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  1. Hey, everybody-I think (No, wait, I hope) that there are lots of BZP newbies out there, and I mean no offense by that. I just use the word "newbie" to refer to people who are new to something and have little or no expertise in that area (In this case, BZPower.) Any fellow newbies out there? If so, please post a question here. Hopefully, it will be answered.I'm creating this topic for any "stupid" questions, as some BZP veterans might call them. If you feel inexperienced and alone in your newbie-ness when you ask a "stupid" question on an official Q&A topic, it should go here.-ToT(See, that shows how much of a newbie I am. When I made the username toaoftechnology, I never realized how lame the acronym would be. Oh, well, it's better "ToT" than "TOT" or "tot" or "Tot". No matter what my acroname (acronym + name) is, I am not a kindergartener!)(Oh, man, parentheses inside parentheses! Darn!)
  2. Alright, here goes:Rise of the Rookies NothingOrdeal of Fire SurgeBreezStormerFurnoEvoNexSavage Planet FurnoNexStringerWaspixBreakout SurgeFurnoNexSplitfaceJawblade[nope not yet]
  3. Do vehicles count as titans? If so, then the Skopio XV-1 is totally awesome! I took off some pieces, so the legs are way more poseable.
  4. I think my favorite is the Furno-Jawblade combiner set.If combiners aren't allowed, then Splitface. His claw seems to fit together very well.
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