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  1. I'm sorry if someone tried to Skype me last night. I was feeling paranoid and I might have deleted the entire conversation and threw my iPad across the room.

    1. darkslizer


      I still don't know what happened that night.

  2. The pilots are awful, and currently on Lego.com. You only really need them for the plot setup. The rest of the series improves with the actual series, which are Rise of the Snakes (Season 2) and something else which I can't remember (Season 3). It doesn't pass the Bechdel Test, but it's witty, the female characters are stronger than some of the male ones, and they don't dumb it down. There's a really awesome plot twist that everyone knows now because it's all over the fandom, and then there's another smaller twist that made me really happy even though it was obvious. If you need convincing to watch it, read synopsises of the first six episodes of Rise of the Snakes and skip to Episode 7, which is Tick Tock.I'll have to take that into consideration.I would actually agree with Bonesiii; start with the pilot. I don't know what Neelh's problem with it is (I liked it). In any case, it's not as unwatchable as the Chima pilot. The music is excellent, the characters are fun, and the plot, while perhaps a bit cliche, still holds together well. Moreover, I feel that it would be harder to get invested in the characters if you don't see where they come from and what they're each like, and the pilot is the best introduction in that respect.I do agree, however, that Tick Tock rises above everything that comes before it.If you need to watch Ninjago online, here's a handy trick: the British Ninjago site (http://ninjago.lego.com/en-gb/default.aspx) has all the episodes up to halfway through season 2. Those aren't available on the American site. They appear to have taken the pilot down, but you can find that by googling "Ninjago Pilot" if all else fails.Oh, the music! I can never resist the theme of the Falcon, which I always referred to as Falcon's Flight. It's so Celtic and wonderful.
  3. Yeah, I was kind of thinking that a lot of different languages would have to exist for Nokama's mask to be useful. So, I guess lots of rahi languages as well.
  4. Okay, first, Bionicle's return was never officially on BZP, from what I can tell, and so it isn't really official news. However, it was and still is rampant across the Internet. Second, what most people hoped. This is mostly referring to a proper ending, and not the one we got. Maybe a definite ending for the Toa Mahri. (I don't really know how popular of a topic that is, but still). Third, Bionicle was originally made for the same age group, but you can tell that it eventually gets darker and more complicated, and so not totally appropriate for the current audience of Hero Factory. Maybe Hero Factory will become the same way, but as of yet, nothing f the like has happened. Fourth, obviously there is no way to know, that would be creepy if I or someone else besides the designers, writers, etc. knew about that. Fifth, really nothing to add.Sixth, yes. That is what I meant. The literal size doesn't matter, and I don't think it ever will, but the storyline would be very hard to understand, I think, for someone who didn't grow up with it. But yeah, new species and little character updates do seem a little unnecessary at the moment.Seventh, yes, that was an unfortunate choice of words, wasn't it? I meant to say the large collection of Alternate Universes, like the Kingdom, Melding Alternate Universe, etc. Hopefully that cleared up any small mistakes I made in the original post. Thanks, Bones, for pointing out my errors. I really appreciate when people do that. (I swear I'm not trying to sound sarcastic. I really do mean it!)Sorry if this is really confusing to read. This website's format and functionality change quite a bit from computer to iOS. I don't have a reliable quote button.
  5. Sorry if this isn't in the right place, but it seems the most appropriate.I have been researching this lately, about Bionicle's revival. Older posts say it will return in summer 2013. It looks like that isn't going to happen. I've also seen stuff about 2015. I mean, who knows? But still, unlikely. All of this begged the question for me: would Bionicle's revival be what we hoped? I can't say it will because of the following reasons:1. It wouldn't be meant for the same audience. Hero Factory was obviously aimed for younger kids. The older fans would be incredibly disappointed, I would think. There would be more simple good vs evil and good always triumphs, stuff like that. Also probably less death.2. We don't know what it would be like. The story could derive completely from the original story. Even if that's a good thing, then how will the original story be incorporated? It would be pretty difficult to completely ignore the huge war of Light and Shadow. 3. The Universe is too big. Assuming #2 is null and void, then anybody that didn't grow up with Bionicle wouldn't be able to absorb it all. Heck, I can barely deal with everything like alternate universes and crazy things that weren't part of the main storyline. Things done "off camera" if you will. Since #1 will probably be true, the expanded multiverse (insert overly complicated and gigantic photo of multiverse here) will blow up the heads (figuratively) of children. It's simply too much to comprehend.Whelp, that's all I got. Thoughts? Feelings? And please keep the cultism to a minimum, if you please.
  6. KRIKA! Krika! Krika. He deserves it the most. He turned good, for the most part, and tried to save the Universe. But of course, nobody believed him. What a shame.
  7. Oh my. How did I miss that? Yeesh.
  8. So, I recently read the final comic that Bionicle published, and I noticed something. Why did Teridax just beat Mata Nui around when he could have hit him with a giant bolt of Chain Lightning? Why couldn't he have used laser beams the size of mountains coming out of his eyes to vaporize MN's head? (Ys, I am aware that Teridax did use gravity to bring the other pieces of SM back, but why did he stop there?)
  9. I need a Golden Kraahkan. So much.
  10. I don't really know if Krika's claws count as a weapon, since they're sort of connected to his hands, but I'd like to have those, given that they're just weapons, and not my new hands.
  11. Isn't Adaptation technically the most powerful Makuta power? I always figured that it could adapt to any experience that the particular Makuta had, giving him more resistances/advantages against the enemy. Of course, I am kind of confused about how it's used. Do they have to keep focused to adapt, or what?
  12. Well, if I was a Makuta, then I would somehow keep a spare suit of armor nearby. (I suppose this would be easier if there was either a Makuta base or a lab nearby, like Mutran's.) I suppose this isn't very practical, though, given the fact that Makuta can (could) be reassigned at almost any time. Wait, didn't Teridax use mind control or something of the like on the Piraka when they were in Mangaia? Or does that also not count as a power? I don't think it's a Kraata power...
  13. I can't think of an actor, but I imagined Krika as having a hissy, yet crisp British accent. and quiet, of course.
  14. Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed. Anyway, my theory is that it would just combine their experiences. Vezon and Vezon, that is. Vezon fusing with Vezok will probably be the Vezon equivalent of suicide. I guess?
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