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    Definitely not cutting up the curtains to sew clothes...or drawing on the walls...
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    Sewing & pattern design...despite a lack of training. Still learning a lot!
    An occasional bit of fiddling with leather
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    Making stuff, mainly massive messes
    IHOP’s Nannerpus
    A little bit of dance
    Baby ducks
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    Giving stroller rides to dogs
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  1. "Sara Bareilles- Brave" cover by One Voice Children's Choir.
  2. That goose picture is gorgeous. 

  3. The Instructables website down "Clumsy robot" game. Has brought me far too much joy. Colors.
  4. Mushy the Mushroom

    another ama

    Yay!!! What is something that you're looking forward to? Favorite real animal? Favorite fantasy one? How did you get interested in Bionicle? If you could live an any sort of habitat\home\world imaginable what would you choose? (For example: Castle, cloud city, pirate ship, bounce house, alien planet, etc.) If you could master a new skill\superpower in under one day of training, what would you choose?
  5. What a fun collection, love those brick bag-things and ribbons! Can't wait to see the full release.
  6. -Bambi, October 5, 2021. In your honor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Csjb9HWCk8 I just left the lighter there? But also: *DUN DUN* [sur]P[r]IES Complete life cycle condensed in 30 seconds. (AKA: Fast version of maunderings below) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLWBw0BzM48 Set sail at three am, a glorious distraction XD 90 minutes carving after sketch, 60 film/setup. Done with porcelain fill marker, carving tool, Xacto, electric bread knife, and my drill bits (prior sanitized). Is this how people ordinarily carve these things? I’ve never done a pumpkin/squash before. Was I supposed to use the Dremel? Didn’t seem prudent to simply decapitate Acorn Child/Fairy Gourdfather (We’ve bonded, had grand times… too soon) so boom, balloon brain. Turned inside out as it was what I had. Swing suspended out of the way by luggage straps and a bungee. Needed ambient lighting, fire hazard time. Grocery bag blobs. Cam off, baked squash. Pies for my peoples. Faintly fancier than usual (finished the next day, fell over). FullFallFestivityFeels instead of Sprinkles+ShapesThatAreEasyToCramInAFreezer. Chocolate X Cookie crust. Accidental upside-down rose pies thanks to the silicone pan, painted edible red with dyed almonds as leaves. Few frozen for Thanksgiving, maybe? Perhaps then I’ll be able to eat some like a realgirlhuman?! Without throat constriction? Please? -Bambi, October 5, 2021. Done, yes, - The frosting foam, that is! Thanks for the amusement, Bambi. Has greatly enriched my life. XD
  7. Oh no, seems as though the image failed to upload. If your image is under (I think, if still accurate) 750kb, BZPower has an easy way to add photos directly into posts.
  8. Jaw-dropping, hard to comprehend it's actually bricks. Yet it terrifies me. I'd probably cry building it, and surely couldn't bear it just sitting there, like a testimony of dread. Seems so morbid from a toy company. *Intense curiosity*
  9. Love the new avatar, that cat is the best! 

  10. I like your signature XD

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Thank you! The icons were selected with the highest care by a top-notch art curator. They are quite likely part of this signature's permanent exhibition.

      Edit: Added credit. Maybe others will join the cookie cult-I mean, sign the petition. XD

  11. "CHRISTMAS Oldies playing in another room (w/ crackling fire + howling snowy wind) 1 HOUR ASMR" by Nemo's Dreamscapes. #oneofthecoolkids
  12. Mario Kart Wii. Hoped to have an all-evening binge-race but wilted after course eight because of being a pseudograndma.XD
  13. (Belated) Thank you so much! Sorry about nine years worth of curiosities in one post.
  14. Belated thanks! C: Acorn squash Child exists wholly due to you, hoped to fruit-carve him in your honor, but my dad bought him as food so I opted for the foam. XD Did you come up with idea of fruit-carvings? I'll forever esteem them as legends.
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