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  1. Freedom is the freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4.

  2. Thanks for the review!I see what you're saying and I definitely will make the corrections in the sequel. For the whole Mulcar thing, I noticed that when I went through. I simply explained it to myself that Mulcar was following orders loyally, but he started questioning his superior's true intentions. I should have made that much more clear. Mulcar went through a definite character change in the story, he started as an evil shadowy figure and turned into a loyal(ish) warrior. But it did happen too fast.And I am very sorry about the grammatical errors, I will definitely pay more attention to detail. Thanks again!
  3. I am pretty sure it´s fine as long as you don´t start mentioning and discussing the banned member here. EDIT: Just noticed the banned member actually is mentioned in the opening post. Please edit that out. ~Gata. Oh! Sorry, I didn't know that, and I did edit that out. I honestly didn't take into context all the cons of this proposition, and I am sorry about that, I seem to have spoken out of place. Looking at what all of you members have said, it does seem more like a petition than what CUUSOO was designed for. I'm sorry, it's just that the Concept of seeing BIONICLE seemed so close, but you're all right, this is not the way to do it. If this topic needs to be deleted, then please do so.
  4. Of course Lego knows what they're doing. That's why they canceled the line when they did. They knew continuing any further wasn't a smart idea. And fan input is not always a good idea either. Fans are too inconsistent in their desires to help create a new franchise with appeal broad enough to be successful. I'm sure many of the supporters have a genuine interest in buying, but that cannot confirm that people will follow through and actually purchase sets. This is true for any petition, and the few 1000 people who have signed in the past two months isn't enough to convince anyone. Even a full 10000 votes (which will take a very long time at this rate) isn't enough people to sustain a full toy line. Maybe it's enough to convince Lego to sell one set (Like the average Cuusoo entry), but a whole theme? Not a chance. I understand the story's appeal, and that was certainly one of the reasons I became a fan, but again, it seems that there are many fans who care more for the story than the sets. That's perfectly fine, but I can't see why Lego would cater to them.Also, it appears Lego has decided to shift their media direction since Bionicle. Lines like Knights Kingdom and Exo-Force took similar directions to Bionicle, but both failed to remain successful after three years, leaving open-ended backstories and disappointing endings (If you could even say Exo-Force had an ending). Bionicle eventually hit the same problem, profits were declining and Lego had to rush it up. Newer themes such as Ninjago and Hero Factory have taken a new, episodic approach. This is a much safer move, as they can cancel the toy line whenever they need to and not worry about affecting the media. It would appear that if Lego continues with this direction, there would be little chance that something like Bionicle in terms of story could be released. Lego has rebooted Bionicle many times (2004, 2006, 2009) and eventually failed. I doubt a return to Bionicle would be as big as it was in the past, especially if Lego bends to the fans' desires. It takes a full reboot to regenerate interest, and that's exactly what they already did with Hero Factory. I can't imagine a true Bionicle reboot would generate a line as successful as its predecessor, especially if it happened as soon as fans want it.I do indeed see what you're saying (If Exo-Force even has an ending. Tee-hee). I can't debate any of the points you made, and I'm not against Hero Factory at all (not saying you said I was), it's really cool. There's just something about the brand being BIONICLE... You have to admit, as a theme it was hugely successful, it lasted ten years. I still feel that spark could be re-ignited somehow. If not soon then in the future for a new generation.
  5. Well, it's not about winning, per say. Minecraft just reached the amount of votes necessary for the LEGO review.
  6. I see what you're saying, but I believe LEGO would know what to do if they brought back BIONICLE. It's not like they don't listen at all, they must at some point. They know the STARS didn't get the warmest welcome, and I'm sure they would get some input from fans. As for the whole not buying it thing, then what would be the point of their supporting it in the first place? Surely they won't be that picky. And for the story aspect, you do have a good point. LEGO is selling toys, not stories (unless you count the books/movies, but those were big ads in some ways). But the story was part of the whole appeal to BIONICLE, without it they were just action figures. Sure LEGO was all about making your onw creations and building, but there was plenty of room to build your own stories around the characters. I still believe BIONICLE would be as big of an asset as it used to be if it returned.
  7. I don't want to sound like some kind of desperate fanatic, but there may be a way to help gain attention for bringing back BIONICLE! In case you didn't know, LEGO CUUSOO is a website devoted to the sharing of new LEGO ideas, and it was also the perfect way to raise attention. A member set up an idea called Bring Back BIONICLE, which does what the title implies. With 10,000 votes, this will send a sure message to LEGO, no matter what. So please, take the time to vote, just in case something goes right.http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/880 link to the page.
  8. No Room for Heroes: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=2305 Review Link: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=2307 Chapters: 8
  9. So, if you've read my epic, No Room for Heroes, and you'd like to give the ol' review, please do so here. I'd like your honest opinions so I can improve my writing, so don't pull any punches!Okay, maybe pull a few.
  10. Ahem! Here goes. Back when I was a member on Forums of Destiny, I got to writing my own little epic. It followed the adventures of Toa Hazdrix, the Toa of Psychics as he tried to discover the mysterious origins of why he was a Toa and... whatever.This was my first BIONICLE fan-fiction, and it isn't that good, but I hope you enjoy it. It was told in a series of seven posts that composed chapters. A sequel was being written, but then something happened... I don't remember... and it was stopped. So without further ado, please enjoy...NO ROOM FOR HEROESBY CHARLES PAINTERCHAPTER IThere was a brief but deadly pause. Sardrok looked to the left quickly, just in time to dodge an incoming projectile. It whirred past and struck one of the many trees behind him. He readied his blade and channeled his energy. All of a sudden, it lit up, full of power, glowing in the dark jungle. Come on... he thought. Where are you? It was right behind him, contemplating which method of assassination to use. It quickly decided. Sardrok's scream echoed through the jungle canopy...Hazdrix woke up in a flash. He gasped for breath. What a strange dream. What did it mean? He got off his cot and exited his hut into the open jungle of Bota Magna. His village was located right next to an ancient shrine they called Tioka and it was his job as curater to go check on it's wellfare. He set off past agori going along their daily chores. He right before he reached the magnificent temple, he paused. Some of the village elders were talking. "Yes, we found him dead next to River Bota this morning!""What could have killed Sardrok? He is our greatest warrior! Who will replace him?!"As he scurried up the stone steps, Hazdrix pondered over what he had just heard. Sardrok was the village protector and warrior. What could have possibly killed him? And who would be the new patron warrior of his village? It was full of Agori, not warriors! Such thoughts floated through his mind as he set off pollishing and cleaning the temple of Tioka. His daily routine was stopped by the approach of a tall dark figure. Much taller than any agori, he wore a strange mask and seemed to have appeared out of nowhere."Little one," he said in a voice so smooth that Hazdrix allmost fell asleep. "You have been chosen to carry on the task of many heroes before you, do you except?"Hazdrix didn't know what to say. This had all happened very quickly. Who was this figure? What task? Which heroes?"Yes." Hazdrix replied without thinking."Good." replied the figure and he handed Hazdrix a small shining stone. "You know what to do." and with that, he vanished.Two days later, Hazdrix was cleaning the Tioka again when he saw something he had never seen before. It rose out of the ground and was a large curved cyllander with a notch to place something. The notch closely resembled Hazdrix's stone. He had been studying it and had found that it was nothing special, just a shiny stone. But now, he saw it's purpose. It fit in the thing. Suva. the word floated into his mind and out in an instant. It belonged in the suva. He walked towards it, took out the stone, and placed it in. The world went black.A rush of pure energy surged into Hazdrix and sent him slamming into the floor. It pulsed through his body, changed him and when it was over he felt very different. He ran to the nearest pool of water and looked at himself in awe. He was much taller, armored, and his normal mask had been drastically modified. Toa.Yes. He was a toa.TO BE CONTINUED... CHAPTER IIHazdrix stared at his reflection in the pool of water. He looked so... different. He was taller, armored, and seemed to be rippling with power. Toa. That's what he was. He didn't even know what a toa was! It had just floated into his mind and embedded itself there. You are toa. There it was again! The voice that seemed to haunt him in his wake. He paused. This was just what his village needed! A new warrior! He obviously looked the part, but could he... Hazdrix walked over to a nearby overturned tree and put his hands under it. He lifted, and it rose above his head easily! Looks like I can play the part too! He needed to go show his village that he was ready to fight for their safety. But wait, would they recognize him? What if they mistake him for a rival warrior here to destroy them in their time of need! He needed to prove himself. Save the village. But how? He couldn't just trigger a disaster, could he? He looked around. A stable was nearby, and there was a raaki bull inside of it. That'll do...A lone figure stared out at the ruined expanse of Metru Nui. Accursed Visorak! he thought. They've ruined everything! Another figure materialized next to him. "Any news of the toa mata?" the other asked.The figure shoook his head sadly. "Malfunction. They won't be around for a while. Stupid codrex.""And what of the toa metru?""They have been poisoned by the visorak. I fear they will never be healed. Which is why it is so important that your mission succeded."The other figure nodded. "He is a toa, but I don't understand, how?""That is not for you yet to know. All you need to know is that he is our only hope.""But who is he? What is his purpose?"There was a pause. The figure lifted his gaze to the ruined colloseum. "He's not supposed to exist."Hazdrix's village was thrown into chaos. The raaki bull was destroying houses, injuring agori, and causing havok. The agori tried in vain to stop it's enraged rampage, but to no avail. If only Sardrok were here! Little did they know, one far greater than Sardrok was waiting... for the opportune moment to save the day. When it seemed that there was no hope for the little village, Hazdrix jumpe with skill he couldn't explain onto the back of the bull and began to ride it. Okay, maybe ride isn't the best word, more like flail and try not to die! After gaining control, he ran the bull into a nearby cliff, knocking him unconcious. He dismounted and said in a brave voice,"Greeting, my patron village! I am your new defender, Toa Hazdrix!"There was a very very long pause. "You can't be Hazdrix!" shouted a villager. He's an agori! You're a... warrior!""That I am!" he replied. "And I am here to secure the safety of this village!" He raised his hand into the air, and to his great surprise, a beam of energy was emitted, and it reached to the heavens themselves. This just keeps getting better! he thought. There was a great cheer as the agori welcomed Toa Hazdrix among their number. Things were finally looking up for Hazdrix, when a whirring knife whipped by his face.The intruder had come from nowhere, but all recognized him. Mautraz, rival warrior of the deceased Sardrok. "Greetings, Toa Hazdrix." he said in a voice that shook Hazdrix to the core. "It seems that you've joined the execution line! Well, I killed Sardrok, and you're next!" With that he bounded off into the jungle.Hazdrix stood and stared at where Mautraz had left. "Not if I have anything to do with it!" TO BE CONTINUED... CHAPTER IIIHazdrix raised his hand and focused a blast of concentrated energy at a very unlucky nearby tree. After he enveloped it in his energy he began to twist it and weld it into whatever he wanted to. Like he was... Psychic. The voice echoed.Toa of Psychics... Hazdrix had been training with his new body for a while now, and he was finally getting used to his new and improved "toa" body. But why me?he wondered. What makes me special? Little did he know that he would find that out very soon. Still, he knew Mautraz, rival warrior, would stop at nothing to quash him. He knew he had powers. Well, now he new they were psychic powers. Still, he felt he was missing something... He shrugged it off and levitated a tree into the air. He wondered... He closed his eyes and concentrated for a very long time and it happened. The tree disentegrated. Psychic...Mautraz sat in his village, amid the other villagers. They all were curious about what would happen next. They wanted the other village, and they thought getting rid of Sardrok would give them instant access to the village, but no. This new "Toa Hazdrix" was their new defender. Who was he? And how did he do that thing with his... hands? He was obviously very powerful, but what power? Oh well. He wouldn't have to kill him honorably. Just as long as he was dead."So, Mulcar, how is he progressing?" The figure asked. Mulcar recalled when he had first given the toa stone to Hazdrix. He still didn't know how an agori could become a toa. But, obviously, his superior did. "He is definately progressing, he has already mastered his psychic power, all that's left is his mask. That one will be interesting.""Ah yes, the split-mask. I would love to see him use it.""The opportunity will soon arise. It seems that a rival warrior is going to challenge him. Before this show down he must learn the code."The figure solemnly nodded. "Teach him." Mulcar vanished into thin air and the other continued to watch the Metru Nui skyline. The failsafe had to work...Night fell on Bota Magna. Mautraz and a small party of assassins moved through the thick jungle. Toa Hazdrix would not live to see the sunrise.Hazdrix stared up at the top of his hut. Laying here, he felt so vulnerable. He knew Mautraz would try to kill him. He was an assassin, it's what they did. He was also a good fighter. A really good fighter. Would Hazdrix be ready? Or would he die and be a failure to his people. At least- WHIRRR The knife barely missed Hazdrix's face. he sprung up and readied himself to fight. It ended here. There was a pause. And then, knives came from all ofer, straight through the walls of his hut. He raised his hands and willed a wall of psychic energy protect him. It worked. The knives stopped in mid-throw, He stopped the wall and they fell harmlessly to the ground. Hazdrix rolled out of his hut and straight into Mautraz. Mautraz raised his blade to cut down, and Hazdrix raised his hands to block. Instead of hitting his hands, the blade hit a psychic wall and Hazdrix willed it bounce off."What... what are you?" Mautraz asked"Hazdrix, Toa of Psychics." he replied and then something amazing happened. There was a tingling inside his body, focused mainly on his face. no, mask! It began to glow ith a brightness that scared both combatants. When it was over, two warriors stood where there had been one. One wore armor blacker than the night sky, the other, brighter than the sun. They both looked like Hazdrix, and they WERE Hazdrix. Mulcar smiled. Hazdrix's mask allowwed him to split his essence into two intellegent beings, each a facet of himself. This was very interesting.The two Hazdrixs seemed confused. So was Mautraz. The brighter Hazdrax began to speak."Well, isn't this quite an astonishing revalation! Our mask allows us to be split into two different warriors!"The other said nothing, but nodded."Why then, I speculate that we should work together to beat this foe using our rapier intellect and psychic powers!"The other nodded and raised his hand. So did the brighter one. They blasted as one. Mautraz was hit with an unfathomable wave of psychic energy, so much that he screamed loud enough to break glass. He crumpled into a defeated hulk. Both Hazdraxs raised their hands to deliver the final blows..."NO!"The shout surprised both Hazdraxes and for a moment, they became unfocused. It was brief enough for the mask to draw them back together as one. Hazdrax looked at the shouter. "You?" Hazdrax replied in disbelief. The shouter was the one who gave him the stone."Toa do not kill. You have learned all of your skills needed. Time to go.""Go where?""Aqua Magna, more specific Metru Nui City.""No! I have to stay and help my people! They need me!"The figure raised his hand and there was a flash of light. Mautraz was transformed into a worthless raaki spider. "Now they don't. You're needed more in the city." With that he raised his hand, and sent Hazdrax far away.TO BE CONTINUED... CHAPTER IVHazdrix screamed, not that anyone could hear him. Just an instant ago, he had discovered a new power, his mask, and saved his village. Before he could finish the job though, the same one who gave him the stone that changed him into a toa told him toa could not kill. And then, he raised his hand and turned Mautraz into a snake! What was he? The figure had also told him that he had to go to somewhere called Metru Nui! What did this mean? Before Hazdrix could take action, the figure had raised his hand, and the world went black.Mulcar closed his eyes and concentrated. If he was to send Toa Hazdrix to Aqua Magna it would take a load more concentration than sending himself there. But, he had been trained in this art, like those before him. He knew what he was doing, but he needed absolute focus. Think Aqua Magna... and then Metru Nui!Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.Rakzar the agori had seen the whole thing. Mautraz's party going to Toa Hazdrix's hut, Hazdrix becoming two warriors, and the most shocking yet, the figure making Toa Hazdrix dissapear. That couldn't be allowed to happen. Who would protect the village? Rakzar picked up a nearby stone and chunked it at Mulcar. He had to get Hazdrix back!Mulcar faltered. The stone hit him square in the head and he lost his concentration for just a second. Just a second! But that's all that it took. He lost his hold on the dimensional gateway and lost Toa Hazdrix. "No..." he started to say. "No, no NO!" Toa Hazdrix was lost.Toa Hazdrix opened his eyes. The world wasn't a swirling pit of blackness now, it was actually quite bright. And windy. I have never felt such a strong breeze! He thought, and then it hit him. I'm falling. Toa Hazdrix plummeted through the sky of Bara Magna, heading straight to the desert below. The mess up in Mulcar's concentration had sent him to this place in stead! This was not good. The ground looked soft, but Hazdrix figured it was just a bunch of tiny rocks. And rocks hurt. How was he going to save himself? It's not like he had... powers! Hazdrix flattened himself against the wind. He willed a bubble of energy form around him...The arena of Atero was packed. Everyone wanted to see this amazing match-up. Vastus versus Certavus. Vastus was a renowned fighter and tactivist, and Certavus was supposedly the greatest Glatorian that had ever lived! The air was electric with agori that couldn't wait to see what would happen next. Vastus raised his scythe to strike down, but Certavus was quicker. He kicked up, disarmed Vastus and pointed his gigantic ice blade at Vastus's throat."Concede." said Certavus cooly."Fine." Vastus replied and stood up. They shook hands. "Good match, that kick was inspired!""Well, it was needed! That scythe of yours would have chopped my head off-" Their conversation was interrupted by a bright light and a roar. Certavus looked up. A meteor was headed for the colloseum. The evacuation began immediately. Agori were rushed out, and glatorian helped gather supplies. Certavus was the last one out., He looked back at the meteor. It was dangerously close, but close enough for him to notice something. That's the first meteor I've ever seen with someone inside...The pressure and heat inside Hazdrix's psychic bubble was unbearable. He felt himself blacking out. No... I have to stay concious until I impact... The impact came, Hazdrax blacked out. But something triggered inside of him. Memories..."Let me go!" screamed Hazdrax. He was being held by two warriors. They carried him into a dark room and strapped him onto a table. "What do you want with me? I'm just a peaceful agori!" Another figure entered the room. He wore a hood over his face so Hazdrax couldn't see, but one thought ran through his mind. Great Being. "My child..." the Great Being began to say. "You are going to be a tool for us. You see, we have chosen to model a race after you.""A race? You mean like a species?!""Yes. They will be a benefit to all, but first, you need some... modifications..." The Great Being produced a drill from a nearby table. "This may hurt a bit..."Hazdrax woke up in a start. Those dreams... they seemed so real... maybe they were more like memories. "Calm down, friend. Are you allright?" The voice came from a warrior in snow-white armor standing next to the cot where Toa Hazdrix rested. "I am Certavus, Glatorian warrior. Who are you?""I am Toa Hazdrix. Toa of psychics." Toa Hazdrix said."Toa? Well, it's nice to meet you Toa Hazdrix. Say, where are you from?""It's kind of a long story..."CHAPTER VCertavus swiftly avoided Gelu's blade. Gelu was a good sparring partner, and was getting better. Maybe too much better! he thought as Gelu sliced down, nearly missing Certavus's face. Gelu reached for his thornax blaster, and loaded it with a wet ball of sand (considering they couldn't use thornax). Certavus knew that he had to act fast. Somersaulting backwards, he raised his blade, just in time for the sand to splat harmlessly against it. Winding back, he threw his blade with olympic skills straight at Gelu's blaster holding hand. SHIIIING! The expertly tossed sword knocked the blaster out of Gelu's hand."Woah! When did you learn that move?" asked an astonished Gelu."Spur of the moment." replied Certavus. He became aware of a pair of eyes watching him. "Your turn, Hazdrix."Toa Hazdrix was a thing of wonder to Certavus. After it turned out that the meteor about to destroy the arena wasn't a meteor, but a warrior. After nursing him back to relative health, he asked the strange warrior where he was from. He wasn't expecting what he heard.Toa Hazdrix told Certavus that he was from another planet entirely, judging by how there was no jungle here, called Bota Magna. After searching the night sky, he came to the conclusion that the green moon was Bota Magna. Then, he told Certavus of how he started out as a normal Agori, but one day, a figure gave him a stone that transformed him into a mighty toa warrior! Now, not only did he have psychic powers and a mask that allowed him to be split into two different warriors, but he had also been warped away from his home by the same person who made him a toa! It took Certavus a long time to process this. And when Toa Hazdrix asked if this was Metru Nui on Aqua Magna, Certavus replied, "You might be on the wrong world" and getstured toward a blue moon above. Two days had passed since then, and when Certavus tested Toa Hazdrix's fighting skills, he discovered they needed work, but his psychic powers were the real deal.Now, Certavus was about to see if Hazdrix had absorbed any of the things he had been taught. Hazdrix stood up."Can I use my powers?" he asked."No.""Alrighty then..." replied Toa Hazdrix and he charged. Certavus stood there confidently. A direct charge was how Hazdrix usually started, and Certavus knew how to avoid these things, but this time something was different. Hazdrix had his hands up in a defensive pose instead of just running like he usually did. Certavus drew his sword and brought it up in a defensive stance... Hazdrix jumped.Certavus had never seen anyone jump that high before, clear over his sword, but when Hazdrix landed, he unleashed a storm of punches so rapid that Certavus didn't even know what was going on, until it was over. Certavus dropped his sword and dropped down onto his knees. The pain was almost unbearable. How had he done that, so fast?! "Looks like I learned a few things after all." said Toa Hazdrix."Don't get to cocky, kid." Certavus replied. "The arena is unforgiving and deadly.""I have no intentions of joining your fight, Glatorian." Toa Hazdrix replied. "I've got to get off of this sand pile and back to my village."I don't think you get it." Certavus said back. "You're not getting home. You're trapped here just like the rest of us."Mulcar meditated. Hard. He had lost Toa Hazdrix somewhere in the universe and he had to find him. He wasn't on Bota Magna, nor Aqua. There was only one place left. Mulcar traveled to Bara Magna."Listen, kid." Certavus began. "You need to fight. It'll be good experience."Hazdrix remained silent for a minuite. "Fine." he said. "I don't have anything else to do.""Good. The yearly tournament at Atero is today, we'll head that way now."Hazdrix followed. But his thoughts drifted back to those strange dreams...Hazdrix looked at himself in the mirror. Or rather, at what he was now. The Great Being had put him to sleep, and when he woke up, he was VERY different. He was much shorter, looked a little more robotic, and was wearing a modified version of his helmet that was more of a mask."This is perfect!" the Great Being said joyfully. "Now, all I need is a scan..." he scanned Hazdrix's new "Matoran" body (as he had called it) and stored the data in a nearby machine. "Now we can make millions of you! To work and maintain our newest project! Now, about changing you back...""Hazdrix!" Certavus shouted. "Are you paying attention? Your match is about to start!" Hazdrix nodded vigourously and stepped into the arena. On the opposite side was a warrior called Malum. Here we go... thought Hazdrix. Malum charged. Hazdrix thought about his options. He picked a simple one. Migraine. He focused his powers on Malum's head. Malum stopped and grabbed it, groaning in pain. Hazdrix fired his thornax blaster Certavus had given him. Malum fell to the ground, unconscious. Hazdrax had won!During a brief intermission, Certavus clasped him on the back. "Good job, friend. But don't think I don't know what you did. Use your powers in moderation.""Yes, friend." Hazdrix replied and set out to the his next match. His final match.Hazdrix stepped onto the arena. He looked to see who his opponent was and dropped his launcher. It was the one who gave him the stone."Well, toa, I guess it's time you completed your mission. I'm Mulcar, by the way. Anyway, it's time to go." He raised his hand and the world began to go black."Stop, fiend!" the shout came from Cretavus as he leapt over the bleachers and cut down at Mulcar."You fool! You endanger the whole universe!" Mulcar spat."You will not hurt him." Certavus said boldly."Then you will die." Replied Mulcar and raised his hand. Certavus crumpled to the ground, screaming in agony."No!" shouted Hazdrix and shot a thornaz straight at Mulcar's chest, surprising him. "It's ironic, you told me I couldn't kill.""I am no toa." Mulcar replied. "And you are needed elsewhere." with that, he charged Hazdrix, tackled him, and warped them away.Certavus woke up in the infrimary. "What... what happened?" he asked."We don't know." replied the doctor. "You jumped into the arena and just kind of crumpled."Certavus paused. "Weird, I don't remember any of that..."CHAPTER VIAs much as he hated to admit it, Hazdrix was getting used to sudden teleportation, even if the world was just a swirling black pit of darkness. What he wasn't used to though was being ripped away from his friends. Was Certavus going to be okay? How did Mulcar do that? And who was Mulcar anyway? Why did he give Hazdrix the toa stone? Hox could Hazdrix become a toa? Hazdrix knew where the memories lied. Becoming a toa had unearthed memories from a deep past he couldn't recall. Memories of a different world. A better world. He knew these memories held the key to finding out how he had become toa. He closed his eyes and concentrated.Hazdrix woke up on a cold metal table. He tried to get up, but realized he was still bound to it. Before he could start to struggle, though, the bindings released. He stood up and walked to the mirror. He was an agori again! "Yes, you're back to your old self." said the Great Being from behind Hazdrix. "Well, mostly.""What do you mean, mostly?" asked Hazdrix."You can still function as a matoran, actually. Those effects will never go away. You're able to maintain the Mata Nui robot, become a toa...""Toa?""Yes, toas are upgraded versions of matoran. They function as guardians and help keep our latest project running smoothly. Of course, you'll probably never get the chance to become one." "Why not?" asked Hazdrix, a little perturbed."Because all of the toa stones, which when combined with a suva station produce purified protodermis, are on our latest project, which will be off of this planet within days.""Because of the war?""In a way... yes. But, our secrets must remain secrets and we caqn trust no one. So, I'm afraid i'm going to have to wipe your memory." said the Great Being. There was a flash and Hazdrix fell to the ground.When Hazdrix awoke from his reverie, he was still on the ground, and Mulcar was nowhere to be found. He also had no idea where he was. He was in what appeared to be a large office. Except, no desk. There were many things lining the walls. Masks, weapons, writing, and some kind of disk. There was also a contraption next to the disks that looked extra-suspicious. Hazdrix got up, walked towards it and got it. Aha! It was a launcher for the disks. He fitted one in to the launcher, grabbed a few more, and slung them over his back. Just in case... However, when he turned around, there was a spiked mace at his throat."State your name." the holder of the mace groweled. She was wearing entirely blue armor, and was holding a large sheild. Hazdrix felt wet standing next to her.Hazdrix focused his energy on her head and she crumpled to the ground. After he was sure she had learned her lesson and released the hold he replied, "Hazdrix, Toa of Psychics.""I know no 'Toa of Psychics.'" The warrior spat. "Who are you, really?""I speak the truth." Hazdrix replied. "I come from a land far away." The other warrior got up."I am Helryx, Toa of Water and your superior. What is your purpose here?""I am not sure. Something to do with a city called Metru Nui.""Then you've come to the right place." Helryx replied and gestured towards a large window. Hazdrix looked outside. He wasn't prepared for what he saw.Metru Nui might have been a gorgeous city before, but now it was a giant wasteland. Webs covered skyscrapers, buildings collapsed, wild beasts roamed the streets. "What happened here?" Hazdrix asked."Makuta happened." Helryx replied. "He got greedy and poisoned the great spirit. Soon, an earthquake ravaged the city. Rahi escaped from the archives, but that's not the worst of it. The visorak swarms appeared not long after, transforming the beasts into hiddeous monsters. Not only that, but it transformed our last team of toa into the same thing. Whether or not they'll recover is unknown.""So I guess my purpose is to finish what they started?"Helryx snorted. "An impossible task, alone. Their mission was to transport the cities inhabitants to the island above this city.""But the inhabitants were transformed?" asked Hazdrix."No. Makuta imprisoned them inside canisters. They're sleeping softly under the colloseum." Helryx gestured towards the collosal buiding in the heart of the city. "You're mission will be to take out the swarm leader, Roodaka. That will not be an easy task though, you'll need-" Helryx was cut off by the shout of a messanger. "Toa Helryx! The Toa Metru have defeated the swarms and rebecome toa!" Helryx and Hazdrix paused. What did this mean for him?Mulcar couldn't belive what he was hearing. The toa, cured? This was not part of the plan! He turned to his superior. "What does this mean?"The shadowy figure sighed. "Kill him.""What? What did you say?""Kill him. He has no purpose to serve.""He could still be beneficial! You could let him go home-""You do not question me!" boomed the other. "You kill him, or we kill you, Mulcar."There was a pause. Mulcar bowed. "As you wish..."Hazdrix walked down a corridor with Helryx. This had been a very unexpected turn. No sooner had he turned to look at Helryx when he felt a knife at his throat."Sorry about this..." CHAPTER VIIHazdrix stood. The blade at his throat was not meant as a warning. Mulcar was here to kill. He only had one chance to save himself. Mulcar brought the blade across... but nothing happened. The blade had instead slitted a small psychic wall Hazdrix had made before. Now was his chance. Hazdrix created a psychic arm on the floor behind Mulcar and wished it come up to attack. It did. Mulcar was grabbed and thrown across the giant hall. Toa Helryx stared in wonder. "Looks like you are-" she cut off. She just stood there for a second. "Helryx?" Toa Hazdrix asked. "Are you okay?" Helryx turned and faced Hazdrix. There was something wrong. Her eyes. Instead of being green, they were red. Bright red. She raised her mace and water appeared as if from nowhere. It began to trap Hazdrix. In his panic he struggled, but it was not no avail. Water formed a bubble around his head. She's drowning me! Hazdrix couldn't think, couldn't breathe! He had to get out! He had to... that's it! He felt his face getting warmer.Hello, friend!Toa Helryx stared at what had been one toa, but was now two! The two Hazdrixs rushed her and fired psychic blasts at her. All at once, she crumpled to the ground. Victim of the two Hazdrixs might. "Well, if you think that impresses me, your very off!" The shout came from a nearby Mulcar who had teleported behind the Hazdrixs. "Please, toa. I know everything about you. You can't beat me. Except your destiny. You're over."Both Hazdrixs said as one, "Not while the flame still burns within us!" they charged. Mulcar jumped up and kicked their heads into each other, combining the Hazdrixs into one. Discombobulated, Toa Hazdrix got out the launcher he had found earlier. He loaded a disk into the compartment and fired. WHEEEEEE! The disk stuck true. Mulcar was frozen solid. Hazdrix limped over to him. Mulcar was wearing a mask, and had dark armor. He also noticed the knife he had been carrying was a full length sword now. Suddenly, the ice he was looking at became transparent. Mulcar had teleported away. He turned around just in time to dodge the gigantic sword Mulcar had swung at him. A near miss! Hazdrix realized that he really couldn't beat Mulcar. He was too powerful. But, he needed to know who Mulcar was, what he was. He needed to go where Mulcar came from. To get the edge Mulcar had on him. He couldn't teleport though, how would he get there? Mulcar. Mulcar would take them there.Mulcar struggled to get his sword out of the ground. It was stuck in there pretty tight, and he needed just a bit more strength... he forgot about Hazdrix. Hazdrix focused his power on Mulcar's thoughts. He got inside them, controlled them, controlled Mulcar. Take me to your home... he willed and Mulcar grabbed him and teleported. What a great plan!When the teleportation process had ended, Hazdrix awoke to the sight of many unhappy creatures staring at him, including Mulcar. They all looked simliar to Mulcar too, except for the masks. They all wore different gray masks."We told you to kill him, not bring him here!" one whispered to Mulcar."Now that he knows of our existance, he surely must die!" said another."Why?" Mulcar asked. "What wrong has he done? Lived? How is that wrong?" Mulcar demanded of the ones around him."It is not for you to know what he has done wrong." said someone from behind the crowd. It split and the speaker walked through. Hazdrix began to feel woozy. The speaker was huge, the size of 3 toa, and he seemed to be an advanced version of the ones who had kidnapped and tried to assassinate Hazdrix. Mulcar clenched his fists in rage."When is it for me to know?!" he shouted. "When will you cranky old piles of scrap tell me why he has to die? Why he's a toa? WHY HE EXISTS?" There was a pause. How could he? He was not to speak out of turn! But he wasn't done. He continued in a sadder voice, "When will you tell me why I exist?"The larger one spoke again. "We will never tell you any of these things. It is not as the Great Beings have prophecied.""Great Beings?" Hazdrix interjected. "What do you know about the Great Beings?"The large figure snorted. "Since you are about to die, it will make no difference. We are the Order of The Great Beings. We are in charge of controlling everything that happens in this universe while Mata Nui still slumbers. We work secretly, discreetly. We do not exist. We know all. And we also know how you shouldn't exist either. I was there, after all." Hazdrix could see a great similartiy between him and one of the warriors that had carried him to the Great Being. Mulcar had been staring at the ground, his thoughts a train wreck. He couldn't let Hazdrix die. It was his fault he was a toa! He had to do something. He stepped in front of the large figure. "Haxxin," he said. There was a collective gasp. You never called a superior officer by his name. "you have no right to kill this toa. He has done nothing wrong, instead he has done much right! I will not let you kill him."Haxxin laughed. "Fool. In here, there's no room for heroes! You cannot stop me! I am the ruler of this Order! The orders to kill him came directly from me! Not you're lazy capitain!" That tore it for Mulcar. He jumped into the air and kicked Haxxin up the chin. Haxxin fell to the ground, pained. Hazdrix saw his chance. He grabbed his kanoka disk launcher and fired at Haxxin. There was a horrible thud as the disk sunk into his flesh. Hazdrix didn't know what he had just done, but it seemed to work because Haxxin fell to the ground. The rest of the order was stunned. Mulcar turned to Hazdrix. This was their chance! He grabbed Hazdrix and teleported.The followers of the order moved in on their fallen leader. But then, he moved! He was alive! No... something was wrong. There was a horrible roar.Hazdrix opened his eyes to find... nothing. There was literally nothing in front of him. "Where... where are we?" he asked Mulcar."Nowhere." Mulcar replied and it was true. They were in the middle of nowhere. "What do we do now?" Hazdrix asked.Mulcar paused. "We find the Great Beings.THE ENDAnd there it is, my first fan fiction. I really should get working on the sequel, Lost to Time.
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