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  1. IC: Pyre Hearing that the winds have died, he stepped out of his shelter. Spinning around Avenger which he had taken back from the unconscious Percy, he looked around for any cyclone rahkshi.
  2. Pyre has been holding onto Avenger for quite a while now. When Vlad finds out, Pyre's screwed. By the way, does the light Avenger emits create any form of heat?
  3. IC: Edge - Gym Edge opened the door once more and seeing that the cyclone seemed to be dying down he stepped in. The heavy weight of his backpack helped to hold him down from the slowing winds. IC: Pyre - Gym Pyre stood in his little shelter and began cleaning his scythes.
  4. IC: Pyre - Gym A cyclone appeared. Pyre saw that Percy began flying away, and grabbed him by the legs. He quickly had the gym create a large box surrounding him, Percy, and any other people who may have been close. "Idiots." IC: Edge - Halls - Gym Edge walked to the gym. Opened the door. And Closed it immediately.
  5. IC: Edge - Halls Edge stood leaning against the wall, and was watching Exxan when brought the attacker to the infirmary. "Karz. I was looking forward to snatching a body..."
  6. IC: Pyre - Gym Seeing that nobody decided to help him carry Percy, he debated on leaving Percy on the floor. OOC: Is it ok if Pyre carries him to the infirmary?
  7. So now Pyre seems like a jerk. Also what happened to Exxan and Taltrun. Edge has been waiting for a while for somebody else to die.
  8. IC: Pyre "I don't think you won..." Pyre leaned over and picked up he Dodgerahk's blade and placed it in Percy's hand. "Can I get some help taking this guy to the infirmary?"
  9. IC: Pyre - Gym Pyre straightened his back. "Fine, fine. It's gotten boring." He spun his scythe, caught the handle. Then started to back away. "Also, you should get that blade fixed" he said pointing at the blade with a smirk.
  10. OOC: Sorry for the late response. I feel that I've been dragging this battle on for far too long. IC: Pyre - Gym Pyre who had been fighting for a while, had been tired out from Law and Percy and tried to jump out, but got hit straight in the chest. He stumbled backwards waiting for the right time to strike.
  11. IC: Pyre - Gym Pyre was struck in the chest and stumbled backwards. He coughed and pressed his arm against his previous wound.
  12. IC: Pyre - Gym Pyre frowned. Percy was proving to become an annoyance to him very quickly. Pyre attempted a slash at Percy's injured and bleeding fists, which had to have gotten worse after being smashed into the ground.
  13. I've actually been meaning to tell you, Percy didn't manage to make a swing at Pyre. He literally just clocked himself in the head. Ok. I made a new post to reflect this change.
  14. IC: Pyre - Gym Pyre stepped forward to clock Percy straight in the face with the handle of one of his scythes, making sure to steer clear of the rock eating away at Percy.
  15. Hey nato, do you mind if Edge intervenes?
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