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  1. First of all, I know what you mean. I found a couple of old sprites and comics on my computer today, and man the nostalgia. In fact today's the time I 'visited BZP in months. Anyways on to the comic itself. I'm loving the premise of this and from the first comic, I can tell this can develop into an amazing story. A couple of notes however. First, I found the comic, or at least the text at tad to small to read properly, maybe try making them larger next time. Second, I think you should colour the text differently for the different characters. It helps to differentiate who is speaking at the moment (although I read it fine in this comic, it might get confusing later on) Cheers to what I think might be a great series. ~Exon
  2. It's always a good day to destroy local ecological systems.So, four creepers just happen to spawn around you, during the day huh? You must be really unlucky.~Exon
  3. Exon

    BZPower Comics Wiki

    And I thought I was the only one who did that :/ .ANYWAY, yeah, you should make you're own page. I'm one to talk though, seeing as Blade made my page...Btw, thanks for bringing that up Reznas, I've fixed the link.~Exon
  4. Exon

    Tavkorp: Since 2008

    Well, forgetting the one in your continuity is quite a major fail, but owell. I count 5 female-Comic makers in total in the comic. Such a large number eh? I liked the "Light907" reference there. Personally though, I don't really get the "red starbucks" thing.Anyway, I don't know why, but Razor actually works out for me in that comic. In some other cases, it just looks horrid.~Exon
  5. Exon

    Bad Images

    I wonder who this "Christmas" may be. I don't think I can marry someone I don't know.Also, that was quite the dilemma you had Mr. Rider. That is so being quoted in my sig.~Exon
  6. Exon

    Mall Patrol

    I kept hearing poker face in my head while you were falling there. Just to say, lol XD.~Exon
  7. Exon

    Tavkorp: Since 2008

    Well isn't that a coincidence. Anyway, it seems this "phase" is reaching across all universes in this multiverse.~Exon
  8. Exon

    BZPower Comics Wiki

    I was actually around when they started the comics forum, so I might be able to write a thing or two about the lead-up to and the beginning of the forum. If someone would be willing to create the page and send me a link, I can put down what I remember.Here you go. It's not much so far, but it can only get better from here .~Exon
  9. Exon

    BZPower Comics Wiki

    We should have a topic about the Comics forum. I'd make it myself, but I am not knowledgeable enough on this subject. Anyone care to make it?~Exon
  10. Exon

    Tavkorp: Since 2008

    ThisIs one epic meme.Anyway, the CD shoving amused me.Actually, one meme can describe how much I like the comic:ME GUSTA~Exon
  11. Well, obviously, you'd need some kind of judging panel, because if you left it to the people to vote, it would be more biased to popular comic makers. I totally agree with the disaster theme, it just seems kewl, but to narrow it down, I'd say a 2012 related disaster.~Exon
  12. Because going to get a drink definetly is a dangerous idea.Anyway, the humor was more or less a meh IMO. Not quite your normal amount. But I like how serious he is about not having ponies invade your comix.~Exon
  13. Well wasn't that title misleading? I like your style of drawing, it is quite apealling. The fact that this is based on personal experiance is pretty cool. The way you presented the forums as a physical place is quite nice. I haven't seen that kinda thing in a while/ever.~Exon
  14. Exon

    Tavkorp: Since 2008

    I see that the theoretical physics we were discussing came up. Glad we got that out of the way before this comic. The acer kit looked nice in this comic, IMO. Those extra Tavakais are gonna be quite the nuisense/problem later on. I wonder how that is gonna work out. I wonder what item you'll need next to fix the machine...~Exon
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