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  1. Oh okay. I don't have any other Toa, so I couldn't tell. Good to know it's meant to be there. Thanks! The chest plate design is actually really cool and detailed, and thinking about it, the scratching and scuffing adds to the look.
  2. I got my new (awesome) Tahu set a few days back, but I noticed on the chest printing, there are some scratches on the chrome pink lines which look out of place. I've had a look around and haven't seen them on any images of the set online. Is this normal, or do you think something is wrong with the piece? Here is the image (note the silver bits on the metallic ribbon): Thanks,
  3. I love how BZP's news title for this is the same as when BIONICLE's cancellation was announced...
  4. IT'S HERE!! https://www.facebook.com/LEGOBionicle
  5. That island resemblance is uncanny.... As for other places that resemble BIONICLE locations... I guess the Sahara desert looks like Bara Magna... :/
  6. Congratulations! Wish you both a long and happy life together!
  7. The Matoran species. Not only is the story based around them, but over the years we've learned about their rich culture, beliefs and followed their journey out of the dark.
  8. YouTube! *covers mouth* A great new addition to the site.
  9. The sheer nostalgia of 2001-3 wins for me...
  10. TLR has really grown on me. I used to dislike it, but down to the great animation, voice work and more, I've come to appreciate it a bit more. One gripe I had before that that the story of Mata Nui returning hadn't really progressed much by the end of the film, but this was resolved with the next comic (it would have been great if they included it in the movie). Still 2009 remains one of my favourite years of BIONICLE, due to great sets, a fresh story and setting and great characters too (just a shame not all appeared in the film - it would have made it more crowded though).
  11. 2003, which was my first year, and probably adds some bias to it. The Rahkshi were amazing though.
  12. I had so much fun zooming the Axalara T9 about. Then I also remember using the Toa as bowling pins and the Bohrok as balls. The gears of the older Toa made it really fun to try and knock off your Friend's Toa's mask as well.
  13. Mine was Gahlok-Kal. It was also my first set (it was a gift)
  14. Favourite: 2001 Turaga Least Favourite: 2009 Agori - they were the same as last year's Matoran
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