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  1. Happy birthday, man! And uh, happy Halloween too, I guess?

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    2. CeeCee


      Haha. Not too bad to be swarmed with ladies I suppose. Glad you are settling in there. We need to go on Xbox again sometime. Did you enjoy the Battlefront Beta?

    3. CeeCee


      P.S, I hope you aren't partying too much ;)

    4. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      Hahaha I guess it's not. Especially considering I might have developed a serious crush on one of them...

      Yeah, we do, although ever since I moved in my new room the Wi-Fi's been pretty bad and all the online matches of whatever game I did were extremely laggy. I did enjoy the Beta; quite surprisingly, because I hadn't paid it much attention, until an Italian Youtuber I like streamed it on Twitch; it looked fun, and, well, it was fun to play. However I doubt I'll buy it, g...

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