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  1. OOC: Haven't done this in a while. Attached listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ISqkwOjMtw IC: Mar (Naho Bay) You know, usually I haven’t been much for trying to look fashionable, but it’s remarkable how circumstances change your outlook, isn’t it? I say this because where my lithe frame was seated underneath a palm that provided a shady spot, the stylish conical straw hat resting on my head probably would’ve looked pretty out of place if I was acting like my usual self. Especially if you were to throw in the predatory Rahi resting on the ground nearby. Trying to have some nice, quiet alone time off is never an easy task for a Sonics elemental, but practice makes perfect. Even so, I kept my ears peeled. The fishing rod planted in a small rockbed nearby serving as clear proof as to why. The lure bobbed gently in the water as I scanned the horizon. Ga-Koro was plainly visible a little off in the distance, maybe a twenty minute walk away? Something like that. Suited me just fine, a brisk walk back to the Inn I was staying at could be just what the doctor ordered. In the other direction were the Kau Kau waterfall, the roar of the thundering water providing one major disturbance to me that I learned to live with, once I provided a smidgen of my power to dampen it just a little bit, making it more of a pleasant background noise. Whiling the hours away with fishing was a funny way for things to come full circle, in a certain sense. Once I did it for a living, then this Toa Stone showed up, and now I was back where I started, just on the other side of the island. The Great Spirit works in mysterious ways, and all that? It’s not much, but I’ll take it. I haven’t really been much of a religious man, but… I mean, surely there’s some point to me getting these powers, right? Right? Finding out what that is… that’s something I want to do. That felt weird to say… “I want to do that”, it’s… I wasn’t used to that. As I was beginning to realize, taking a break had been good for me. Especially because I was a little tired of pushing the boundaries of the law, honestly. It would soon be time to get back out there again, but… maybe not the same way as before. Even though Rhea Heartsflame’s little gang had disbanded, I still felt more… optimistic, to tell you the truth. We had our one big job, and got ourselves a big score, feels silly to just go back to my normal, cynical self after that success. For the first time in quite a while, or since I’d actually become a Toa to tell the truth, it felt like there was something a little bit more to life than what I’d staked out so far. I wondered privately if I was fooling myself, but really, I had already been doing that a little before Rhea recruited me, and at least I had a better excuse back then to feel sorry for myself than I do now. Shame Rhea had just vanished like that, but then again, I had some nagging doubts, maybe it was best that she left the stage when she did. I certainly wouldn’t feel quite so enamored now as I did back then with the idea of becoming a hardcore merc gang’s resident cook. Speaking of which... I could hear it before I would’ve ever seen it. I snatched up the rod as I saw the lure bob under the water, and I got to my feet as I pulled back. Karv also stirred awake as he saw that dinner was on its way. I smiled as I reeled in a nice, big Ruki fish that spasmed at the end of the fishing line. This would hit just the spot when I was done with it. A second one followed soon after, and with catch in hand, I picked up my belongings and began to walk back to the Koro, with a certain Kavinika in dutiful tow. Having a successful day out fishing was… a bit of a portable home, in some ways. When you grow up doing something on the regular, it might be the one thing that keeps you sane at the end of the day. It’s the good kind of habit. The bad kind, though, it’s high time I did something about those. As I said before, it was soon gonna be time to head out again, but… this time, it was going to be different. I wasn’t completely set, yet, and what it was I wanted, but… I wanted something to keep that sense I had of things looking up going. I thought back to some isolated episodes of my recent past, where I’d ended up feeling best about myself when I brightened somebody else’s day. Now, I’d had time to think, and to realize a few things about myself. I wanted to do something more.. positive, honestly. Being a mercenary may pay the bills, but it’s got no monopoly there, and it’s beginning to feel like I’m just not that guy anymore. I still wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull it off, but… I was going to find some way to pull this off, I felt ready, more ready than I had quite some years. The key ingredient, it felt like to me, was having a team. I’d have to see if I could find something like that again. I guess this means setting out to make friends? Now that’s a challenge, but let’s see how it turns out. I’ve certainly gone through worse. I offered a tip of my hat to the guards as I headed through the gate and wandered into the Koro. There was a faint, melodious whistle blowing through the air to anyone who came close by. Soundtracking your own life like that is a bit silly, sure but… I felt like I could afford to be silly right now, and that wasn’t a common feeling for me to have. Actually a very new sensation indeed. Better enjoy it while it lasts. Karv and I made it back to the Inn as the afternoon set in, and I had a meal to ask the staff to prepare for me. It had been a lazy day, but rather worthwhile all the same.
  2. IC: Vilda Mako (Chisai Ryuu) "The more things change the more they stay the same, eh girl?" Kama cawed something in response that only I could hope to interpret. I sometimes felt like I probably looked quite the fool, trying to keep up conversation with a bird. Well, that's where being a Datsue whose mere status demands respect comes in. I was sitting on the top deck of the Ryuu, having made an invigorating solitary trek down from the cold mountain our little party had run off to. Well, "alone" is a relative term for a Vilda, of course, and being who I am, I could get away with some mild bending of the rules here and there. It's all part of my incorrigible charm, promise. I had secured a sweet-tasting beverage from one of the locals trying to be friendly, my only regret being I couldn't invite them on board for a chat. It's all well and good to visit a new land and all of that stuff, but considering what happened last time I was invited to share a meal with one of these people, I was taking my precautions. The horizon was empty. I looked with a bit of apprehension in the direction I guess Kentoku was. All things considered, I was in no hurry to go back. Kama took off, stretching her wings and flying around above the anchored sub. I have to say it wasn't too much of a surprise that I decided to get close with a bird, huh? "Next chance I get, I'm heading out to some eatery. Need to get a chance to judge the local cuisine." I thought to myself with a smile.
  3. It took me a second, actually, but I know what it is now, and this is pretty cool and nice of you Eli.
  4. Delighted to finally see someone else do this. Great read, and here's to more of the same happening in the future.
  5. I'm so glad we made it. Reading these banger staff posts, I realized how much I loved writing alongside you all, you beautiful s you are. Gabe, Ty, Krayz, Aaron, all of you, thank you for all your hard work. And to the rest of you, it's been a long journey, but here we are. Let's do everything we dreamed of in what comes.
  6. "Fade into obscurity" is precisely the term @Daniel the Finlander. Two, if not more, of that group's players have been gone for a while, and nothing has been heard of the group itself for a while either.
  7. IC: Trava (Jungle) "Travelling the way I usually like to" she answers, and lets go of the vine she's supporting herself with. She falls, grabs a thick branch she's scoped out, swings on it and lands on a patch of grass nearby to Vaíl. She rises from the crouch she landed in, and turns to her fellow Plantlife Elemental. "That said, I'm not a complete stranger to traveling on foot, either".
  8. IC: Trava (Jungle) The underbrush is one way to go, but there's plenty of others one can use to head through the jungle. "Leaf-running" as they liked to call it in Le-Koro. Trava always enjoyed that. It was part of why she had a particular preference for Le-Wahi; nowhere else on the island could really facilitate that kind of travel (except Kini-Nui, but even she didn't have a death wish, reckless as she was) The Bo-Lesterin leapt across a clearing, her senses primed by her Kanohi. That sense of heightened awareness was always a kick for her. She landed on the branch, crouched, and took in her surroundings. Much was the same it always was, except for one solitary difference that made the Lesterin smile. Thinking back to the last few times she'd been fortunate enough to run into strangers here. Le-Wahi had always been interesting. She peered down, through the tree crown's leaves, quirking an eyebrow at what she saw. "Red Bandana, stylish" she thinks to herself, and decides to make herself known, stylishly. She hangs onto a vine, after making sure it'll hold her, of course, and lets herself "fall" through the obscuring tree crown, feet planted against the trunk, her hands clinging to the vine as it stops her with her head poking out. "Howdy," she beams, "how's the hunt going?" OOC: baltarc, it's for you
  9. Oh man, Nuju posts again? What's this RPG coming to.
  10. IC: Ferron (Ferron's Forge) "I'm afraid no one in particular springs to mind, sorry to say" Ferron answered apologetically. "Pleasure doing business with you, all the same," he said, "I'll be glad to service you in the future"
  11. Ferron (Ferron's Forge) "Oh, about five-or-six hundred" Ferron answered "That's just above At Cost, so that suits me." The Smith put the Sign into the basket as requested, and handed it over to Arero.
  12. IC: Ferron (Ferron's Forge) "Not at all. Oooh, yes, I'll have one of those, thank you very much" Ferron answered, accepting the offer from Arero. He placed the pastry aside on an impromptu plate of metal he'd conjured up himself. "Just saving for later, can't eat when I'm in the middle of working" he said as he turned away from Arero, towards a corner at the back of the forge. Soon enough, he emerged holding the Matoran's order. The sign was just as Arero had instructed, with a fine border around the edge, almost like a picture frame. It was spot-free, as if it had been recently polished to a mirror shine. "Here we are. I think this is close to what you were looking for, no?"
  13. This is becoming a bothersome trend. Are you saying I might have to do something? I really hope this doesn't continue. <3
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