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  1. I get the feeling that this kit only exists so that people can get an Angry Kitty. Although, it is also a cheap way to army-build Micro Managers...
  2. I cringed every time the narrator called the Toa "To-er".
  3. I really wish that those yellow connectors on the staff were blue or something. Other than that, it doesn't look bad.
  4. That's... a bit Technic-y. It wouldn't look out of place in the old Bionicle line, but it's not streamlined enough for the new one. But those parts would be great for MOCing...
  5. Do you have pics on John standing on his own? He looks like a neat build on his own, and I'm curious to see what he looks like off the Flash.
  6. I really like the proportions, they make him stand out and look like he's earth-based. He's got an awesome hammer, and good color separation. I wanted to just get Kopaka, but this makes things complicated...
  7. YES. Gundam constraction MOCs need to happen. Bonus points if it has a minifig of Trowa in the cockpit.
  8. Yes! It's about time my favorite DC superhero gets his own Lego set!
  9. You asked me a question. Why, are you also on that Transformers site?

    1. ToaGreshWave


      Yep, I'm 2ndSndWve. Although, I'm not very active there anymore.

  10. all 3 of my post-08 sets. On a side note, I've noticed Borok feet are nearly indestructible.
  11. Pohatu (spelling?) Mata's
  12. Now that's cool. I am esp. interested in the preview of the Stringer level.
  13. What are you supposed to do with the "shout box?" I really don't get the point of it.
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