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  1. Merry Christmas, man! :D Have a nice one!

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    2. Mare Tranquillitatis

      Mare Tranquillitatis

      Maybe, but I really don't know. There are too many nice videogames coming out this year... ;_;

      Didn't see The Force Awakens, but I've been hearing lots of praise for it. Hopefully I'll see it in some months' time on Netflix.

      Yeah, 2015's wave was better in my opinion as well; especially loved how Tahu and Kopaka looked like. But I'm not really fond of the Hero Factory-ish ( dunno what's the official name for it ) construction system, I preferred the o...

    3. Mare Tranquillitatis
    4. CeeCee


      Best way to see TFA is in the Cinema. If you can go, I would advise it immensely. The system is called CCBS, and personally I love it. 2016 seems like it's trying to find a balance between G1 and G2 but wasn't executed as well as it could have been IMO.

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