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    My Christianity is my first and most important interest. I'm a history nut, especially when it comes to the civil war. Bionicle(obviously), LEGO, and anything related to piano and guitar. I'm also 7 years into the martial art known as judo, and I hope to get my black belt by around 18.

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  1. IC(Prius, Ta-koro): "Nowhere, and everywhere," Prius replied, leaning over the desk to sign his name on the list. "I originally came from the Le-koronian jungles, near Kini-Nui, but I've been traveling the island since. I've been to most of the major koros, excluding the lost koro, Ga-Wahi being the last place i visited. I loved the nature of the Ga-koronians, but there's too much water there for me. No, Ta-koro is the place to go, at least, if you want to serve in the guard. As for what I want to do in the guard, I want to serve the people, which is a change from what I used to be. I also want to learn how to defend others. In this climate, it doesn't take much to start a fight, if you know what I mean." -Elrond
  2. IC(Atox, Pala-koro bar): If looks were daggers, Praggos would be a walking pincushion right now. I locked eyes with Praggos, a small fire kindling behind my eyes. The tension was building, and my anger was building with it. Before long, there might be a fistfight, and not between Praggos and Kehuri. The new recruit had more snide than was good for him, and poking at Kehuri wasn't helping my attitude towards him. But since there weren't any Toa of Water around to play peacekeeper, I had to do the job. "Praggos, you have about as much tact as a drunk Kane-Ra." Well, I didn't say I was going to be any good at it. Turning to Kehuri, I gave him a look that said calm down. "The fact is, Kehuri, that we'd probably just make matters worse at the moment. It's peacetime for the moment, and excluding a few of us, most of us are soldiers. Fighting's what we do, not negotiations. Besides, if the ILF gets involved with local politics-and considering the fact that we're not directly involved as a group in any of the koros on a regular basis- our actions by involving ourselves could be viewed as a coup de tat. That's not going to encourage unity. Our best bet is to allow free access and trade with Pala-koro, no matter what breaks out between the koros. If war breaks out, we can play referee, but that's about it. The bar may actually help, since most beings around here drink." I looked over at Kehuri and Alfon. "Unless Kehuri thinks differently." -Elrond
  3. I'll make an official post here soon for the group, just as soon as Garren's bio is up to snuff. Expect to meet somewhere in Onu-koro, if you're interested. -Elrond
  4. OOC: Thanks IC(Prius, Ta-koro gatehouse): "Thank you, sirs," Prius replied as he passed between the two guardsmen. He looked over, and made a beeline for the small registration booth in the guardhouse. He passed under the emblem of the guard over the doorway, marveling at the arched doorway. Was he a bit starstruck? Yes. Neither the statues of Po-koro, or the height of Le-koro could compare to this, the pure strength that emanated from Ta-koro. He approached the desk, and looked up a Lucria, eyes shining. "Your city is amazing, as far as I have seen. I would be honored to join your guard. How do I join?" -Elrond
  5. Exactly what you said. Besides that, we might get into a little bit of Merc work, possibly an assassination or two, and maybe even try to take over a koro. It all depends on who and how many are interested. -Elrond
  6. So, just a quick question, to see if anyone would participate in this, before I make a fool of myself trying to start another group: If I created a group of greedy, moneymaking warmongers dedicated to making sure that the koros are always fighting, would anyone like to join? -Elrond
  7. IC(Atox, Le-Wahi): After a half-hour of running, the ache returns. Even after 3 months, the scar hadn't healed, and any quick turn of the shoulders still brought a faint stab of pain, continually reminding me that the gash would never fully heal. A mask of healing only did so much. But I'm not the type to whine. Because of the debilitation of the body, I turn to the power of the mind. Activating my new kanohi, I begin to jog back to Pala-koro, my speed amplified by the mask I wear. The trees begin to become just a blur, and I begin to slow, dodging the tree limbs that threaten to clothesline me. Now this is exhilarating. I spin, flip, turn and dodge. I'm almost to the clearing. I begin making a final dash towards the clearing- -and then I trip over the log. Owww. For a moment, I'm flying a bio over the ground, headed straight for the walls of Pala-koro. I tuck my head in, roll as I begin to slide across the ground, and then put my foot down, tearing dirt up in a small wave as I brace to hit the 2-3 bio high wall before me. I land with a small thud, hitting the dirt I just plastered against the wall, then hitting the wall itself. The wall replied, giving a slight thump as I hit it with over 400 pounds of force. I give my own little groan, as the dry dirt falls over and around me. Maybe I should just stick to melee. After giving myself a good wash in Lake Pala, I walk back into the gates of Pala-koro, heading toward the main meeting house. The main members of the group have already awoken, conversing with their usual banter. I look at the normal members of the group: Kethrye, Alfon, Plagia. The new recruit, Praggos, is doing his usual cynic thing, and- Wait, is that Kehuri? With a warm smile, I slap Kehuri on the back, looking him over. The young toa has grown much more muscular since I last saw him, and seems more confident, no longer giving the usual signs of one unsure of himself. "Kehuri, it's good to see you. How have you been?" -Elrond
  8. IC(Prius, Ta-koro gates): Prius almost missed the guard's question. He had been admiring the far-stretching walls of the city, which seemed much more impressive than the last time he had visited the city. The walls looked at least 10 bio high, if not higher, and were guarded by a constant flow of militia, providing almost no gaps between the wall of security. The matoran guarding it were as varied as the inhabitants, sporting colors that occasionally included white, blue, and green, strange colors for a guard, indeed. All of them carried the renowned double-pronged spear, a staple of the guard. Now that was what Prius aspired to be. He was broken out of his reverie by the tail end of the guard's question. "Umm... Yes. I mean, I plan on finding a job, some work of a kind that hopefully benefits everyone in the great city. It looks like your Guard might be a good place to start. I guess I plan on joining the guard, if I could get permission to pass." -Elrond
  9. IC(Prius, Ta-koro gate): Ta-koro's heat was blistering. It always was, and always would be. There was no way around it. Fortunately, that's what Prius wanted in the first place, as he passed the charred forest, well on his way to the Ta-koro gates. Even being on the beaches, in somewhat close proximity to the city, was not enough. Like the average Ta-koronian, Prius craved heat, almost as much as he did a roasted Kane-Ra. The closer he got to the city, the more the temperature rose, and soon, the smell of burning metals and rock came to him like an old friend, offering him warm shelter. Well, the first, maybe not the second. Until he could find a job, food and shelter were going to be scarce. He began to suck one of his last bula berries, giving him an extra spring in his step. He then approached the gates of the city, unhindered till he began to enter the gateway, where two guard members stood. He came to a stop, and gave a salute, or as close as he could get to one. "Hello, sirs. I request permission to enter your city." -Elrond
  10. IC(Drox, Typewriter Town): "Me neither," I said, taking the risk of a quick glance upward. "Which is why we're going to do something about it." I raised my hand, palm up, and activated a magnetic pulse. Just a small one, of course, nothing to blow the machine off its post, but enough to scramble its circuits, frying it for just enough time for us to get away. I begin moving, motioning for Watcher to follow me. "Stick to the walls. There's less surveillance there. And tell me if you see any more. We don't need Coppers on our tail." I begin walking in the direction of Gearheadville. Hopefully, I can get some info there. -Elrond
  11. OOC: Atox/ Bane never technically left the ILF. As long as it's fine with you guys, I'm starting off here. IC(Atox, Pala-koro): A new morning had dawned, much as it had every morning. The sun awoke, stretching it's rays across the vast expanse of space to touch the jungles of Le-Wahi. It danced among the trees, warming and awaking the wild Gukko and Muaka, seemingly giving them the permission and power to run wild among the trees. The sun finally made its way to a clearing beside a lake, and began to wake the inhabitants, myself one of them. It entered the small fort in which I lived, weaved among the huts that made up its interior, and finally reached me, breathing across my eyelids to awake, to run wild and play; much as it had for the last 100 days. 100 peaceful days, filled with construction and healing, for the most part, although the whispers of a coming darkness still nagged at every corner. But life was too short to worry about such things. I pulled each leg individually out of my hammock, and dropped to the floor, landing with a heavy thud. I suited up quickly, allowing myself only a short time to bask in the embrace of the sun. I stepped out of my small hut, and began to stretch, smiling at the familiar sight of the jungle greeting me. I raised my hands, and a metal bar held up by two metal posts appeared before me. I grabbed the bar, using it for a series of vigorous chin-ups. five reps before I finished, the bar broke. I tumbled to the ground in a heap, and shook my head. I still needed to work on that. Pulling myself back up, I began to run towards the main gate, beginning my early morning run through the forest. -Elrond
  12. Atox "The Beater" Prius "The recruit"
  13. If my calculations are correct... Methinks 7:00 PM for me. Yay!
  14. Keizah and I have agreed to a match, 1000W each, in the Coliseum (This is a rematch, due to that spoiler incident we had)
  15. It is pretty open-ended, as you say, but there is (or used to be) a recommended skeleton that you can copy and paste as a template. I'll edit it in if I can find it. Other than the recommended profile fields here, you are pretty much free to put whatever information you want in the bio.. BTW, a little late, but welcome anyway. -Elrond
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