8. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki refugee camp: This girl was a little hard to pin down with all these surprises she kept throwing my way. "Talk....about my clan? I mean... I dunno, no one's ever really asked. I.... I guess it couldn't hurt. But let's get this food to your boyfriend first," I teased. "Plus then we can sit and eat. All stories go better with good food."
  9. IC Tarkahn - Akiri's Office "Very good, let me clear some space..." The Akiri haphazardly moved various bits of Exo-matoran and tools with his foot, and threw a cover over the machine. It ggav the room a little more space, and looked a little less like a mess. "Alright, let's get through this, come in, everyone, please. There's much to talk about."
  10. IC Yuna koizumi - Oki refugee camp: I set my own load down, and gave the refugee preparing food a polite bow as I took a proffered bowl of soup. I handed one off to Raika and took a third for Ahri. "Believe me, its all appearances. I'm not much of a Menti, honestly." Or at all, really. It had a kernel of truth, at least. I felt bad, lying to Raika like this, but how was I supposed to tell her the truth now? Hey Raika, I know I saved your life and brought you here and want to travel to the palace with you , but I need to tell you I've been lying about who and what I am the whole time! Yeah, no thanks. "My clan was small, so we didn't have much of the rigid castes you see in larger clans or in the cities. We all just did our part, y'know?"
  11. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki refugee camp: That one caught me. Something like her? What the heck did that mean? Was this some Menti thing I was too Saihoko to understand? I mean I'd met my fair share of overdramatic Menti, but this felt a little more real. "Hey, don't sweat it. We can't learn every discipline, right? Everyone has their strengths." I really tried to say those words with conviction, tried to echo the way my sister's had said them those years ago. They felt hollow in my mouth. At least Raika had some legitimate disciplines she could fall back on.
  12. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Refugee camp: I handed off a bunch to Raina, and gave her a smirk, "That I did." As we walked, I spoke my idea aloud. "Look, there's not much here for Ahri, but I hear there's still major power left up at the Palace. If we can make it to Sado, we might be able to find a Willhammer that can help." That was a big if, though. @TL01 NUVA
  13. IC Yuna Koizumi - Oki Refugee camp Huh, she still had some fire in her after all. Maybe they weren't as worn down as I thought. Still, there was no point in needlessly working folks that had just come out of the wilderness after being there.... Zuto Nui knows how long. In any case I gave her a bemused grin, "I'm hardly about to turn down help around here, if you think he'll be alright. But you guys did just get here. I dunno how long you guys were out on the coast there, but I know it's been crazy out there. You might wanna get some rest yourself," I said gesturing pointedly at Ahri who had gone out like a light almost immediately.
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