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  1. IC: Farzan (Tech Emporium) "Alrighty, one scavenged weapon's stock coming up!" I answered with jocularity matching that of my esteemed colleague. Or so I would have him believe at the very least. With newly scribbled note in hand I went back to my corner of the workshop. It was ultimately a question of preference. We weren't suffering budget constraints or strict regulations. Otherwise you can be most assured I wouldn't be working here. How exactly I went about procuring the weapon's wooden stock is best left to the imagination. Either way, I had one ready soon enough. OOC: @Perp
  2. IC: Trava (Pala-Koro) "That's a real big something alright" Trava quipped as she jogged back to the edge of the lake. Someone was underwater, and she fired up her Kanohi again. However it was wasn't entirely successful in going unnoticed. They faded in and out of vision, and with her sharpened eyes she spotted them swimming under the surface of the water. "Here!" she called to Kaelynn, pointing where she could spot their stranger. OOC: @Goose @Wotz
  3. IC: Zelvin and Ash Lads (Charred Forest) Jolek would get his wish. The twisted, gnarly branch he had thrown ahead of him as cover was sent flying back in his direction by another blast of Drabak's Impact Vision. It was about to hit him right back in the face aga- A sound like cracking glass rang in his ears as a glittering spike shot across his vision cone, taking the branch with it, shattered by impacting with a tree trunk. and leaving Jolek free to press on. Zelvin was coming up from the side. Her weapon back in full size as the scythe she preferred it to be. Chiaki's telekinetics were partially neutralized by tree branches reaching forward to catch the debris sent to target Torben, but it provided the perfect smokescreen for the old Crow. She got in close to the green-colored Skakdi, her polearm clashing with his as her crystalline grip grew a morning star at its other end. A branch came in and she whirled her weapon around in a swing to pulverize it, before completing the arc by parrying a swing from her opponent's weapon. Drabak was caught flat-footed by his counterplay being neutralized. His own sword was raised to meet Jolek's incoming strike. OOC: @capMARVELOUS @Razgriz
  4. IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool) "Zuto Nui and Zataka. It's who we pay our respects to when things go well, and get mad at when they don't, respectively" I responded with a hint of a smirk. "We believe they're two sides of the same drago-err... widget? Either way, they're both necessary, you can't have one without the other, is the idea" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Mel
  5. IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost) Karv deigned to get a little closer and give the Toa a sniff, which resulted in the Rahi giving him a look that only a Rahi-lover could hope to read. I think it at least meant he was going to behave. "Well, he seems to think you're a good egg. That's usually good enough for me" I offered, actually reaching out to shake his hand. "I got stuck in the blizzard and ended up here, then the Skakdi showed up afterwards. Not much more to it than that." OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  6. IC: Trava (Pala-Koro) "Hmm? Oh, right, right..." Trava responded absently. She was still not super clear about what the deal with Pala-Koro was, honestly, she just knew she liked the vibe of it as it was right now. Trava looked over at the Toa, raising a brow in mild confusion. The Toa wasn't looking quite in her direction, she could recognize someone on the lookout. "You looking for something?" she asked. OOC: @Goose
  7. IC: Trava (Pala-Koro) "Just warming up!" Trava shouted back as she waded onto shore, shaking her grapnel-equipped arm. As good a time as any to find out how well the contraption handled exposure. She'd need it to if it was going to be at all useful to her. "I'm probably going to be around and in water for the rest of today anyway. I've got my job to do," she remarked casually as she headed into the village proper, "I've taken over one of the buildings here as a little personal space to stash things. It's not like anyone else is using 'em" OOC: @Goose
  8. IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn) ::I'm not giving up hope just yet:: I remarked on the mental plane to Pradhai's comment about our dear old Toroshu. If she was in close proximity to these... creatures for an extended period, anything was possible. At least she wasn't here. Cephala seemed out of sorts, about as much as I felt but was keeping a lid on. "Kanohi Dragons," I explained, "magnificent, dangerous, ferociously powerful. A sight to stay with you for life" I exposited. I had only seen the creatures once, but meant every word. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Mel
  9. IC: Farzan (Tech Emporium) "It's not my greatest skill, I'll have to admit that much," I readily conceded, "but I've got more than just the basics down, too. I've got what it takes to shape wood for practical use, just don't ask me to carve and ornate wallclock. Or you could, by all means do if you think the result would be hilarious" OOC: @Perp
  10. IC: Mar (Obsidian Outpost) Joskander returned while I was in the middle of shoveling snow back onto the corpse now laid to rest. It would have to do, I was in all seriousness just glad to put all of this sudden hullabaloo behind me. It had left a bad taste in my mouth. "Alright," I spoke up, walking over to the Toa of Air after setting aside my shovel, "that was unpleasant, so I'm not going to dwell on it, or so help me." Karv sidled up next to me, sizing up Joskander with a curious look and flared nostrils. "Never got to introduce you two, I suppose," I spoke up, looking between Toa and Kavinika, "this is Karv" OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  11. IC: Farzan (Tech Emporium) Kreff scuttled over to Jokaro's spot without prompting, retrieving the discarded barrel before making his way back over to my corner, holding it up for me to glance at before I grabbed it and put it next to me at my workstation. Just needed a visual reference. The lathe spun up, holding the work element in place as I began to etch out the shape. Steady hands were a gift from the Great Spirit in times like these. The shape of the barrel was to be the same, just a difference of scale to work with the increased output that Jokaro's modifications had created. It was a fine balancing act. It couldn't be too thick or heavy, or the point about reducing the weapon's weight would be undercut. My tools worked intricate, deep grooves into the barrel, didn't just look nice, but shed excess weight and mass in an even distribution. One barrel became too long, another too thick, discarded in turn. The research notes drawn up by Jo were re-assessed, modified slightly, and then not so slightly in search of the right result. I pulled up one of my diskette pistols to regard in my hand as food for thought, before going back to it. When I was done, I took it up, pinched between finger and hand as I turned to where Jokaro was still sitting. In a moment like this, with an esteemed colleague hard at work, I had the sense to avoid some of my usual frivolity. I simply placed the finished result on the table next to him. "There you are, one fitted barrel made from scratch, as requested. OOC: @Perp
  12. IC: Vilda Mako (Tidalpool Inn) I chuckled. I liked the cut of Cephala's jib. The sort of irreverent attitude was the kind that always worked on me. Kama was finally stirring awake, again. The tattered bird fluttered down to the table, taking immediate notice of and giving a greeting to Pradhai before she turned to regard the new face with a cocked head. OOC: @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Mel
  13. IC: Ferron (Papa-Nihu Reef) "Yes, I'm fine" he answered after he walked back to where Oliphko was waiting for him. He gestured for her to follow him, walking further along the beach in silence. His eyes were scouting the terrain ahead of them, until he seemed to find something that suited his purposes. A small cave by the waterfront, he gestured for Oliphko to follow as he went inside. OOC: @Daniel the Finlander
  14. IC: Zelvin and Ash Lads (Charred Forest) Zelvin was quiet at first as the new arrival approached them. She was concentrating on shifting the focus of her mask to privilege her hearing above her other senses. Her blue-masked face stood out from the rest of her body covered in the rapidly graying cloak she had put on again soon after entering the forest. She should have thought of that sooner. Sloppy on her part, she was too out of practice. “You’ll be surprised what you might find even in the most inhospitable parts of this island,” Zelvin remarked, speaking with experience, and with a voice a bit louder than was strictly necessary, “and if you’re looking for Ta-Koro you are indeed headed in the right direction by heading towards where we came from. “Should we take ‘em?” he whispered, eliciting an apprehensive nod from the other one, who whispered back “I think it’s the safest option. I get a real bad vibe from the old woman… something about her raps against the back of my noggin in a way I don’t like. They haven’t seen us yet, I think...” “Then let’s give ‘em a surprise” he answered with a yellowed grin, and he raised his weapon. Zelvin had spotted them, exactly why she was playing the smalltalk for some extra cover, give them a sense of false security. She suspected Jolek was aware of them as well by the time she gave a call to action. “2 o’ clock. Incoming!” she belted, dashing to the side behind a tree. The spot where she had been standing there was now a gaping hole in the ground. The roots of the near-dead trees around them had been compelled to act out their natural processes in record time, breaking down whatever came in their way. Zelvin had to fight her way free of the tree’s branches being brandished like claws, shortening the crystal handle on her weapon to suddenly have a scimitar in her hand. She reformed the excess matter of her weapon’s handle into a small shield. A barren spot let her fend off the rotten branches of the trees that swiped at her, falling to her blade like wheat to a schythe. Torben chortled, pulling his staff free of the ground where he had jabbed it down. The forest around them were on their side. Without cover, their targets had to take what was coming to them. Their eyes glowed, and unleashed their power. Drabak took aim at Jolek, Torben at Chiaki OOC: Alright, Impact Vision is being fired at @Razgriz, Laser Vision at @capMARVELOUS
  15. IC: Krex (Fort Garsi) "You heard the boss," Krex added, reaching for her gun to make the point extra hard, "I'll start counting to ten in a bit, and at that point I'll start wondering about where I left my fuse lighter."
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