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  1. Tahu, Takanuva and Kopaka
  2. Makuta are shapeshifters, but do they have a default form (ie. true form)? If so, what does it look like? Teridax's shadow titan form? Or is every Makuta's true form unique?
  3. Icarax, Krika and most of all... Hydraxon!
  4. The Toa Nuva are the most powerful team of Toa (BioSector01 confirms this). In my opinion, the Nuva only lost against the Piraka because they were overconfident after their previous victories (they had just returned from defeating the Rahkshi and Teridax) and underestimated the Piraka. The Inika defeated them because they knew the Nuva lost against the Piraka, and were thus more cautious when battling them.
  5. So a Fire Nova Blast would take the form of an insanely massive fireball or something?
  6. This is an excellent question that I've always wondered myself. The separation of fire and ice is also questionable, since fire represents heat; and ice the lack of heat. Tahu had overlapping powers with Kopaka - he could absorb all heat in an area, thus rendering it cold; while Kopaka could simply lower the temperature by using ice, having a similar effect.I have another question though - how would a Stone and Earth Nova Blast look like? A Water Nova Blast is a tsunami, or am I wrong?
  7. Well then, I beg to differ. If what you say is true, then it would be only too easy to avoid attack - just keep the shield up and maintain it. That way it will only be broken after a particularly powerful blow - and I don't think that is the case.
  8. Zarohum, on Dec 23 2011 - 04:23 AM, said:Now I have a question. If someone blocks an attack they're aware of, and gets attacked by someone they don't know of while the shield is still up, would the shield still block them? Actually, I disagree. I think the shield would break in such a case, since the second attack would be unexpected. Something similar happened when Onua used his Hau against Teridax's vortex form.
  9. I was not sure if this falls under Storyline & Theories, or this forum, but since what I am about to ask is related to the sets, I thought I'd post it here.Are the sizes and heights of the characters in the Bionicle storyline consistent with the corresponding sizes and heights of the sets? Because this would mean that the Toa Nuva are significantly shorter than the Mahri; and Teridax's shadow titan form is considerably shorter than Icarax, which is in my opinion awkward. What do you think?
  10. I assume masks are to be used purely by beings, so I don't think it would protect objects.
  11. If I recall correctly for Onua vs Makuta, Onua got hit because Makuta striked him from behind, and this was a surprise attack. Since the Hau does not protect against ambush, Onua was sent flying. Based on what I have read in the Bionicle story, I agree that the Hau is simply a very powerful force field, which can nevertheless still be shattered against a very powerful blow, for example against the Bohrok-Kal. Tahu's Hau Nuva was unable to block a particularly devastating Kal attack. It can also be disrupted, for example Tahu activated his Hau Nuva in Karda Nui but one of the Makuta shattered the shield by using one of its powers (I forgot which Makuta and which power). Tahu also encountered leeches in the Karda Nui swamp which actually fed on the shield.
  12. Hmm... good reasoning. If I remember correctly Biosector01 said that the Symbols are at secret locations guarded by Matoran... which didn't prove too effective against the Kal
  13. Well then, all anyone would have to do to stop the Nuva would be to grab the symbols. Easy!
  14. Why should it be a question of balance? Look at the Makuta, the amount of powers they have is ridiculous. They are vastly overpowered, but don't have many weaknesses apart from the fact that their energy can easily dissipate when their armour is shattered.
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