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  1. As TuragaNuva mentioned, Bricklink is a great place to start. I've been building up my 2001-2003 era collection from there, and you can build up full sets by buying the pieces individually, and it generally comes out to a few bucks each. They even have a tool that parts out the sets for you and automatically finds the best stores to buy them from. It's still a bit of work compared to just buying the full sets, but you'll generally come out ahead price wise.
  2. I think me and Nuparu are both nerdy enough to get along. I'd also like to hang out with the whole chronicler's company. I think they'd be a really interesting bunch.
  3. These are all really nice. The Reidak one really caught my eye though. How did you get the glowing eyes and shiny gold parts? Is it edited in any way or is it all in the lighting?
  4. This sounds really interesting. I think it may finally be the answer to wanting more of what Bionicle had to offer, while keeping things fresh. Best of luck to the team, I really hope this takes off!
  5. My favorite Toa build was the inika build. It got old after a few years, but it's a good build nonetheless. My favorite matoran was the voyatoran #1, since it's the most unique build and pretty posable. I went with the Bohrok Va for the other small set, since I don't really care for the rest.
  6. I love it. Yes it's more modern than than the early stages of Bionicle, but that's good, it means you're making use of the latest technology to tell the story, just like Bionicle did in 2001. The important thing is, this did just what you hoped it would, at least for me. It captured the spirit of Bionicle in a way that G2 never did, and left me eager for more.
  7. I can't speak for anyone else, but I stuck around because of G1 and its lasting impact on my childhood. While I was, of course, excited when G2 was announced, I never followed it all that closely. In the end it never really affected my interest in Bionicle. And since BZPower had its heyday when G2's target audience was in preschool, I suspect there's quite a few people here with this same mentality.
  8. Thanks! I see where you're coming from there. The model is poseable, and I even had to make him walk for the school assignment. The animation was too awful to share, mostly because it was my first attempt and I was in a rush.
  9. Toa Turing

    Tahu Mata

    When your 3D modeling class gives you the assignment of creating a robot, is there really any choice in the matter for any self-respecting fan? It's gotta be Bionicle. Sure he's biomechanical, but the teacher doesn't know that. So here's the Tahu model I did a few months back. There's a few parts I'm not so happy with (the neck, the mask), but I didn't feel like putting any more time into this particular model.
  10. Since I'm going off to college, I had to leave the vast majority of my (and my brother's) Lego collection behind. We store our lego parts sorted roughly by category in about a dozen plastic bins and drawers. I did take along my collection of 2001-2003 sets and parts, and so far they all fit in a single plastic bin, waiting to be reassembled and displayed when I get my dorm.
  11. Mine was 2006. I was introduced to Bionicle in 2005, but '06 was the first year when I really started to gain interest, so it'll always hold a special place in my heart. I still remember Radiak being the first set I bought on my own.
  12. Did it really? In what context?
  13. Back in my day (early 2000s), LEGO.com made good online games. But seriously. What non-Bionicle games did you play on the Lego website, if any? What was your favorite? Do you still play any of them now? What about newer games? I played a whole lot of Junkbot Undercover, and I have a vague memory of the Johnny Thunder game and the Alpha Team First Encounter game. But I'd have to say my favorite game of all was the Spybotics game. I found it online and played through it not too long ago, and it still holds up.
  14. That makes a lot of sense actually. It would explain why this was cut while other, arguably more violent scenes were not.
  15. Thanks! The arms do look a bit lackluster to be honest, but like you said they're about as movie accurate as I could get them. Thanks for the feedback! While the Volitak does look pretty big on him, keep in mind that Matoran heads tend to be disproportionately large.
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