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  1. Tallea - Onu-Metru IC: You're a terrible liar. "It's a time for fools then. The city needs new Toa if it wants to hold off the League for any length of time."
  2. Tallea- Onu-Metru IC: A Toa huh? Her coloration looked almost like a sister of electricity. It wasn't however. Similar but distinct enough to those who knew what they were looking at. This particular women was likely a Toa of psionics. Certainly something that would make any potential lawbreaking a tricky business, assuming the somewhat nervous looking woman was paying any attention to the minds of those around her. Tallea's experience with the elemental race was too limited to make much in the way of educated guesses on the subject. "Tallea." the word came out with a slight synthetic burr. "Sorry about clunking everywhere. Recently did some work on my armor here and needed to take it for a test run to make sure everything still worked properly." She scanned the group once more before speaking up once more. "Interesting news just now, wouldn't you say? Metru Nui's Toa team in prison and a hunt on for the Great Disks. Even the promise of becoming a Toa for those who find them...Any of you planning on joining the search?"
  3. Tallea- Onu-Metru IC: She couldn't help a sidelong glance at the Archivist as he spoke. Surely the man didn't believe this other Matoran simply wanted a tour? Not after the timing of his actions. On the other hand maybe helping the caretakers of the massive museum look for a wayward tourist would give her an excuse to look for the disk herself. And maybe take a few peaks at whatever they held in the lower levels. That would be a sight worth the attempt all on it's own. "If you have no objections. The great Archives have been something I've been meaning to see ever since coming here."
  4. Tallea- Onu-Metru IC: An eyebrow on her dark blue Mahiki raised as the HUD window closed. Turaga Dume was an...interesting fellow. The chances of him being up to the task of facing the Barakki was slim. What he said about the Great Disks though...that caught her attention. Becoming a Toa would certainly be nice but the things she could do with a Great Disk would be mind boggling. Likely even more impressive than anything she'd be able to do as a Toa. She wasn't the only one excited by the prospect it seemed. Another Matoran had taken off running almost as soon as the transmission had finished. One of the Archive staff members from the nearby entrance was stepping forward to stop the mad dash. Tallea supposed she should help him, being something of a guest in the city and all. And maybe the running man had a clue to the location of a Disk? Why take off in a sprint like that otherwise. Servos hummed ever so faintly as she stepped next to the Archivist and raised a hand toward the oncoming Matoran in a very obvious 'STOP' gesture.
  5. Name: Tallea (Formerly Talia) Species: Matoran Faction: Metru-Nui Brief Description: Outside of her suit Tallea is of average height and appearance for her species and race. Mostly dark blue armor plating with segments of bright turquoise showing like hints of neon lightning. Her face is when things fall outside the norm. An eternal smirk creases the lower half of a powerless Mahiki. Above that lies a pair of bright yellow eyes that burn with equally eternal curiosity. When inside her suit Tallea appears at least a foot taller and somewhat broader than your average Matoran. Sleek and slightly bulbous silver armor covers every part of her in a protective shell. No weapons are obvious although one looking carefully could find attachment spots for a variety of tools. Background/Occupation: Tallea was originally a scientist on the central continent before the League invaded. Specializing on the integration of kanoka disks into conventional systems. Being unused to warfare, she was forced to flee her home town when the warlords took it. Since then she has been staying one step ahead of the various forces of the Six. At first she restricted herself to only giving technical assistance to the various defenders. That couldn't last however. As the front lines were pushed closer and closer to Metru Nui the defenses became more desperate and chaotic. More than once Tallea found herself caught in an unexpected assault and had to fight her way free. Now she has taken up residence in Metru Nui, helping to create new arms and armor for the war effort. Flaws: Her neverending curiosity fuels a mule-headed stubbornness that has gotten Tallea into trouble more than a few times. Once she has set her mind on something it takes a very compelling reason for her to give up the chase. This can send her into situations that an otherwise clear headed person might avoid. Powers: As a Vo-Matoran her powers are limited to a passive resistance to lightning. Equipment: X3N2-Komu Matoran Enhancement Suit (Modified) Originally designed to give Matoran enough physical abilities to be useful on the battlefield, the base model simply gives the user strength and speed comparable to that of a Toa. That wasn't enough for Tallea however. In her time since acquiring the armor she has extensively modified it. Several extra lumps can be seen when compared to the base model, additional systems that allow the wearer significantly more options than normal. As one might guess from the current owner's technical specialization, the new systems involve the use of various kanoka disks. These particular disks are smaller than the norm, sacrificing the power of their high quality manufacture for the utility of having more types available. Three disks in total have been worked into the armor. X-Ray Vision into the helmet, Weaken into the top of the gauntlets and Regeneration into the back of the cuirass.
  6. Glad to have you back man. The more the merrier.
  7. Usually. Often it also means unintended side effects in supposedly non-combat situations. Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion.
  8. Keep things below "city block destruction in a single punch" levels.
  9. Seems to fall under the normal roleplay code of conduct. If it's dealing directly with another person's character you need to give them a chance to react.
  10. Natural levels of mental resistance and various techniques available to deflect or minimize it's effects.
  11. Unknown. We had a big spurt of activity before the holidays but things have quieted down again.
  12. Feel free to send her along with the Aggressors to Po-Ostia. That's the port town where they are going to spend the timeskip.
  13. Thanks, it's been a long time in coming. Glad it was so good when it finally arrived.
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