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  1. Weren't the winners supposed to be announced yesterday?
  2. No, we're somewhere in Night Vale.
  3. IC[slash]: "I vote for myself." OOC: 391: 1 Slash: 1
  4. IC[slash]: "Once again, I nominate myself as leader."
  5. IC[slash]: "That's twice now that someone was killed because of me..."
  6. IC[slash]: Slash said nothing. A rather appropriate track name flashed in one corner of his helm's display. The track, a melancholy piece, sounded off the life of a hero who had made the ultimate sacrifice.
  7. IC[slash]: Slash decided to wait until all the others crossed before he himself would. IC[59049]: "Anywhere but here."
  8. IC[slash]: "But do we have the means to quiet them? Do we have the will?"
  9. IC[slash]: "I don't think provoking that thing is the smartest move we can make, Rocky."
  10. OOC: Yes, I also remember guessing that it was the one that Slash dealt with. IC[slash]: "That is unfortunate." Slash activated the room mapping function of his powersuit's acoustics processor.
  11. IC[slash]: Slash nervously readied a stun-burst. "Neither I nor 72 have forgotten you. How's your hearing?" Slash looked around, waiting for something to happen. IC[59049]: 59049 collapsed against a wall, panting. The unknown number of years she had spent in stasis had really taken their toll on her.
  12. IC[slash]: Slash calmly walked over to the corpse and pried the note from its fingers. "Let's see what it says." He then started to un-crumple the note.
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