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  1. I like the effects and your digital editing skill is very good, but could you post some regular photos from different angles? Also, while the gearbox on the legs is cool, the crotch looks a little disturbing to me. is it just there because if not their would be a ball joint coming out there? Other than that it looks really good. How did you connect the head?
  2. A quick moc I made combining the Protectors of Fire and Jungle. I appologize for the terrible camerawork, I used my laptop webcam as the focus on my tablet is broken. I used almost all of the pieces of the two and made a figure that's just a bit shorter than lewa, with a double-barrel gun and some flames on his back. The 2nd pcitures shows how I modified the POF's shoulder-thingy to add the flames on his back. Lenta lives on the side of Okoto's volcano, near the jungle side. He has trained for years and has a custom weapon he made from discareded parts that fell into his hands. He wears decorative peices on his back that burn wiht red and green flame. (For those of you that watched PAX a while ago... GREEN FLAME!) https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107574581178755783602/albums/6103659924215929585
  3. I think that he's the current protector, and that the scene shows the previous generation of protectors telling the younger generation, showing that time has passed since the "The legend" episode. Probably not, because he's also in the back row of villagers when the current Protector of Fire addresses Tahu in the second episode. He may be a future Protector, though, since the Protector of Fire addresses him as "son". Ah, I didn't catch that. Then maybe, though I think its really annoying that they all look the same.
  4. I think that he's the current protector, and that the scene shows the previous generation of protectors telling the younger generation, showing that time has passed since the "The legend" episode.
  5. The real question is what does the mask look like from behind, and can one put it on one's head? Also, does anyone now when the event starts?
  6. Are you interested in any help? I like where this is going, though I only have experience with d&d 5 so I don't know much about how these stats look.
  7. Well, that shows how well I researched this before posting to both reddit and bzp. Are you looking for help?
  8. I am a big fan of the text-based rpg here, despite not having time for it in the past few years. I DM a Dungeons and Dragons game in my dorm, and have recently been thinking about designing a similar game with mechanics for Masks and Elemental Powers, Racial Statistics, etc. Does anyone have any input? I am a bit worried about some things, like problems with balancing Matoran and Toa (or Agori and Glatorian for that matter). I think the system would be similar to 5th Edition Dungoens and Dragons (Bounded accuracy, etc), but any input people have from experience with other systems that have similar themes (I've heard that the anime system has creation magic). Any suggestions?
  9. I'm hoping for a soft reboot kinda like what happened to doctor who. I've never seen much classic who yet I can jump right in and everythings wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. There's still references to the original and classic characters and whatnot, and the main character is still the same (hopefully Mata or Metru(I grew up with the metru)). I do want to see the serials tied up in some way though, be it through the serials themselves or some other way. Either way, I'm still going to buy a couple sets and glue my face to bionicle-story.com (assuming that's where I can find it). Some people have said that they may make a tv show. If they do, I really hope that its on netflix or somewhere where I don't have to get cable tv to watch it.
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to share this I pulled from the css on the page. No news or anything just the image in the background. It's pretty high quality and I believe that it has a transparent background. http://cache.lego.com/r/www/r/bionicle/content/project/mask-straight.png And here's the background http://cache.lego.com/r/www/r/bionicle/content/project/bg-tile.jpg
  11. Just trying to get back into the rpg

  12. A couple thousand for 10 years? I am not sure if that is right. I think copyright lasts for 70 years plus the life of the creator, but I don't know how that works with businesses. But what I am trying to figure out is the total cost of the entire franchise. Like, if I were to walk in to Lego headquarters, how much money would I theoretically have to offer them. I am not sure if it is even possible to calculate, but like I said, I am just wondering.
  13. So I was looking at the "What if Bionicle was a young adult tv show" thread and it got me thinking... How much is the Bionicle trademark worth? Specifically, how many USD would it take to put the rights to bionicle completely in Greg F's ownership, or into the public domain. I know that TLG has been very generous and allowed things like BZP, fanfics, and Greg to continue writing, but I was just wondering. I don't know much about copyright law, and have no idea how to calculate the value of such a thing, but I was just curious.
  14. Unfortunately, I do not have the time for this anymore. Anyone who wants to use my characters can, but they have to try and make then seem like I had them. Oh, and people with chars in the Hau Karda get first pick.
  15. I didn't actually mean steampunk.... Oh nevermind.The point is for them to have mecha's fighting against bohrok.
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