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  1. This game is almost identical to Brain Attack. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just a point I would like to make.
  2. Wow, this is old news. I rarely buy CMF, and with smoke goodies like a Supercharged Jetrax on the online market, I might skip Series 10. I'll buy one probably.
  3. Granted. So fast, you have no idea what it says.I wish I was a Great Being.
  4. Granted. Normal, for a Piraka.I wish that nothing unusual is caused by this wish.
  5. Is there a walkthrough anywhere? I managed to find the boat tracks, but now i'm stuck.
  6. Given, but they are computers from the 1990's. I wish for a cheeseburger.
  7. Granted! Who put itching powder in it? I wish I had all of the Comic Con minifigures, and I would get them in an immediatly openable container and in an undamaged and complete state. No one would notice anything different, and I will never lose the figures. They will not be counterfeit minifigures, and would be copies from the event itself. Bar a natural level of excitement lasting 2 minutes, and after that my emotions will return a normal state. The minifigures or anything else related to me receiving them, will cause me, or any other thing on earth any physical or mental harm. Beat that
  8. My thoughts are with everyone there, as well as the families and friends of the injured and dead. I'm watching the news right now, and one of the two confirmed deaths was a young boy. Lets hope the people/s who did this come to justice. >
  9. Very nice! I should update my modification. Exam study has made me forget about it.
  10. I must say, it lacks the convincing factor. Viva America anybody?
  11. Pretending to be American. Those who are on another fan site, you will know why.

    1. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      THen you should speak 70% of the time with slang and idioms.

    2. Hexann


      So,...... does he know why?

    3. Fastcar800


      Instead of saying "Hi" say "Yo". XD

  12. Wooo, yes.TPBM wants to be taken over by a brain slug.
  13. WoooooFully upgraded and up to the Caverns.Stops for the night...
  14. Yes, it's cool. However, I'm fine with the current avatars.
  15. My computer isn't decompiling stuff correctly, so it might take a bit longer then a day for the next pre-release. It's not wanting to decompile server sources, (or something like that). I've clicked the install.cmd about 7 times, sometimes it freezes, sometimes it pretends to work. Stellar Wart should be coming next. EDIT: ^Mesonak: Quaza doesn't generate the redstone particles that look like * MAJOR UPDATE: Second Pre-release is out now! Adds 3 new blocks and items!
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