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  1. Happy birthday, man! And uh, happy Halloween too, I guess?

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    2. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      ...got other priorities ( Fallout and Draj Souls... ).

      How are you doing instead? Been busy?

    3. CeeCee


      Hey man. Uni is the land of the wild and free. You should make a move. I loved the Battlefront Beta. Was a massive fan of the old games and I fell in love with this one. Got a bit samey with only two maps though. Getting it for Christmas though. Can't afford both that and Fallout on release. CAN. NOT. WAIT for Fallout, man. It's going to be crazy.

    4. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      Let's say I'm working on it. :P At the moment I'm trying to understand what she is like, and so far her personality and cheerfulness have driven me crazy. Definitely gonna give it a shot.

      Yeah, I'll probably buy it for Christmas too, maybe by that time Amazon will have decreased its price. And I can't really play a lot these days... ( oh, and that other game I wrote was meant to be Dark Souls, dunno why the heck I wrote it like that )

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