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  1. Awwww dude, where have you gone? :(

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    2. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      So, Hearts of Stone seems to be about some curse/spell put on Geralt by some dude who's seemingly immortal. It will be accessible at level 30, so I think it'll be a hard one. Blood and Wine, instead, will take us to the region of Toussaint, which is somewhere southeast of the current areas, but they haven't revealed anything else about it yet. Hopefully the promised 30 hours of extra adventures will be worth the 25 bucks...

    3. CeeCee


      30 Hours? Is that both DLCs or just one?

    4. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      Both, if I understood correctly.

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