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    Staying up tooooooooo late,
    Painting & drawing (but I'm terrible at it)
    Playing with my pet ducks,
    And coffee!!!

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  1. a blue and pink geometric-patterned shirt that looks strangely purple from a distance.
  2. No, I have never heard of it. Have you ever drawn faces on mushrooms in your yard?
  3. No, I'm terrified of tornadoes. Are you 2 or 3 grades behind in school...?
  4. Give them to my army of horrible-rainbow-creep-monsters. WWYDI your head turned into a pineapple?
  5. Yes, but I've had way to much coffee Do you like thunderstorms?
  6. The Kopaka one WYR bathe a large cat, or dress a shark up in a costume?
  7. I would wear thirty pairs of socks on my feet to balance out the weight. WWYDI you had to watch the teletubbies show for 6 hours every day?
  8. No have you ever gone swimming in a pond?
  9. I would want to hug the dog, but have to tell it to go away instead... WWYDI you found a live wombat in your closet?
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