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    Lego, Bionicle, Hero Factory (don't hate me for liking it), Exo-Force, Ninjago, League of Legends, Yu-gi-oh, Kirby, Terraria, Xenoblade, and other things

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"Eggnog sales killed by Master of Wind. Matoran killed by Master of Wind as well. That terrible person."

~ Mafia III: Scene V




Who am I? I'm just a normal person compared to all of the other people here apparently. I would call myself a longtime Lego (and video game) fan who has a sense of humor. I don't look active on this site mainly because I'm probably doing something else. I still lurk here on occasion, so I'm always watching on way or another. So, yeah. I would say I'm pretty easy to get along with. On the internet anyways. It's obviously so much easier. I'm most likely focusing on real life right now.




Ugh. I can't think of anything witty to say :P.

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