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  1. I remember now where I read that: The Vortixx page on Maybe where you read it to? Anyway is an accurate source?
  2. Do you guys think it's something all Vortixx wear/have, or something just females wear/have?
  3. Well of course I knew there was a sun because of the sunlight on those places, I was just confused because the space view of the UDD didn't show it, as Floridan Citrus explained. Also speaking of light, how were the cycles of night and day maintained within the MU? Did Mata Nui have to manually control the amount of light at day and at night, or was there a built in lighting system that dims the light at night or something like that?
  4. So I know about how Spherus Magna was split into three, and Aqua Magna and Bota Magna acted as moons. But shouldn't there be a moon (or many moons because of it's SM's size) left over from before the Shattering? Also when the three planets were shown as the UDD, there was no Sun, and doesn't there have to be a Sun for there to be life on a planet? And also would there be other planets in the same solar system as SM? Maybe there could be life on those planets, possibly where some of the Great Beings fled to? Just wondering.
  5. So Roodaka's thing on the back of her head is often referred to as "hair", probably because in WoS it was wavy like hair, but it doesn't make sense for a bio mechanical being to have hair like us. I think I recall reading somewhere that it's a sort of headdress (maybe worn by the females because of their status is Vortixx society?) Anyway hope someone can clear this up.
  6. No one, unless Greg gets around to answering every question we've ever pondered!
  7. So did the Glatorian hand piece with 4 fingers, was it an accurate portrayal? Do Agori and Glatorian have 4 fingers?
  8. If I recall correctly the Toa Mata were regarded as avatars of their elements and thusly were named after their elements, as not many Toa names start with their elemental prefix. And we know Vezon means "Double", but I'm not sure if it's in Matoran Language or Skakdi Language. Also many Matoran names have the same ending, such as Matoro and Aiyetoro, which may indicate they have a similar meaning.
  9. So does Mata Nui or whoever/whatever created them name them, or do some beings name themselves? (Like Takanuva although it was more of a renaming)
  10. So the Toa Inika had the only known organic Kanohi?
  11. So the extra Nuva Kanohi, the Nuva Symbols and the Nuva Cube were only for the Toa Mata-Nuva?
  12. 1. So the Toa Inika got their organic Kanohi when they got struck by the Red Star, but how else can an organic Kanohi be made? 2. If a normal Toa wears an organic Kanohi can it communicate with the Toa and help them like the Toa Inika's did? 3. Is Tobduk's Sanok and Jovan's Kadin organic?
  13. So we know that the Toa Mata became Toa Nuva because they were destined to transform from EP. Were the Toa Mata the only destined Toa to become Toa Nuva, or is it possible for another destined team or individual Toa to become Toa Nuva from EP? If so will the team or individual Toa get a full set of Nuva Kanohi, Nuva Symbols, and a Nuva Cube like the Toa Mata? Also can Toa Nuva still wear regular Great Kanohi?
  14. With the large population of the MU, is it possible that there are beings with the same name? Also in the Agori language could there be beings with the same name?
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