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  1. get on school comp log on to bzpower ad asks if i want asian women.

    1. Dual Cee

      Dual Cee

      You should report those things.

  2. Hey I will check to see if I have that asap, could you post a picture please or PM one? Thanks! Also I have some factory sealed Bohrok if that may interest you also or anyone else who has rare bionicle comics!
  3. Working on worlds largest bio comic collection check it out!

  4. Tritoa! I don't have them, there a lot of comics that I dont even know exist! Yeah that would be great! Need any parts?
  5. I have been collecting since they started coming to my house, I believe that was 2001, I then was able to get all the variants, then I went back and re got the ones that were damaged or wrinkled, I then collected all the promo comics and got signed comics by Greg Farshtey on eBay, and contacted Stuart Sayger, and received some promo signed comics from him and also contacted Leigh Gallagher and he sent me a signed graphic novel, I then contacted some foreign comic sellers who had the Panini comic 1 and then was able to get most of the UK versions, some french, 1 Chinese, and some German comics, I recently was able to get down to SDCC2012 and got my Ashley wood comic 1 cover signed by Ashley and then picked up the same comic a month later signed by Greg (on eBay). I have some comic posters and some other french comic memorabilia. I have a few comics that are English that I still have to find; unmasked 2, saga of takanuva,vol 1, Japanese comic 1-6, Norweigan taknuva, and battle for metru nui part 1 and 2. If anyone has any promo comics or can help me finish this fine collection I am willing to trade parts, (all my friends realize my comic love and gave me all there bionicles, I now have 4 large tubs) and check me out at www.flickr.com/photos/eagonwuzhere .......If you need a special part I could make it for you!
  6. I Make stuff----liek for realz

  7. I Make stuff----liek for realz

  8. im not sure exactly how to use this forum very well butDEAR bulik yes i am making a full portal gun follow my flickr page and i try to update it at least once a week! and Heir....I also can make customs.....thanks for giving me the scoop on the caastings though....haha I do this for school...once semester break rolls around i can start working on customs.....thanks for inspiring !
  9. ok heres my question is this legal to sell....because i can make these too http://www.flickr.com/photos/59059467@N05/sets/ check out random projects!
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