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  1. YES!I'm reading New Arabian Nights, by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  2. I would watch that!Why? A movie like that would be worse then Meet the Robinson's, and that was a pretty bad movie.In my opinion a live action movie about robots is going to turn out as well as loading a fire Elemental onto a ship full of explosives, or Matau's first attempts to fly. I like HF, but not enough to watch something like this will most likely be.Some movies, are just so bad, you HAVE to watch them.Like a car wreck.Yes. Couldn't have said it better myself.In our house, this is known as mindless entertainment.It is good for when you don't have enough energy to think about the movie plot and have therefore ceased to care.
  3. Personally, I didn't like what the last movie did to Mata Nui. He was supposed to be a more dignified character. The way the movie portrayed him, I can certainly see how the Makuta were able to get one over on him in the first place. And then there's . . . that bug.
  4. The Mysterious Affair at StylesAgatha ChristieHercule Poirot's first book!
  5. That's an interesting theory. It certainly sounds plausible, especially considering that the matoran/toa/etc . . . were meant to be little more than drones. Maybe since the "glitch" occurred, the willpower part of the brain was less easy to access. With the introduction of personalities and individual thought, the "computer" systems could be less straightforward - hence toa having to "learn" how to use their masks.
  6. Well, I was not here when it was old, so I just voted new. It's pretty awesome here, though.
  7. "What Child Is This" I like that song. My brother sang it at his Church a few weeks ago, he made it sound good.

    1. Siriol


      Yeah, it's very pretty.

  8. He's been writing for Ninjago, apparently.I wonder why Ninjago?
  9. On the other hand, Greg managed to write two chapters of TPTB in November 2010, when he already had a child. So that shouldn't be a problem. Also, small children sleep a lot. I really don't think Greg is using all of his spare time taking care of a child that's now almost a year and a half old.And yes, I know he's married and such. I know BIONICLE may not be the first thing you will do when you've got some free time. But no updates in six months? Family can't be the only reason.Let's just hope he's okay and nothing has happened to him.Well, weather he is spending more time than needed or not, he probably just wants to spend time with his (almost) new daughter.
  10. I'd realistically say that I'm more of a Ta-matoran, as I am very dramatic sometimes.
  11. Topic title said it all. Do you like Makuta or the Toa?
  12. Let's hope that it is a big enough difference.
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