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  1. Kanohi 50% charity auction is almost over, still a great deal for a Pearl Grey Miru Nuva and other masks!
  2. VERY nice! Strangely it reminded me of the MT-61 Crystal Reaper. I like industrial aesthetics and this really fits the bill! Well done, must have been intense!
  3. Lot of Kanohi masks relisted in auction format, starting at 0.99 USD!
  4. @Tobbison: Enjoy shelling out for Amazon Prime though. Yikes. Forgive the sarcasm, what I mean is that Prime will likely not be worth it unless you shop on Amazon a ton. Alternatively if you consider it worth it for the streaming. Just so you know!
  5. By the way @Master Inika, I do hope you'll enjoy the Ninjago Show! It's quite fun but it's most fun when watched with someone of the target demographic. That way you get your perspective and theirs! I don't bother watching it alone but I massively enjoy watch it with my younger sisters - it's much more fun with their commentary! It's full of great quips and cooky humour.
  6. Designer sets, then Make and Create, then Creator. Those were the only sets I saw as a kid, asked for, even got. A few Star wars sets as well, when Revenge of the Sith came out. Was too young to see it but I got a couple of cool sets, along with some mini models. We really didn't have money for many Legos, so my parents were most interested in giving me a set with longevity, like Designer sets. And darn right they were too! As much as I wanted Alpha Team at the time! As far as dark ages... Legos are not bad. But all things in moderation. For some an adult Lego habit can be ok, but for many it could be an unhelpful drain on cash and time, not to mention coming off as immature. (I mean my male acquaintances, in your 20s and 30s, spending cash on Elves sets for themselves?!?) For myself, I don't foster an AFOL habit. I keep a few cool sets on display (sold off the rest) since they cheer me up to see them. Rahaga Pouks, the Rock Raiders Rapid Rider, Uxar. Uxar was a treat I bought when I was going through a painful surgery. That was the last (one of the only?) "modern" set I got for myself, from Lego, on release. I buy my sisters a ton of Ninjago tho. They're addicted.
  7. Use of CCBS for minifgure-scaled mechs, as xccj suggests above, sounds appealing to me. I did dearly like the Invasion From Below sets, even if it was HF's sendoff with a whimper. The sense of scale was well-done, IMHO, and played off my love for Pacific Rim quite handily. In the end, Lego only need fill the constraction gap if they feel that it would benefit them. It doesn't really look like they need that right now, however. Until the day when we see Bionicle return (lol, Hero factory reboot? anyone? please don't leave me )
  8. Please note that these listings are for the Continental United States, Canada, and APO/FPO addresses only! Forgive me, I haven't quite sorted out international shipping via USPS yet. If someone would care to instruct me...? Yo what is up, my dudes! For a few years now I've been selling Legos and such on eBay, sometimes to make money for myself but also to raise funds for the Polaris Project, an epic charity that fights human trafficking. Real grave stuff, here. Anyway, I got not ONE, but TWO lots for sale! That's right step-right-up TWO lots for sale! NISB Dalu: Sold! Lot of 7 Kanohi masks including pearl grey/silver Miru Nuva: Sold! If yinz are wondering about why I priced these the way I did, please know that I did have to purchase these myself. Yes I got a good deal, but I also hope to sell them at enough of a margin to actually raise money for the charity, not lose money. It's more of a "donate and get a free Bionicle prize!" than "bargain basement deal on a Bionicle lot" idea. Anyway thanks for checking out! Please consider buying, your purchase helps to stop villians worse than Makuta Gorast (yuk, is that possible?) and saves innocent Tohunga villagers worldwide!
  9. Daaaaaw, but he's so cute! Excellent use of pieces, looks like he just downed a nice hot apple pie! (or a knight in shining armor... ) I like how you kept the color palette simple, three basic colors are used and they're nicely organized. Looks like something out of an old Disney animated feature, really. Again, great work!
  10. I just remember how fun the bionicle site used to be in the old days, before about 2007 or so. 2008 maybe? Somehow it changed and became another generic product site.
  11. My philosophy prof has always been fond of saying "From nothing, nothing comes." It means a few things, but one was that concentrating on the negative doesn't take us far, if anywhere at all. He frequently reminded us that it was always healthier to focus on the positive and work from there. Simple gratitude heals so many ills. Yes, I am thankful for Bionicle. I'm thankful for what's happened to me this year, easy and tough, good and "bad" - since we can even learn from the "bad".
  12. Oh gosh, wow, that brings back memories... that track was one of the most obscure Bionicle pieces. Easily one of the dankest.
  13. "and flavour foods" lol Sorry, just sounds funny next to the useful things you suggested. Maybe the Skakdi would take to that. "Hey Bob!" "wut" "get ovah heah we having a barbecue!" "not again bro" "ey man you know this steak bland without acid!" Gang on the loose, nothing you can do, acid coming through, flavo yo food...
  14. I played the whole thing back in the day. I enjoyed it only because it gave me cool exclusives for my MLN account. Out of context the game really has nil value, to be honest.
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