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  1. YouTube is now GARBAGE! Switch to VidLii instead!



  2. Wow, I cant believe Vakama just told Jaller to shut up.
  3. "Hello? Hello...uh...what on Spherus are you doing there, uh didn't you get the memo, gu, the place is closed down, uh, at least for a while." -Phone Guy (FNaF)

  4. Thanks for putting Bioman472 in my head (again). Also, could SOMEBODY FIX THE HOME PAGE OF THE BIONICLE ZONE POWER!?
  5. Oh wow! Edit: Hey, so please try to leave some more descriptive and specific feedback next time! -Wind-
  6. MechaAshura20

    Bad words

    What in Karzani?
  7. BZP the Unofficial CreepyPasta
  8. I wonder if anyone could make a version for the App...
  9. That's funny; I just found bios about Mudokons on that wiki.
  10. Best FX (should this be added?) Gravity
  11. This isn't official, but I was thinking about giving a new name of the species (Matoran and Agori alike) that walks on Spherus Magna. BTW: do you think Spherus has planetary rings due to collision?

  13. Fan-Film coming soon...

  14. heh... it's head is about similar to my Hapori "you-know-who" image
  15. How do you want the fan-film about yourself (and Half-Pointy Doom-Ma) to be like?- Mecha~Ashura 2.0
  16. Since i'm new here, how's your brother?

    1. MechaAshura20


      also Happy Birthday tomorrow

  17. Take... your... time...

    1. MechaAshura20


      To myself: What I ment "time", I ment the form of an illusion.

    2. MechaAshura20


      Wow... learn to type people

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