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Year 08
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    Modalt Mask Merchant
  • Birthday 05/24/1996

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    Bionicle (Moccing and some collecting, nothing else)
    Lego (I mostly like to look at what system builders make)
    Video Games (STEAM! My username is st3vethesquid there, don't add me unless you know me personally.)
    Hitchhiker's Guide (My bible!)
    Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Robotics)
    Video Game Console Modding (I'm working on a nintoaster, google what it is)
    Programming (I'm good but not great)
    Music: Ska, Ska, Ska, Celtic Punk, 90's Orchestral Swing, 80's new-wave, Opera Swing Metal, Dubstep, Ska.

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About Me

Look a BZPower user!


I'm not super active; I'm just here for contests, B/S/T, BioniLUG, Brickfair perks, and I'll post the occasional moc from flickr.


Also I sell custom painted masks, PM me for info :D

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