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  1. 8 years (left in 2006, came back last year).
  2. Well, I can PM now. Thanks for your help everyone. I guess this can be closed now.
  3. This seems a bit better quality than the old Bohrok ripoffs floating around from way back.
  4. Lewa back in Christmas 2001. Still have them all in various states of assembly in a box somewhere.
  5. Noble Matatu was always the best in my view. Looked very tribal.
  6. He's been there since before it all began and will be there long after it ends.
  7. I have a feeling I can't PM with such a low post account? Is that a thing?
  8. Would it be possible to get a hold of my old account from many years back, despite not remembering the password? A second issue is, although I know the email address it was linked to, this address is no longer active (I think the provider might not even be in business any more)?
  9. Takanuva speculation, the first appearance of the plushie fad, comics and comedies with weird random obsessions (Sprite and pie seemed popular), sig hatchlings/dragon eggs. This obviously isn't my old account, I lost forgot the password ~8 years ago and haven't been able to get it back
  10. Hi there, I made an account about 10 years ago under the name Professor Moriarty. Is there anyway I can reset the password/email to get access to it again? Or at least to change the name?

    1. Van Hohenheim

      Van Hohenheim

      yeah...I think. log out, go to password recovery, enter in the name, search all of your emails and find the password reset email. voila!

  11. Hey mate, I made an account almost a decade ago under the name Professor Moriarty. If there were some way to delete/hide the embarrassment of a 9 year old me of the internet, would you be able to carry it out?

    1. Black Six

      Black Six

      Unfortunately there's not an easy way to do that. On the bright side, people would need to know that that random member was you, which is unlikely.

    2. panjshir


      Would it be possible to redirect the lost password emails to a current email address, as opposed to the technet2000 one (I don't think that even exists anymore) that the account was registered with?

    3. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      "The Administration will not ban or delete your account so you can create a new one"


      Just sayin'.

  12. panjshir

    I ♥ Bionicle

    That's funny. Oh, and if you click on the image, you'll get a reversed version you can print onto iron-on paper to make a t-shirt! In that picture the Unity, Duty, Destiny symbol is actually supposed to represent Bionicle in general. Also, what are you going to make? Thanks! I know. I made Macku a while ago after I thought, "What happens when Hewkii becomes a Toa? What about Macku?" And the worst part is she doesn't even know he's a Toa! So I drew her sitting on her bed missing Hewkii as he's gone on a journy. ,4^ \ I'm learning Japanese but next year I'm ditching it for German
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