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    Definetly not cutting up your curtains to sew clothes.....
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    Sewing & pattern design (Learning about couture techniques at the moment, there's so much I don't know)
    Painting & drawing
    A bit of shoemaking (mostly learning, at the moment)
    Cooking & baking
    Making stuff, lots of messes, countless mistakes
    A little bit of dance
    Pet ducks & chickens
    Giving stroller rides to dogs
    And coffee

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  1. Beautiful. Hope it will live long and prosper.
  2. Oh my goodness, you're way too kind! Thank you! Haha, those Rube Goldberg Machines are hilariously cool! Had not ever seen them before. Hahaha! The ceiling fan actually didn't fall victim to this contraption- Just an illusion from the photo angle. The paracord was anchored by a bed frame, though. XD
  3. Hope you have a happy birthday! ^_^

  4. Absolutely stellar! The color scheme and face design details look excellent. Very nice use of the brick separators as well!
  5. I'm surprised it didn't collapse! Oh man, Saw looks terrifying. O_O Haha, thanks! I've never carved a pumpkin before, it was a strange experience. Considered using woodworking tools. XD
  6. Just some artstuffs! 9X12 Lop ear bunny, finished last month. Acrylic, pencil and watercolor paper. I feel like the leaves look kind of odd/over-detailed....The reference photo had a bokeh background. It's so hard to decide when it's done. Drawing time:? Painting time 31 hours. A happy little pumpkin panda with bamboo. White wood fill markers and black china markers will stick to pumpkin skin (Yaygaragestuff) . That color wheel feel when an art idea materializes: And the Lego version: (Not an accurate color wheel.) This is a pseudo paint palette...A fraud made of foam board...taped to the face. I wish I had a younger sibling so I could bribe them to be in photos instead. These photos were taken using the most barbaric methods. Proof: And finally...my pathetic Plant-O-Lanterns! Inspired by @Bambi and @Aderia. MR. NARWHAL and cantaloupe octopus. Poor cantaloupe octopus was illuminated with a flashlight, I couldn't find another candle. I fail at carving cucumbers.
  7. Mushy the Mushroom


    Cool. Seems like the photos are always a bit grainy even with good phone cameras. I prefer to use Flickr (Since the death of Majhost XD ). Photobucket was very slow from the excessive ads.
  8. I only hope to mortify my grandchildren with it. PS your pepper reminds me of those ikea spoka lights. XD
  9. What an impressive model display and truly inspiring story. I wonder how difficult it was to switch from sculpting to bricks. Very interesting that the LEGO company evolved from wooden toys. Enjoyed reading it quite a bit.
  10. @Toa_Kralich Oh wow. That sounds like a rollercoaster. XD DIY nailpolish. (Translation: Slamming the human toe into steel. A bright red color is produced.)
  11. That still takes skill/dedication! I've only ever had one plant. I remembered to water it for about 3 days...XD @BambiHallowpeno is brilliant!!! This is kind of random, but I wonder if Butternut Buddy/Twin with your plant day will ever be a thing. @The Swimming Beard and I cannot seem to let this family tradition go...
  12. Whoa, you have mad plant-growing skills! Looks glorious! Awwww! It's so cute-iful! Did you name it?
  13. Mushy the Mushroom

    Halloween Pineapple

    I really, sincerely hope this was his reaction.
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