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  1. Hey Crezdonn, can you please check your messages?
  2. Hi, assuming that there is still a WMKK available, I'm wondering if I could get a shipping estimate to Australia?
  3. Ah, I was interested in the slizers. Thanks anyway!
  4. Where abouts are you shipping from? Whats shipping like to Australia?
  5. Pearl gold is the same as Brutaka/Modern Gold. The normal, flat gold one is the same color as Takanuva, Lhikan and Iruini. The difference will be the same as this (Pearl gold being on the left):
  6. Victoria, although I'm not sure shipping rates change much between states.
  7. Hey, I've got a few of the masks your looking for, like the 3 haus, a blue kakama, a TNG miru and a green stripe infected hau nuva. Would be interested in the lime rau, medium blue pakari and maybe the gold hau and kaukau too. Not sure which masks of mine you would prefer though. Also just to mention - I'm in Australia, not so I'll leave it up to you.
  8. Wow, nice work! You've pulled off the accuracy well alongside its scale. Have you thought about sharing the model online (like on thingiverse)? I'd love to print this myself.
  9. Honestly I try to pay more attention to hips and shoulders, they seem to be much more definitive. But honestly, nobody should be annoyed that a line of sets built off one base skeleton design don't have diverse body proportions. I hate it especially when people criticize both Hahlis and Gali mistika for it too. The inika build was disproportionate for male body types, let alone female ones.
  10. Based off that image that was shown in the presentation, they seem to look similar to the chima speedorz packaging we got this year, which I thought was pretty decent. I'm not sure if you'll be able to fit a built figure into them though. Anyway, I did love the canisters. But I think they only really worked because they were involved in the story at first; as toa canisters, suvas, matoran spheres, stasis chambers, etc. However once we got to 2006 (and some of the 'creative' canister designs), they started becoming a little questionable. Not only this, but they were must have been pretty expensive to produce and not to mention hardly eco-friendly compared to plain, size efficient boxes. The foil bags were good too, in that they were easy to store, space and price efficient. However, it produced often badly malformed sticker sheets, instruction manuals and sometimes pieces, if they were flexible. So in my opinion, boxes are the optimal solution.
  11. I think on Flickr Deevee mentioned that he suspected that only 800 of the masks were given out at NYCC (200 per day), 100 at the VIP thing, and the rest pictured here. Of course, this probably will make them easier to obtain.
  12. The distribution problems are here in Australia too. The first wave of IFB was realesed sort of sporadically at different stores, and I have only seen the second wave at one store in the past month. Also, I doubt we are getting any special events, but that's regular.
  13. From what I've seen, the gear box seems to have an extra gear attatched with a friction pin that acts as a stabilizer, which is nice. Or at least room for one anyway. But yeah, I'm excited for them. It's something new to ccbs, and so it's good to see them expanding and experimenting with the system to improve it.
  14. Pohatu was my first, and one of my favorite characters. Also his set design looks rad. So of course I'll buy him first. After that, maybe Kopaka? I'm a little torn, all the designs look great. It'll probably depend on the price point too, prices have gotten anything but kinder in Australia which sucks.
  15. Definitely the Noble Matatu, not only is it one of my favorite mask powers, but I also really like its shape and design. I think its the way that the mask is segmented, as well the angular nature of it. I suppose a close contender could be the Miru Nuva, it was one of the few Nuva masks that didn't look to weirdly shaped, in my opinion.
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