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  1. Thanks . The torso was an attempt at not simply slapping on the overused chesplates, while still making something that looked good. I wanted to use red instead of gold in his color scheme, but I sadly only have two red armor pieces. There are two cords on the gun. Im not quite sure what I meant for them to be , but it looked cool. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. I really didn't come up with a story for this moc, I really just made it to test out the new building systems's mocing potential. And I must say, its AMAZING. It probably would have taken me a fair bit longer to make something like this using Bionicle pieces. I really like the way this turned out, and im even more impressed with it due to my constraint of only owning a few HF sets, which all have fairly different color schemes. But Im sure you're more interested in what the MOC itself looks like:Pose: http://oi46.tinypic.com/bg1mc9.jpgFront: http://i48.tinypic.com/voa0ar.jpgBack:http://i47.tinypic.com/30u7r05.jpgSide:http://i47.tinypic.com/rmmuev.jpgOther Side:http://i45.tinypic.com/wjtm5u.jpg"Not even heroes live forever": http://i47.tinypic.com/w05k3m.jpgAny feedback or criticism is welcomed
  3. ~5~ “Oh boy, are you this nice to all the new members you get?” I said sarcastically. The look on all the other members faces gave me told me that it wasn’t the best thing to say, but I didn’t care. I never handled well with people who thought they were better than me. I really hoped the medi-bots were paying close attention during this match.“Teran, start the match!” He shouted to the blue and yellow armored one. “Go easy on him Blitz; you know he’s already used up.” Teran said in reply. “Alright, begin!”The instant he said begin, I got hit by a wall. Not literally, but a split-second after the fight begin, Blitz drew his crossbow and fired at me. I never even had time to react properly. I managed to draw my shield in time to block his next shot, but I had to get up. When he saw I had a shield he started inching toward me, still keeping up fire. I tried to get up, but my legs wouldn’t listen to me. Fighting a stronger opponent was too much after what I had been through for initiation. When Blitz reached me, he slammed into me full force with his crossbow. I could not stop it, and crumpled backwards.“How did something like you end up in my squad?” He said angrily to me, advancing on me for another attack. I could tell by the look on the other’s faces that they were mad at Blitz for doing this, but knew it would not end well for them if they interfered. But I wasn’t worried about that, I was MAD. Something about the way that he said ‘”Something” instead of “Someone”, and how he was acting like there was no way I could even land a hit on him angered me, and I found that I had a burst of strength, just like when I was fighting the drones. I stood and held up my sword. He simply shot another bolt at me. But this time I was fully prepared, I charged forward as he fired, blocked it with my shield and uppercutted him with my sword as soon as he was within range. I caught him by surprise, and managed to push him backward. But soon he came to his senses and charged at me. He fired as he went, but I was ready for anything he could do now. I found out three seconds later that I wasn’t. As he got near me he jumped over me, fired at my back while he was behind me, then sidestepped behind me when I turned to where he was. I learned after that, and spun my shield when he tried to sidestep. Instead of blocking his hit, my shield collided with him, sending some sparks flying as he fell to the ground. He was shocked, but got up quickly. I managed to get another shot with my sword before he was fully up though, and it sent him back a few feet and once again to the ground. But this time he came to his senses and shot at me as he stood, then battered me with his crossbow. I stumbled, but did not fall. I immediately countered with a hit to the chest with my sword, and he too stumbled backwards.“What’s wrong?” I asked “Can’t handle an insignificant rookie?” By this point, I was obviously too cocky. But Teran, and soon the others, began cheering for me as I managed to hold my ground against Blitz’s fury. But I soon fully realized that even with the burst of strength I had had, I still could not beat him. But I did manage to force him to use some of his trickier maneuvers on me. After a few minutes of us fighting evenly and holding our ground, he charged in one last time, a charge that would end our fight. He sidestepped when I sliced him, but when I blocked where I thought he would be, he wasn’t. I found out too late that he was behind me, and he slammed me with his crossbow, and then wrenched my sword out of my hands. He held it to the back of my head.“How heroic do you feel now, rookie, with your own weapon about to kill you?” he sneered. At this point, the others had had enough of this. Teran intervened “He’s too much like you Blitz, he’s not gonna admit defeat. Let him go. Our team will still be a member short if you don’t.”I felt embarrassed needing to be rescued like that, but the others seemed impressed with how long I had lasted against him. “Don’t mind old hot head. He’s like this with every rookie; he thinks they’re a disgrace to his power. You won’t come to like him, but you’ll come to tolerate him. Welcome to the team.” Teran told me when I went to sit down and rest. “Thanks” I replied. I may not have showed it, but I was glad I had at least one friend on this team. It was good to know that not everyone was as heartless as Blitz. ~5~
  4. ~4~ “You have done well. Please wait while your results are loaded and a rank is decided.” The voice said.Then there was an awkward silence as my results were loaded. I anxiously waited for the voice’s return, so that at least I could get out of this place.At last it returned: “Congratulations, you have been ranked as ‘Beta’. Please follow the escort drone to your new quarters and to meet your new team.”Once again, the moment the voice mentioned something, it appeared. A section of the wall slid open revealing a hallway and a drone of some sort. I followed the bot through the complex, assuming it was the escort drone I had been told about. After taking countless turns around corners, I came to a door that the drone opened for me, with the words beta printed above it. It seemed as if the words were older than the facility, they were faded and scratched. I walked into the chamber behind the door, and saw four figures. It appeared that they were training, but all of them stopped what they were doing when I stepped in. The voice from the training facility filled the room, just as it looked like one of them was going to explode in my face for interrupting their work: “Welcome new rookie Novos to Beta team.”Everyone seemed to become much less confused after that, but the one that had looked like they had wanted to kill me was still mad:“My god, you’d think a super computer could give us a little advance notice when something like this happens!” He was clad in black and gold armor, and was slightly taller than me. I somehow sensed that he was the leader of this team. He had put away his weapon, but it appeared to be a bow of some sort when I first walked in. He seemed to have cooled down a bit, but he still seemed pretty mad. He glared at me with eyes that seemed they would kill me if they could.“It’s been a while since a rookie achieved beta team on his first try; I think the last one was me. Luckily for you, you came right in the middle of training. I hope you’re not too exhausted.” It was obvious he knew that I was very tired. You’d think robots wouldn’t have problems with being exhausted, but you’d be surprised. Before I could respond, a bulky guy with a shoulder mounted blaster stood up. He had blue and yellow armor. “Cut the kid some slack, you know how grueling initiation is.”“He seems fine to me. Heroes can’t go getting worn out so easily, now can they?” The other one replied, daring me to oppose him. Instead I simply responded “Fine. What exactly are we doing to train?”He smirked. “Simple combat exercise. We’re just fighting against each other till either someone gives up or the medi-bots stop us from killing each other.”Despite how funny he seemed to think it was, it wasn’t an idea that struck me as hilarious. But I acted as if I cared. “And who is fighting who?”“The others can decide who they’re fighting on their own, but you get the honor of facing me.” ~4~ Review Topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=2859
  5. ~3~ “You have proven you can do well with survival and maneuverability, and managed to get through all of our traps. Well done. Now we shall further test your combat skills. The next test will include all of our levels of difficulty, slowly increasing in difficulty the better you do. Good luck.” The voice said.With that, the deathtrap I had just narrowly escaped sunk into the floor and disappeared, as if it had never existed, and several panels in the wall opened, and drones began pouring out. They were not as disorganized as they had been the last two times I had fought any, they seemed to be in waves of organized teams. But it didn’t matter, I still blew through them. They would flank me, and I would bash one of their heads in with my shield, and slash the other ones arm off. They’d try and keep their distance; I would hurl my sword at them and quickly run to fetch it. But soon I began to notice an increase in power. The waves slowly got both smarter and larger. After a while, they started to have more firepower as well. I managed to fight it out, but slowly I began to come closer and closer to losing each time, whether it was because I was getting exhausted or because my enemies were getting harder and harder, I was not sure. The higher levels of combat I achieved, the more diverse the waves were. They ranged from giants with laser eyes to normal sized brutes that had flamethrowers as right arms. I finally managed to make it to the final stage of the training, exhausted and barely able to go on. I heard the horrid sound of the containment cells for the drones opening, and waited for what would probably be my demise.Out of the panels stepped four brutes, one about twice as tall as me with two huge energy swords, one about my size carrying tanks of acid on his back hooked up to a flamethrower-like contraption, another with a huge pulse blaster on one arm that was also my size, and one with four arms, razor sharp talons in all of them. I managed to raise my blade to fight them, but I was far from prepared for such an onslaught. I nearly got my head chopped off by the big brute, only to roll away from him into a spray of acid. It stung, and if I was an organic being there would be nothing left of me. Desperately, I lifted my shield to block them, stabbing at full force when they came near me to pry the shield away. I managed to cut an arm off of the four armed one, but the strategy fell apart quickly. The cannon arm fellow managed to blast my shield right out of my hand, and I was immediately sprayed by another volley of acid. This was not what I came here for, to be beaten down by drones. This is not what heroes are. Somehow with the thought of failing, I found a new burst of strength. It was enough to keep me alive against all of them at once, but I was doing very little actual damage still, just protecting myself. They kept me from my shield that now lay on the floor as long as they could, knowing that with this new strength they wouldn’t stand a chance if I could block their shots. We went on evenly matched for a long time, and I started losing strength again. I was exhausted from tumbling away from giant swords and vats of acid, and my armor wouldn’t hold up against cannon arm’s shots for much longer. I made a bold move and charged into them, knocking cannon arm over in surprise and impaling the four armed one with my sword. I took my shield in the moment of surprise they had, and was able to slowly advance on them. Several splotches of acid broke through my shield, but I didn’t care. I needed to beat them down before my strength failed again. When I finally reached him, the acid spewer was decapitated in seconds. Suddenly an unexpected shot blasted me full in the back. Blast, I forgot about him I thought. If Faceless robots could sneer, this one certainly was. Unfortunately for him, this ticked me off even more, and a charged him, despite the high chance that the brute with the sword would beat me down before I reached him. I was too fast, and I heard the brute’s blade crash down right behind me, just inches away. I kept up my charge, and the cannon armed drone could do nothing to stop me, as I charged into him with the force of a bull. My sword went through him like butter when I caught him, and I quickly dragged it out of his body and sliced his head off. Now there was just one left. One giant one left.The giant held his swords at me menacingly. If I was in my right mind, I would have been terrified. Even if it was a drone, my swords could cut through steel nearly instantly, and who knows what it could do with 10x the power. But I had come too far, so I stood to face him. We stared at each other for a few seconds, before resuming the battle. He was strong. Too strong. He beat me back against a wall quickly, and managed to knock my shield away once again. I tried to stand, but he just beat me down again. I was too feeble compared to him; he didn’t even need his swords for this. In a final attempt, I threw my sword as hard as I could at him. It didn’t miss its mark. It hit him straight where his eye, well vision sensor, was. He was blinded, and could not see me. I took the opportunity and did all I could to dislodge it from his eye. I managed to get it out, and stabbed right down through his head. The blade struck right through him, sending gears, sparks, and circuitry everywhere. The brute fell to the ground. I retrieved my shield. The fight was over. ~3~ Review Topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=2859
  6. ~2~ “Appearing now are several drone-class trial bots. Defeat them to show that you know the basics of fighting.” The voice said to me. I turned to the first place a heard noise, and charged the robot the emerged from the wall. It didn’t have time to register that the trial had begun before it was skewered on the end of my new sword. This was child’s play. I had practiced fighting of all types for a long time, and basic drones would not be a challenge for me. Soon more were rising, and more fell victim to my blade. They seemed to come in more numbers the more of them I destroyed, but they still could not stop me. None of their shots touched me; I barely even had to block any with my shield.Slash, stab, and kill. Broken drones were everywhere now; I had not even realized how many I had taken down. Soon they stopped, and the voice filled the room again.“Well done, now for your next task. This will test your basic agility and senses. Try not to die” Thanks… I thought to myself reeaal helpful . Soon all the broken drones were gone, dropped into the ground by some automated program. Soon another threat was here, however, as the entire room in front of me turned into a death trap. There was a maze of small walkways with lava below it and hazards of all kinds throughout. There were moving floors and platforms, walls that had panels that pushed outward in an attempt to knock you off the path, walls of flame that only stopped for split-seconds, any kind of trap you could think of. This part of the training I would not do so well on. I started my walk along the path, walking effortlessly at the wider parts, and having little difficulty where it thinned out. I tried not to pay attention to the fiery death that awaited me below, but I looked down and nearly fell once or twice. That was the easy part. I could see that ahead of me there where platforms that shifted up and down, side to side, and both instead of a solid path. I swallowed the bit of fear I had and jumped for the nearest platform. I wish I had timed it better, as I completely missed it when it floated away from me. Luckily, I somehow managed to land on a platform that had been moving up and down. I wonder if I was evaluated on my luck, because if I was I would pass with flying colors. I quickly regained my senses and stood up on the platform. I memorized the pattern of the nearest platform that was heading toward where the path continued, then jumped with a feeling of where the platform would be when I landed. Luckily, I was right. I landed firmly on the platform, but nearly lost my footing as it sped forward. When going up and down, I discovered, it was much easier to keep your balance then if you are going sideways. After I finally got the hang of it, I continued the process of working my way across the labyrinth of platforms, fearing for my life with every jump. It felt like a victory when I was finally on solid ground again, but I knew there was much more to go before I made it through the deathtrap. I continued on through the twisting passage, avoiding trap after trap. By the time I reached the final few obstacles, I felt like I had spent an eternity in here, like I had spent my whole life jumping through fire and narrowly avoiding being crushed to death. I came now to a wide opening closed in by four walls. By now I knew that this was going to be another closing wall trap. But I was wrong. When I entered the area, the floor started opening. I had seen this before too, but it got even worse. Strange bug-like drones swarmed out of the opening. They flew around, about the size of a large dog, shooting small lasers at me from where their stinger would have been if they were bees. I blocked most of them with my shield, but several got through to me. I noticed the door on the other side was still open; I had to get to the other side without being swarmed by the drones or falling in the lava. This was not an easy task, I soon discovered, for attacking while sprinting away is not the easiest thing to do. But none the less I sprinted toward the now large opening in the floor, slashing at (and killing most) any drones that came near. I realized that the pit was now too large, I would never make it over in one jump, but I kept running toward it. When I got there, I did something that I never should have survived: I jumped. The timing was perfect, too perfect, as a drone rushed towards me just as my jump was beginning to decline. I sliced at it with my blade, and pushed it under me. I used it as a spring board, kicking off its head and jumping toward the ever-expanding edge of the pit. I barely made the jump, landing with a thud and tumbling several feet away toward the door. But the nightmare didn’t end there: as soon as I reached the door, it promptly closed in my face. I didn’t have time to be terrified; I had to find an exit. I saw that over toward the middle of the room, where there was now a pit of lava, there was a panel on the wall that was sticking out. I hoped that my trick would work twice, and I ran and jumped toward the pressure plate. Unfortunately, the drones had learned from their ally’s mistake, and backed away when I jumped. Desperately, I stabbed the wall with my sword when I was near a wall, nearly in the lava by that point. I managed to reach the pressure plate, and heard a click then the sound of a panel being removed. Sadly, at this point the drones decided it was okay to resume attacking me. I batted a few back with my shield, but I wouldn’t last long. I saw that my only chance would be to hope I could pull of what I did earlier, and tried it again; batting one underneath me with my shield, pulling my sword from the wall, and using its head as a place to jump from. It didn’t happen how I planned, but it worked. The drone fired at me the second it saw what I was planning, but I still managed to jump up off it, despite being injured. I used up too much of my momentum jumping up, and wasn’t anywhere near the edge of the pit and the now re-opened door. The drones where still swarming me, and I grabbed onto one’s neck. The thing went berserk. It flew all over the place in a frenzy, and I was barely able to hold on. After a few seconds it managed to throw me off its back, amazingly over to the side where the exit was. I slammed into the wall hard, but brought myself to stand quickly; only just barely able to get through the door before the entire interior of the room was a pit of lava. I cheered. There was only a small passage left before I was finished with the test. As I walked toward the end, the floor beneath me started falling. Figures, they can’t even leave the passage to the exit untrapped. I sprinted as fast as I could, barely making it, and nearly collapsing when I was finally through.“Well done.” The voice said “Now we can move on to the hard stuff.” ~2~ Review topic: http://www.bzpower.c...?showtopic=2859
  7. This seems like it will be an interesting story. I would never have thought of telling the story from the Bohrok side. Keep up the good work
  8. I don't really like the actual story for hero factory (Aimed at younger audience, so its not serius enough for me), so I decided to write an epic that still uses the core idea of Hero Factory (A factory that makes heros called hero factory), while making the story line more serious and more...epic. It takes place on the same planet as the normal hero factory storyline (Its called Quatros right...?), but instead of just making heroes that come to life when a core is implanted, the memories and mind of some of the biological inhabitants of the planet are implanted into the robot bodies. Without further introductory text, I give you: Trials of shadow ~1~ I woke with a start. Who am I? Where am I? Then I remember, I start to feel my memories returning. But something is not right, this is not me. Then the memory my mind was looking for comes to me, why I suddenly found myself as a ten-foot tall robot clad in silver armor. I was still in the factory; I don’t know where my real body is right now. Probably in some dumpster, or being turned into scrap metal. It doesn’t matter; I chose to leave that life behind, to become a hero. As I recount all my memories while watching other heroes being made, others who had made the same choice as me, a voice tells me to turn to a screen, which has suddenly appeared behind me. It tells me exactly what had happened, in case my memories were damaged during the transfer. It goes through the process; how I had arrived at the factory, how they had taken my memories and mind from my old body and put them in here. I ignored the rest that the screen told me, my memories were fine. I knew what this place was, why I was here, and what I needed to do. I walked into a long corridor, and left my old life behind forever. I proceeded down the long hallway, passing the rooms of many others who had found themselves here, just like me. They would soon realize who they were, and do as I was doing now. When I reached the end of the hall, a door opened up and a mechanical voice said “Please, enter”. Inside was a large paneled room. I had read about this place, there was a deathtrap waiting for me in every inch of this room. A different voice filled all of the room, and spoke to me.“Welcome to Hero Factory. You are very courageous to have given up your life to come to this place, to protect our world. In this room you will be tested, and ranked as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, or Delta. This will determine what squad you are assigned to. But first things first, what is your name?” I hesitated, almost forgetting my name for a second. But soon I answered: “Drake. Drake Novos.”“Good, now you must choose your weapons and armor, Novos. Please place any excess default armor in the disposal.” As the voice said it, four of the panels on the ground lifted up to reveal armor and weapon storage cells. I walked over; there were weapons and armor of all sorts. Large blasters, small blasters, swords, shields, bows, cannons that would fit an entire arm; you name it, it was probably there. I picked out an energy sword and a shield, and then moved on to look at the seemingly endless rows of armor. After a few minutes, a picked out some decent armor in gold and red, and placed my old basic silver armor in the disposal area, where it was destroyed so that it could be used to make other things. Once I was finished, the voice continued.“Now the training will begin. In a moment, you will be faced in every danger you could ever imagine. The training will stop when you have completed all the trials, or when you come too near to death.”With that I heard things in the room shifting, and knew that it was about to begin. This was the beginning of my life as a hero, and I would look back at this moment many times later. Look back in remorse, wishing this day would never have happened. ~1~ Review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2859
  9. A review topic for my epic. CC is appreciated.Story topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2860
  10. I'd definitly go with ice. Even though I don't care for the story at all, an ice theme could give some very interesting parts
  11. It looks like a decent set. I hope Lego keeps up with the CUUSO idea, because its a really nice idea. Plus, I may need to use it for my own evil purposes in the future........after getting 10,000 people to agree with me....
  12. I actually like some of these new sets, but this is my favorite. The shade of blue that is used is still a nice looking new color, even if it isn't a tealish color. I like the design of this set, expecially the resemblence to the Nui Rama (My favorite rahi) Dissapointing that it isn't currently available in the US though, I was really looking forward to getting this set as soon as the new ones were released.....
  13. This is a really well done moderator, great work! Great use of parts, and the jaw is a really good idea, and probably the best part about the moc. The flames from the jetpack look a bit like a tail, but thats really the only flaw with hte moc I can see. Great work
  14. I like it. The chest looks really good, though the arms do seem a tad small. But really nice work, better than I could make
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