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  1. These days? An incredibly large disposable income would help.
  2. Y'know, the more I stare at that guy, the more I like his eyebrows.
  3. Okay, so most people would say Ignorance is bliss. These People are somewhat right. However, they do not know the true story, the conspiracy behind these sage words. You see... Ignorance grew up as a simple "Farm-boy" archetype. He lived in the city of Obliviousia. Obliviousia was filled with crime on every street. Old ladies were getting their handbags stolen, Banks were getting broken into and gangs were fighting in the streets.Anyway, one day Ignorance came home to find his parents had abandoned him to join The Circus, a local gang in that area. Ignorance was so mad that he became the Superhero, Bliss. His goal was to take down The Circus, the gang that had ruined his life. You see, Ignorance IS Bliss. These words were giving us the answer to Bliss' Identity all along. Cow Bells.
  4. Granted, but you have so much water that you actually turn into water. A large body of water at that. The Laredios Sea. I wish I could talk the language of the Emoji.
  5. Granted, you can. But instead of being "cool" its cool as in cold. You can't feel the cool because it's in LDD. But it is. Trust me. I wish to unfeel these feels.
  6. Granted, but we have to do a system reboot again. I wish someone would do that
  7. Granted, However all the other Toa laugh at him for slipping and he spirals into a deep depression. I wish for bad stuff.
  8. Granted, you receive Kirby, or rather, a poor knockoff plush toy of the popular Video Game character. It's stitching is poor and it falls apart in minutes. You're welcome. I wish for what I wish.
  9. Aw Jeez, I realised I should start hoping that I don't have to buy a New 3DS to play the new Fire Emblem. D:
  10. Granted, but it's so powerless, it's made of cardboard. One day, you walk outside in the rain. Your Kaukau gets wet and withers away. I wish for ultimate control of Bzpower.
  11. I had the same problem too, not with Bionicle, but a different fandom. If you want to feel like contributing to the community to get back into the culture, I'm sure you could help out on BionicleSector01, the Bionicle equivalent of Wikipedia.Though it's much more higher in quality. Like you said you didn't stop following the story, so maybe you could help clean up some articles over there. You might need to learn some HTML wizardry for that, though. Do you like to draw or write? Maybe you could create some fan-art or write set reviews or fanfiction. Or, you could simply buy the sets, discuss and post on BZP.
  12. Granted, however the LoSS didn't say anything about not controlling his other, non-green, friends. I wish I could talk to Narwhals.
  13. "Parakiikarap" There is a lot of those mirror gen 1/2 Avatars going around, huh?
  14. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully some more info on the books are released soon. But there is no use rushing, I want this hype train to be an easy trip. And the new sets haven't even come out in Australia yet. I'd rather buy them in store, so I've still got a while to wait.
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