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    sonic fan comics,lego/bionicle(of course),sprite making and editing(novice),ninjas,dragons,wolves,Fringe,Heroes(the show),youtube,rwby,avatar TLA,vidya games

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  1. get a flexible overhanging lamp and some invisible string.tie the string to the lamp and the other side to the figure's sections between the joints.that way you can animate a larger range of motion with weak-jointed figures, and the in-between frames for things like running and jumping.
  2. man,i can...uh...offer you this delicious cookie? .... aha!it was poisoned! got em ',:]
  3. the burnt toast ashes fall upon my burned body, filling me with strength. i ascend and use my newfound toast based powers to shoot a butter slick under your feet tripping you up. i then throw burnt toast shurikens at you until you run away. my mask.
  4. 'hello' "um yes do you cater?" 'sir.i am a weapon of mass destruction.' "and?..."
  5. you're one to talk.dont act like youre not going to relax after conquering a whole swarm.
  6. granted.you wear braces instead. i wish i had a functioning skeleton key.
  7. you may be godlike, but I... HAVE... TOAST! my mask.
  8. i throw wonder womans boomerang tiara at you. got him.
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