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  1. Approved by Grav: The Reaver // Long Quilen The Enforcer // Adera Tarina Vellas The Prospector // Wan Tan
  2. When I was at Legoland in around 2011 I don't think I saw any Bionicle related things except the spinning teacup ride that was in the shape of Technic Gears, and I think a static display of Tahu Nuva.
  3. IC: Zekev [Wagon's Rest - Po-Koro] "Oi! Two berry-bonanzas! And whatever stew you got cooking back there!" I called out to the guy behind the long bar counter. I knew out here in Po-Koro these establishments liked to throw in free lunches along with drink, and honestly, I was famished after, what, weeks in the cold? Any stew would do. I also assumed the little guy didn't want alcohol, and as for me... Thoughts of the Brotherhood's prohibitions brought back memories of our defeat in Ko-Koro. We were- are- lost. Scattered, attacked, and now here I was enjoying Bula berry shakes. Was this what the Archangel would want? I clenched my fist, struggling not to let my frustration show. Didn't want to scare the Matoran- Luntep, right?- or get into trouble by breaking the table or something equally... unwise. The Grandmaster... him. him and his stupid plan. Why did we ever think the Serpent's Legacy would truly aid us? I was still glumly staring at the table when my meal came. I dipped the spoon into the sludge and shoveled it into my mouth. It was serviceable. "So, you never did tell me what you worked as," I said to Luntep, trying to keep my mind off the recent events that me off. OOC: So basically the current plot has reached its end, and the next big change in events will come up at the end of this topic closing and new location topics being put up. Until then, this topic is for people who want to wrap stuff up to continue posting until the next arc starts. To get a hold on the rough events, check out the linked posts in the latest News and Discussion page, you should be able to roughly understand it. Otherwise you can always check out the bzprpg wiki which covers earlier big plots @Lipuret McKaukau
  4. o7 to those we lost along the way 2014-2019 @Daniel the Finlander you can revive new characters in the next arc actually
  5. IC: Arabeth - Ihu-Koro The Toa of Lightning pushed upon the door of the Trout and Bear and looked in. It was a quiet, welcoming, and most importantly, warm establishment. Arabeth immediately entered and stood close to the fireplace.
  6. IC: Arabeth - Ihu-Koro "Yeah. I hope the other Koros are planning on retaking it before these ###### use the Koro as a base to spread further." They passed by what looked like a modest tavern. "Want to check this out?" IC: Lunefeld - Ko-Koro Lunefeld bit back a curse as the Kahu lunged at him. He barely managed to dodge the worst of the blow with a roll and brief application of his power, but the giant bird still managed to knock him flat on the floor, and it was now standing over him. Snarling, the criminal drew his Derringer and took aim at the beast's face, and squeezed the trigger, unleashing a close-range blast of hot lead into it. He didn;t wait to see the result, focusing instead on pushing himself up and to the side, aided by his elemental powers, before lunging back into the building.
  7. IC: Lunefeld - Ko-Koro The sound of the fall registered clearly, but Lunefeld knew that did not mean much. Nonetheless, the rider was out of sight. He crept out of the building, mask still activated, and spotted two groups diving in opposite directions, converging on- The sniper. Lunefeld recognised him as one of Nightfall, and most likely the shooter that had already downed several flyers. It would not do for him to die. He exerted his power for a brief moment, manipulating gravity around one of the flights of riders, while looking around to see where the previous rider had fallen. IC: Arabeth - Ihu-Koro "You... have not heard? Ko-Koro is under... new management," she said, her guilt swelling up again. I should have stayed and fought. "Followers of the Dark God. Refugees have been streaming out of the village since the capture."
  8. IC: The Chaplain - Road to Redemption "'And the Archangel said unto him, "Banish fear from your heart, the dark tendrils of the Pretender "Banish doubt from your heart, seeds of betrayal of the False Builder "By the Archangel's glory, no harm may befall you.' As it is written in the Book of Life." Dryken stopped then, opening his eyes. The craggy ceiling of the cave, barely illuminated by lightstones, stared back at him. The Chaplain slowly rose to his feet and surveyed the entourage. A wounded Toa, a Lesterin, two Matoran and an injured Skakdi. These were the only survivors Dryken had found after Blackrock was destroyed. The loss still haunted him after all these weeks. Not once, but twice in his lifetime, he'd seen the Brotherhood forced from their ancestral home. It was worse this time, as he'd already experienced the pain and loss once, and the subsequent loss of direction. Not to mention that this time, the Fortress was well and truly levelled. "We must continue, brethren." Quietly, the group slowly rose from their makeshift camp, packing up swiftly (as they had few possessions) and continuing their march through Onu-Wahi's tunnels. The servants of the Serpent and Usurper had been quick to capitalise, Dryken fumed. Barely an hour after the explosion, a raiding party of bandits, clearly linked to the Legacy in their mannerisms and arms, had arrived the the Fortress. Thoughts of continuing the alliance had been dashed as Dryken watched from under the rubble as the Legacy troops murdered any surviving Acolytes on the outside of the ruins, before looting several vital artifacts and leaving. "This way," Dryken said, leading the group through a branch in the tunnels. It was after that that the Sentinels arrived in force. In the time between the two groups' arrival, several of the able-bodied survivors had pulled their brethren from the ruins, but they were struck down by the Sentinels as they rode in, skewering fleeing unarmed Acolytes and gunning down the Knights where they stood. "Hold," the Lesterin said, after several minutes. She had heard something, and Dryken, though old, heard it too. It sounded like Rahi. Dryken had been slow to pull himself out, and when he did, all that was left was but less than a dozen survivors. It was clear that they were all Knights and servants. He was ranking commander. Dryken was tempted to stay and rebuild, but it was clear that Blackrock was no place to remain. With a heavy heart, he explained his plan to the group. They had deferred to his expertise. "Down!" Dryken ducked as the Toa slashed past him, burying his blade into the Fikou behind Dryekn, a second before the Kofo-Jaga behind the Toa struck him through the chest. They had lost so many in the journey, and this was only the latest. A primal scream erupted from the old Matoran as he hacked away at the Kofo-Jaga, stabbing it from behind repeatedly with his staff, in between spurts of its blood that washed over him. The Skakdi dispatched the Fikou she was fighting and turned, taking the distraction Dryken had made and firing her harpoon into the Kofo-Jaga's face. The beast screeched as it died, echoing throughout the tunnels. The journey was long, but after so many months, finally, they had reached their destination. A short service followed, followed by a burial that consisted of collapsing the tunnel on the corpses. Dryken wiped away the blood from his face as they continued. Lost in thought, he almost missed their destination, hours later. "Cardinal." He looked up, and saw it. The secret entrance. It was unmistakable. Months had passed for this. A shudder ran through his frame as he remembered it. It was hidden in plain sight, nothing to the passers-by hurrying to their destination, but blindingly obvious to the devoted. Barely lit by purple lightstones, a single rune on the side of this tunnel marked the secret entrance to their new, old home. "Darkmine."
  9. IC: Lunefeld - Ko-Koro Streets He was almost too slow. Several projectiles zipped through the air towards Lunefeld while he was concentrating. He heard the whizz of the disks just in time to dive away, blindly throwing his power out behind him. The projectiles only partly deviated, and they tore up the street as he rolled into the nearest building wall. He felt some shrapnel rip through his cloak and crack against his armour. The break in concentration turned off his Huna's power for a second. He was not too worried for the moment as the rider was pulling out of the attack, though he had to figure how he was detected. The Toa watched as the snow thrown up by the attack fluttered down. Footsteps. Lunefeld activated his Huna again, and let a forth a circular push of gravitational energy, throwing up much of the snow on the ground. That was merely a decoy, as he pulled out his staff and smashed through the door of the nearby building, already weakened by the recent strafing attack. He ducked in and watched through the window, concentrated on the rider breaking away. Channeling his frustration, he focused his power on the rider, aiming to rip the gunner off the Gukko by pulling in two directions. He hoped the sniper was still watching.
  10. IC: Zekev - Po-Koro (Outside the Wagon's Rest) Was that a type of job? Probably his name. I sure as Karz was not going to share my name so soon after assisting in invading Ko-Koro and subsequently being thrown out. "I... am a very hungry Skakdi who would like a place to rest." We paused, stopping in front of an inn with a well-worn sign above the entrance. The Wagon's Rest. Looked like a reliable, safe establishment. Certainly not the kind of place I would be caught dead in just months ago. "But you can call me Akruz," I said, almost off-handedly, as we entered the establishment. It was the name of an old acquaintance of mine, long before I embraced the Archangel's light. I think I still remembered where I dumped what was left of his corpse. I found a seat by the wall. The tables were cracked and the seat too small for my arse, but it was good enough. "You want to get anything?" I asked Luntep as I sat.
  11. Just in time, I buy the studio and fire the owner by sending an assassination squad after him, a task made easier by owning all the security codes to the building, thus seizing the mask for myself. My mask.
  12. IC: Arabeth - Ihu-Koro Won't hurt to tag along. "I suppose we could look around then. The blizzard outside has not been kind."
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