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    Staying up too late
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    Wearing a handmade Nannerpus costume
    Losing stuff that I'm holding
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    And coffee!

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  1. Not really, unless Indie/Indie Folk music could fall into that category. Do you run when you're not being chased by something?
  2. Probably not know who he was because I don't really keep up with newsstuff. WWYDI you had to work as a chef for one week and make gourmet meals for people in a 5 star restaurant without the use of the internet/books?
  3. Aww, that's so lovely that the plants get names! They're such a beautiful little colony. P.S. OH MY GOSH, YOUR PROFILE PIC IS SO ADORABLE! <3
  4. No, I never have before. Unless My Neighbor Totoro counts. Are these smileys new additions to Bzpower?
  5. Hmm..I've never heard of either of them before now, but I suppose Lucky Star, so I wouldn't have nightmares for the rest of my life. WYR have all your Lego bricks magically turn into Duplos, or have all your bionicle pieces turn bright pink?
  6. Orange-flavored-vitamin-C-tablets & cinnamon-Altoids-are-not-complementary.
  7. Apples! WYR have no sense of humor or no sense of smell?
  8. No. Whispering lyrics under my breath like a weirdo is the closest thing I do to singing. Do you think life will ever be like it was before all the shutdowns?
  9. Assume that aliens had dropped me off there, and hope that they d idn 't expect me to yodle for them. WWYDI you were on a pirate style ship i n the middle of the Atlantic ocean and it was going to fully sunk in 1 hour (with no life boats)?
  10. No, assuredly no. I should, but I struggle to rest. There are just so many enthralling things to do Do you find the sound/feeling of your own heartbeat somewhat unsettling when it's loud/noticeable?
  11. Show it to my hens, name it, brush its teeth if it had any, scare my family with it, then adorn it in a top hat + monocle and mail it to my brother. WWYDI you were hiking, fell through the ground and found a town of uncivilized villagers who crowned you as their permanent king/queen/ruler?
  12. Handsprings & deconstructing-things.
  13. "The Cello Song" by The Piano Guys.
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